Now that you have begun your journey towards reprogramming your mind and living your best life, how do you keep it going?

First of all, congratulations on graduating from the 7-week course through the Shift Network!  

My hope for everyone who attends one of my classes is that they all find the real, tangible breakthroughs they need in order to live their best life.

We have learned so much in the past seven weeks and it is so important to me that you experience REAL CHANGE in your life and it is with that goal in mind that I’d like to personally invite you to continue to stay with me and continue learning and experiencing what amazing things you are capable of!

I have put a special package together for you that builds off of what we have already learned together and goes deeper into helping you solidify your 180 Shift and helps you activate your own spiritual intuition.

This Special Bundle is only available to participants in the Shift Network 7-week course!

This Bundle Includes:

1. Special access to my Healing Circle

This is an exclusive membership only available to people like you who have enrolled in one of my courses.

To speed up your healing and make sure you have personalized attention and additional support to keep you from getting stuck.

Breakdown Of What You Get Every Month When You Join Healing Circle


2. Video Series: Checking your energy to fulfill your body's needs

$97 per month

After a course, a lot of people want to learn how to be able to check-in even more with their energy. 

Each 10-15 minute video gives you a simple exercise you can do to start connecting with your own energy more.

We will place a special focus on the energy of food. 

Learning and practicing the exercises in the videos will help you start checking your energy with the various foods in your diet and even foods you might be missing.

You will know the answers if you’re connected with your body’s energy and ask the right questions. 

As you develop the skills taught in the mini-course through practice, you will get more specific and detailed answers about food and what your body truly needs. 

I’ll Make It Easy For You To Cancel Any Time If You Need To

3. From Illness to Wellness: A video course for those wanting to identify the true root causes of their ailments & eliminate them completely

This video course is for those who have tried every medical, holistic, or spiritual treatment available and just can’t get to the bottom of the problem that sabotages their health or other areas of life.


From Illness to Wellness is a large collection of powerful and simple tools and techniques + a step-by-step process for using them to create profound changes in your health and life.

$97 per month

Cancel At Any Time With No Hard Feelings

4. Early Bird BONUS for those who join within the next 24 hours. An invitation to a special Q&A call in which I will answer your most perplexing question.

Early birds will be able to attend a special Q&A call. Before the call, you can submit your personal question and I will answer it during the call. 

Can’t make it to the call? Don’t worry! You can watch the replay later. 

You can ask any question you have been carrying with you. 

Need some personal guidance? Have any residual issues from the Shift 7-Week Course? Is there a question burning deep down inside that you know I can answer?

Ask me! This is the perfect opportunity to further your journey as quickly as possible. Join now!

$97 per month

Cancel At Any Time With No Hard Feelings

Hugs and Healing,


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