Brandy Gillmore's Empowerment Bundle

Brandy Gillmore's Empowerment Bundle

Are you craving more clarity, love, happiness, and healing?

For many people, when they start to experience how incredible we all truly are – in a tangible way – their soul feels called to advance their knowledge and take their transformation to the next level…Is that you?

Have you found yourself asking things like:

  • How can I receive ongoing support?
  • How can I gain even more clarity on the “message” that my body is giving me?
  • How can I transform other areas of my life?
  • The mind feels very complex, how can I continue to gain a deeper understanding while simplifying the information?
  • How can I achieve greater levels of happiness, love, empowerment, and enlightenment?

If so, then you may want to take advantage of this one-time special GIFT Bundle.

For that reason, Brandy has created this one-time special offer "bundle" membership - to help you do exactly that - to take your life and abilities to the next level.

This SPECIAL BUNDLE package includes:

ITEM #1:  Weekly Community Mind-programming “Uplift Calls”

Twice (2x’s) each week, you can join a live community “uplift” call with Brandy to uplift and shift your energy towards health, love, self-love, happiness, and healing. Each call includes 25-30 minutes of uplifting, empowering, and healing mind programming. These calls can: 

  • Infuse your mind with positive, uplifting information to help you make the real changes you desire.
  • Help you overcome challenges, embody healing, and speed up your transformation.
  • Provide you with invaluable awareness into hidden mind programming.
  • Enhance your focus and boost your emotions, energy, and self-healing!
  • Help you stay on track and amplify your emotions, energy and healing!
  • Help you gain transformative insights into subconscious programming through these calls.

ITEM #2: Personal Access to the “Mind-Body Database” & the GIFT Healing Course 

In your Shift course, you have already learned many core tools and techniques that Brandy teaches for self-healing. While you may be familiar with some content in this course, you will also gain access to additional insights, tools, and release techniques that can further enhance your healing results.

  • Access to the Database: In this video course, you will gain access to a database where you can look up information for your specific illnesses. (If your illness is not in the database, Brandy will add it). This feature is designed to help you gain clarity on the illnesses that are impacting you the most.
  • 4-Week Video Course: Acquire deeper insights and clarity with this comprehensive 4-week video course. You can progress at your own pace, delving deeply into each topic to facilitate profound transformation.

ITEM #3: Exclusive Healing Circle

Each week you will receive a powerful new training video! These training videos can help you elevate every area of your life, from your health and relationships to self-confidence and even abundance in life. These training videos can also help you:

  • Gain clarity on the mistakes that hold people back and prevent them from achieving results, so you can steer clear of them.
  •  Gain a deeper understanding of mind programming.
  •  Access new mind programming meditations to listen to every month.
  • Receive continuous insights, tools, videos, and support to help you enhance your growth in healing, relationships, abundance, self-love, and every aspect of your life.

Normally the cost would be $494 with a monthly subscription of $194/mo. This is your special invitation to join Brandy's monthly SHIFT Network Empowerment Membership bundle for ONLY $97/mo!

Special SHIFT Empowerment Bundle


Cancel Anytime

Each week you'll get access to exclusive content. Not available anywhere else.
  • Learn how to use your energy... And how to shift it!
  • Understand how to make rapid shifts in your health and life.
  • Learn how to break the cycle to transform your life like I did!
  • Understand how to release negative energy at a deeper level.
  • New mind programming training released every week to help you transform your health, and life!
  • Twice weekly Uplift Calls LIVE with Brandy to help support your uplevel your life.


Don't Just Take My Word For
It...Look at What Members Have to say about the courses!


I feel more alive and happier. My relationship with my husband is transforming in a beautiful way. I no longer have headaches or hip pain. The heavy wet blanket that was hanging over me has been removed and now there is a lightness and freshness to my life!


Brandy is a rare find! She makes it her mission to over-deliver. And boy does she! I've been taking different classes with Brandy for many months now and have evolved in ways that were unimaginable at my pre-Brandy levels of self-awareness. My work with her has been transformative! She is such a gift!

