Mindset Makeover

Unlock the Power of Self-Love and Unshakable Confidence To Radically Transform Your Life

Are You Ready to Transform How You See Yourself and the
World Around You?

Many of us journey through life burdened by self-doubt, criticism, or the weight of past hurts. But imagine a world where you meet every challenge with confidence and treat yourself with the compassion and respect you truly deserve.

Your Past Attempts Were Not Failures – They Were Stepping Stones

Every course or modality you've tried, every therapy session you've attended, has been a part of your journey. They weren't failures but stepping stones guiding you to this moment. This course, while building on some familiar concepts, introduces a radically new approach.

Embrace the Authentic You

Rediscover the joy of living as your most authentic self. Brandy Gillmore's meticulously crafted lessons blend neuroscience with proprietary techniques developed during her own journey of healing and self-discovery. After traditional methods fell short, Brandy unlocked a path to transformation that has since changed countless lives.

These intentional, progressive steps are both simple and profound. They're designed not just to educate but to fundamentally transform – to reprogram your mind for enduring self-love and confidence.

Join Brandy as she guides you through a comprehensive process of self-healing and personal growth, born from groundbreaking research and her own transformative experiences.

Brandy's Empathy and Expertise: Your Guide to Transformation

Brandy's own journey through injury was marked by deep challenges and introspection. She understands the turmoil of losing and rediscovering one's sense of self. Her successful journey of self-healing and transformation stands as a testament to her resilience and forms the foundation of her empathetic approach to guiding others.

Brandy doesn't just understand your struggles; she has lived them. Now, she is passionately committed to empowering you with the same transformative tools and insights. Her goal is to guide you to step into your self-confidence, equipping you with practical, real-world strategies for tangible, life-changing results.

Imagine a Life Free from Doubt

Envision breaking free from the shadows of doubt, stepping into a world illuminated by self-love, confidence, and inner peace. This course is your gateway to that reality.

This Course Is Designed To Help You:

Cultivate Self-Love:

Discover the power of loving yourself unconditionally (even if you’re unfamiliar with what that feels like) and the positive ripple effects it has on your life.

Eliminate Self-Criticism and Judgment:

Replace your inner critic with an empowering ally who supports your journey.

Feel Safe in Self-Love:

Embrace the safety and comfort in loving and accepting yourself wholly.

Acknowledge Your Deservingness:

Recognize your inherent worthiness of love, respect, and confidence.

Practice Self-Kindness Over Self-Sympathy:

Learn the art of being kind to yourself in ways that propel you forward.

Banish Negative Self-Perceptions:

Transform your self-view, focusing on positivity and strength.

Improve Financial Management:

With a healthier self-image and reduced impulsive behaviors, there can be a positive impact on financial management and decision-making.

Cultivate Stronger Relationships:

Self-love often leads to healthier relationships. When you love and respect yourself, it sets the standard for how others should treat you. It can improve current relationships and attract more meaningful and respectful connections in the future.

People Who Have Taken This Course Have Been Able To:

In fact, Brandy’s methods consistently amaze healers and healing coaches:

“I am BLOWN away at how powerful Brandy’s techniques are!!! I have felt better in my body than I have since I can remember!! Her gifts are extraordinary and her heart is DIVINE!!! My life will forever be transformed!! I have been an Intuitive Strategist for over 20 years and have been teaching metaphysics for almost 25 years and have been a dedicated student of it for almost 40 and this is so powerful and profound!!! Thinking about it brings in tremendous feelings of Gratitude, Joy and Love!! Thank you! Thank you!!! Thank you Angelsistah!!!! You are such a blessing to humanity!!! Thank you for having the courage to be your extraordinary self!!!”

So much appreciation and love


What You Will Receive:

Self Love: An Interactive Course To Help You Reprogram Your Mind For Self-Love and Confidence

  • Interactive Live Lessons: Engaging live lessons with Brandy that walk you through each proven step of transforming your life and reprogramming your mind for self-love and confidence.
  • Practical Exercises and Tools: Gain powerful tools and exercises you can learn and apply to your life and see real change.
  • Bonus #1 – Uplift Release Technique
  • Bonus #2 – Brandy's Authentic Love Activator
  • Bonus #3 – Power Mind Programming Calls
When will the live classes be held?
The live classes will be held Thursdays at 12:00pm Pacific: April 11, April 18, and April 25th, 2024
This will be a small class – only 20 spots available and they typically fill up quickly. Secure your spot today!

