Heal Yourself, Change Your Life Podcast

On these episodes, you get to listen in while Brandy coaches live callers to get physical healing results – using only their mind! She then provides you with a summary of the call, to help you implement the information into in your life to help you heal yourself from dis-ease, injuries, chronic pain, emotional pain, or just being stuck in life.

Podcast Episode 043

  043: Shoulder & Back Pain. Hurt. Healing. Money & Success. [the primary topics that come up] Today's volunteer, Fatima, has extreme shoulder pain and has

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Podcast Episode 041

041: Do you have energy that's subconsciously stuck in worry, fear, or overwhelm? I just love today's volunteer, Natasha, and I'm sure that you will

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Podcast Episode 040

040: Overwhelm & people-pleasing can be linked to your physical pain Today's volunteer, Hannah, has been experiencing chronic, debilitating pain for over 15 years. She's

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Podcast Episode 039

039: The Next Level of Consciousness for Love & Healing If you are working on healing OR if you are someone who has been experiencing

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Podcast Episode 038

038: What's causing your low energy? & BLM, I can breathe… My volunteer on today's podcast has felt limited by several things including shame

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Podcast Episode 037

037: Is your health issue (unknowingly) blocking your success? Today's volunteer, Sukri, has been suffering from low energy and thyroid issues for several years. As

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Podcast Episode 035

035: From Hurt and Hopeless to Feeling Elated and Motivated! This episode is SO uplifting! Today's volunteer, Korey, spent the majority of his life feeling

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When Brandy works with live callers to get healing results she makes the process look very easy. Please remember that Brandy has been working with mind/body healing for well over a decade. Do not stop seeing your doctor. Please see full medical disclaimer.

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