Stress Interrupt & Freedom Technique

Stress Interrupt And Freedom Technique™ 

~ 3 -Week Class ~

Want To Free Your Mind and Energy from Stress and Negativity?  

You'll want to use this exercise if there is something in your life that is currently causing stress or negativity. Your goal is to program your mind for positivity. This initial technique can help give you space from the negative to help you bring in more positive programming, which is necessary when reprogramming your mind. 

In this class we will learn how:

  • The way you FEEL about stressful events in your life can affect your health and happiness
  • The Stress Interrupt & Freedom Technique™ can transform your emotional energy so you feel lighter and happier.  
  • You can integrate Stress Interrupt & Freedom Technique™ into your daily practice to shift your energy and create a happier healthier life.  


3 Weekly Classes: $297

If you have any questions, please contact my team at:  [email protected]

Class meets weekly starting:
April 26, 2022 – May 10, 2022