Emotional-Energetic Freedom Technique™

(Also known as the Emotional-Energetic Contrast Exercise)

~ 2 -Week Interactive Class ~

Prerequisite: Heal Yourself, Change Your Life Advanced 7-week Course

Can Energy Patterns Affect Your Health And Your Life? 

Energy patterns can subconsciously affect many aspects of our lives.  Understanding what emotional and energetic patterns you need to shift and transform is very important to a happy and healthy life. To do so you'll want to understand how to navigate both Positive Emotional-Energetic Patterns™ and Negative Emotional-Energetic Patterns™ to up level your life. 

In this 2 week course, you'll : 

  • Identify your energy patterns that have been subconsciously affecting your life.
  • Understand The Emotional-Energetic Freedom Technique™ and how this powerful technique can help transform your life.

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positive energy patterns™ and negative energy patterns™

Class meets weekly:

April 16, 2022 – April 23, 2022

Your Investment- $197

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