Heal Yourself, Change Your Life Podcast

On these episodes, you get to listen in while Brandy coaches live callers to get physical healing results – using only their mind! She then provides you with a summary of the call, to help you implement the information into in your life to help you heal yourself from dis-ease, injuries, chronic pain, emotional pain, or just being stuck in life.

Podcast Episode 025

Tired of feeling stuck in the heaviness and uncertainty of the coronavirus?  Unfortunately, most people will stay stuck there. But, there are those of us who

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Podcast Episode 024

  024: Coronavirus: The Top 3 Reasons why you should social distance/self-quarantine now People keep asking me if I think if they should self-quarantine/social distancing-

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Podcast Episode 023

  023: Your Money, Your Energy & the Coronavirus. How they are energetically connected…. Everything happens for a reason…That said if you look at what is

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Podcast Episode 022

   022: Coronavirus. How to use your mind/energy to help protect you… I have received a TON of questions about the coronavirus. Questions people

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Podcast Episode 021

  021: Are you subconsciously holding on to hurt? …Holding on to hurt can be unknowingly holding you back from a better life. Today’s volunteer, Kim,

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Podcast Episode 020

    020: When you expand your consciousness to these deeper levels of healing, you can free yourself to “FLY”! (Literally). Inside this episode, you

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Podcast Episode 018

    018: As you will see with today’s volunteer, cheating on your spouse can impact your health… This episode will not only provide you

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Podcast Episode 017

  017: Identifying Blocks on Money, Self-Worth and Subconscious Links to Alcohol In this episode, today's volunteer, Jeremy, has been following through with spiritual practices

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When Brandy works with live callers to get healing results she makes the process look very easy. Please remember that Brandy has been working with mind/body healing for well over a decade. Do not stop seeing your doctor. Please see full medical disclaimer.

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