positive self-reflection-technique

Positive Self-Reflection Technique™ 

~ 2 -Week Class ~

Wouldn't you love to feel great about yourself again?  

If you've ever been hard on yourself or if you don't have a strong self-love relationship with yourself, you'll love the Positive Self-Reflection Technique™. 

In this class we will learn how:

  • Your the way you FEEL about yourself can affect your health and happiness
  • The Positive-Self Reflection Technique™ can transform the relationship you have with Self. 
  • You can integrate The Positive-Self Reflection Technique™ into your daily practice to cultivate a more self-love and inner happiness. 


2 Weekly Classes: $197

If you have any questions, please contact my team at:  [email protected]

Class meets weekly starting:
Oct 2, 2021 – Oct 9, 2021

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