Mary Anne

Migraines are largely a thing of the past. I had migraines for over 25 years and I am SO SO grateful to leave this pattern behind. It has taken work and making real changes. Knowing I'm working on something that gets RESULTS in my life makes my heart sing. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for sharing your discoveries with us Brandy.


I cannot thank you all enough for the lessons, insights, *accessibility*, support, and encouragement. I keep feeling better and better about myself, my ability to navigate life, *trusting myself*, the future, my body’s capacities, my loved ones, and on and on… Much love to you all!


I've gone from being paralyzed to being able to get out of bed and take steps. I have been able to program my mind to be happy. I smile and laugh everyday.


I am forever grateful for showing me how to get my life back! I am excited about life now. I have clarity and determination. I've been really harnessing that feeling of determination and action daily. My relationships with my children and husband continue to deepen and grow. I am now so close to my daughter.

Get ready to experience unparalleled support on your journey and real, tangible change with this special Bonus Membership Exclusive to SHIFT Network

One of Brandy's most pivotal, successful online courses is included as a special bonus!

Please note that you have already learned some of the exact tools and techniques that are available in this course. However, in this course, Brandy takes a deeper dive into the information you have covered in the Shift course. What is different, you will notice is that the information is broken down into smaller bite-sized pieces – in fact, the average video length is JUST 15 MINUTES! This will allow you to watch each video and then implement it! You will also note that there are additional tools, techniques, and insights that will help you further digest the information as well as allow you to further embody the transformation. 

If you are somebody who has already gotten some results but still feels like you need to deep dive into the information, then this course is PERFECT for you. 

The layout will enable you to take each piece one bite at a time and embody the transformation in your life. 

In this online video course you will discover how to:

  • Simplify the process to get real tangible physical results.
  • Release negative mind programming and hurtful negative emotions from the mind.
  • Get greater levels of insight, self-awareness, and reflection by taking in each piece at a time resulting in a real transformation in your life. 

Powerful Uplifting Mind Programming Every Week.

Have you ever noticed people have a tendency to not follow through all the way or not access the positive emotions that they really want to?

Or as they are working towards their goals they lose their energy and momentum?

So often, the reason they don't realize this is because their mind getting bored with what they are doing. 

These 15-20 minute weekly calls can help you overcome these challenges by helping you stay on track, stay motivated and stay excited- To help you program in uplifting positive information and create the real changes that you want. 

Exclusive Inner Healing Circle.

Every month, this is what you'll receive:

  • WEEK 1: “Healing insights”
    Likely you've heard me work with a live caller to help them shift physical pain or a problem. In this first week, I share a video with you to explain in more depth HOW I am able to get these results. You will receive a video of a key insight as I break down a healing session of one of my Podcast volunteers to give you a deeper understanding of how you can apply these insights in your own life to heal yourself and change your life!

  • WEEK 2: Life Hacks for Rapid Transformation
    Having a wonderful life means feeling abundant in every area of life, from love and happiness to success and money! That is the importance of the “Life Hack video”. You will receive a video that shares a powerful energy & life hack to help you take every area of your life to the next level!

  • WEEK 3: Mind Programming With Music® Tip
    Sure… we have all heard of listening to a “happy music playlist” …but Brandy takes this simple concept to a whole new level with Mind Programming with Music. It's not simply about being happy – yes, that is important, but it's about mind programming. Much like the alphabet song, we can see that – even beyond happiness – music can engrain specific information into our subconscious minds. The best way to think of this week is like a “music hack” or “fun hack” because the way that Brandy hacks songs and mind programming is a powerful combination to make mind programming effective and fun! …This is a simple and fun yet profound exercise to help you easily create lasting change!

  • WEEK 4: Programming Meditation
    If you are familiar with the mind, then you know that it takes in “sensory information” in several ways. This is key for impacting your energy and also creating lasting change. The last week includes a special new uplifting mind meditation that can help you reinforce uplifting feelings and the information from the videos to help you further ingrain the life-hacks into your subconscious mind. 

Get ready to experience unparalleled support on your journey and experience real, tangible change with Brandy's Inner Healing Circle.

FREE 2-Hour Master Training Class

Heal Yourself, Change Your Life