Heal Yourself, Change Your Life Podcast

On these episodes, you get to listen in while Brandy coaches live callers to get physical healing results – using only their mind! She then provides you with a summary of the call, to help you implement the information into in your life to help you heal yourself from dis-ease, injuries, chronic pain, emotional pain, or just being stuck in life.

Podcast Episode 061

This episode will be enlightening for a LOT of people! You will love today's volunteer, Sophie. She is so sweet.  Unfortunately, she has been suffering

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Podcast Episode 060

Let's face it, if you have been working on your energy and subconscious mind then you know that it's called “subconscious” for a reason.

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When Healing Turns Into the Freedom to Live Your Life to its Fullest

Podcast Episode 059

Today's episode is so powerful: it's packed with key insights, it's extremely inspiring, and has so much heart that it will touch your soul. It

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The Secret to Healing and Expanding Consciousness

Podcast Episode 058

Shifting your energy and also expanding your consciousness are both key for healing your body. However your conscious mind can unknowingly sabotage this process and

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Getting Life Changing Results and Feeling Empowered From Self Healing

Podcast Episode 057

Now more than ever it's important for everyone to feel empowered in their health and life! Today's volunteer, Jess, demonstrates that empowerment so beautifully. She

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If You Feel Stuck or Have Slow Progress Or Feeling Unloved Lonely This Could Be The Reason

Podcast Episode 056

    Today’s episode is a bit complex/advanced however it speaks directly to a common issue that will keep many people from creating what they

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To Manifest What You Are Wanting, You Must Break Down Internal Walls and Barriers

Podcast Episode 055

    This is divine timing! Today's volunteer, Nathanial, has been feeling very stuck in his career (and dreams) and has been experiencing a lot

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A Negative Mindset Towards Money Can Be Linked to Your Illness / Pain

Podcast Episode 053

    In the last episode, we could see that our volunteer's pain was connected to her feelings towards money. In today's episode, we take

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When Brandy works with live callers to get healing results she makes the process look very easy. Please remember that Brandy has been working with mind/body healing for well over a decade. Do not stop seeing your doctor. Please see full medical disclaimer.

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