Self Love: An Interactive Course To Help You Reprogram Your Mind For Self-Love and Confidence

$197 - Single Payment Option

Limited Time Pricing – Valued at $595

  • Three Weeks of LIVE Classes with Brandy Gillmore
  • Exclusive Tools & Techniques
  • Bonus #1: Uplift Release Technique™
  • Bonus #2: Authentic Love Activator
  • Bonus: #3: Four (4) Mind Programming Integration Calls

Self Love: An Interactive Course To Help You Reprogram Your Mind For Self-Love and Confidence

$79 - 3 Monthly Payments

Limited Time Pricing – Valued at $595

  • Three Weeks of LIVE Classes with Brandy Gillmore
  • Exclusive Tools & Techniques
  • Bonus #1: Uplift Release Technique™
  • Bonus #2: Authentic Love Activator
  • Bonus: #3: Four (4) Mind Programming Integration Calls

Special Bonuses Available When You Enroll Today


Uplift Release Technique™ 

Brandy’s focus is helping everyone get real, life-changing results. For that reason, Brandy has added in this extra bonus video to help you truly embody change. Experience the transformative power of the Uplift Release Technique™. This bonus video by itself can help you make profound changes in your emotions, energy, and your relationships. 

It is a gentle technique that will help you both embody the new positive programming you will learn in this course and also let go of hurt simultaneously. It will leave you feeling lifted, loving life, loving people, and loving yourself.


Brandy’s Authentic Love Activator

Join now to receive her wildly popular Authentic Love Activator.

This mind activator is foundational for love and also self-love. Many people don’t know what real love or genuine self-love feels like. That makes it harder to manifest or achieve it.

During this mind activator, Brandy will guide you through simple thoughts and help add new mind programming that will “install” new patterns associated with true love into your subconscious mind. This will create positive neural pathways that will help you manifest that true love relationship. 


Power Mind Programming Calls

Each week, participants will have access to bonus mind programming calls. These calls aren't just valuable; they're invaluable for effecting genuine, lasting change. This is because to foster enduring transformation in your life, you must establish new positive neural pathways that redirect your energy in new ways. 

But let’s be honest, a lot of people have a hard time truly accessing positive emotions consistently to be able to create new neural pathways. For that reason, Brandy has included these quick “power calls.”

They are brief live calls, lasting 15-25 minutes, designed powerfully to “hardwire” the new neural pathways essential for genuine life changes. These calls facilitate greater access to healing, happiness, love, and positive energy, accelerating your journey of transformation.

Empower Yourself & Create Self Love Today

Brandy’s job is to teach people how to solve these physical and emotional problems using their own minds. How?:

  • They identify the specific subconscious emotional patterns causing illnesses or other issues AND…
  •  They shift and replace those patterns with new ones that create much happier circumstances in life, like better relationships and radiant health

You may already know that Brandy spent nearly seven years in a wheelchair with excruciating nerve pain. Doctor after doctor said it was untreatable. After her recovery, Brandy dedicated her life to teaching others how to create their own “miraculous” recoveries and/or manifest other amazing outcomes in their lives.

Brandy’s Students Share Their Success Stories

“I’ve noticed HUGE changes in myself…HUGE!!!!”

“I’ve noticed HUGE changes in myself…HUGE!!!! WOW! I’m SO appreciative and excited about the videos that I’ve encouraged my friend Sally to get them and work with them. I intend to encourage my group of Unity women to purchase the videos. They’re absolutely life-changing” – Joanne Noll


“I have been literally pain-free and have full use of my arm.”

“Since implementing the process… my shoulder has completely healed. I have been literally pain-free and have full use of my arm. If on the occasion, I ever get pain somewhere else in my body I am able to work through a thought process and alleviate the pain by myself.” – Teresa S, California


“… My business has gotten better and better.”

“When I met her, I was making -$100 a week, and I was very stressed out all the time. After only one session with her, my income started increasing. Working with her multiple times after that, my business has gotten better and better.”

“Today, after our first group call, I feel without pain.”

“Today, after our first group call, I feel without pain. How amazing is this? I am on the journey to being confident, healthy, and amazing thanks to you. Cannot wait til next session….” – Monique


“…She coached me into a pain-free reality…”

“I’m so grateful to Brandy for how quickly she was able to show me how to alleviate my own neck pain! In just one short session she coached me into a pain-free reality by helping me effectively use the power of my own mind. Thank you so much for your exceptional guidance!” – Marianela Pereyra, TV Host, Creator of The Fuddhist


“…I got my entire life back, all of it…”

”…Where I was this time last year was so different. I was so sick. I had been supine for 6 years. I was in crazy pains and I had so many different allergies and things… But, I got my ENTIRE life back, all of it… I am walking and running and playing and travelling all over the country, doing fun things with my kids and being a mom…”

100% Money Back Risk-Free Guarantee.

100% Money Back Risk-Free Guarantee. If you go through the program, follow the steps, and use the techniques to create authentic change, you should be able to heal your body! I have seen consistent results! However, nobody can ever provide you with a guarantee when it comes to your health. That would be against the United States law. So, the next best thing I can do is offer you a guarantee on the course itself.

If you are skeptical or unsure if this is for you, I want to offer you a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Simply sign up now, follow through with the simple process that is outlined for you, and if you are not completely 100% satisfied then just email us within the first 30 days and get your full money back. It’s that easy.

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