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Want a deeper understanding about how the power of the mind works? 

A short, simplified summary of:

Gillmore's Mind-Body-Energy and Health Hypothesis”  ©Brandy Gillmore

Does the idea of healing with the mind or energy seem impossible to you? 

Or a bit too “esoteric” to understand and get real results?… OR even a bit too “woo woo” for you?

Don’t get me wrong, I do like the “woo woo” too…BUT I also love to geek out on the more logical understanding. 

Prior to working with the mind, I worked in network engineering and operations, which meant I was troubleshooting network issues all day. This helped me in understanding the “network” of the body – neuroscience and the nervous system. Understanding the mind has helped me to get the incredible results that I do – not only in healing myself, but also helping others which is the reason I am sharing this logical understanding with you.

The more I understood the mind and how to use it, the more I was able to change my health and my life. 

If you are familiar with my story, then you know I felt like healing with the mind was my only option left. I was injured, in extreme pain, and had no hope for recovery. I tried diet and supplements, injections and other medical interventions, and even began working with meditation…yet still nothing was working. A long story short, through a series of events I began researching the placebo. That was back in 2004, almost 20 years ago. While the concept of healing with the mind was even more outrageous than it is now, for many it still seems impossible. Or they know about it but have not been able to get real results. 

That is why I want to share with you a more logical understanding of the breakthroughs that I have figured out with mind-body healing and the science that supports it. 

If you’ve heard my podcast, you have seen I simplify everything into just being focused on getting REAL results. If you haven't listened to a podcast episode, I highly recommend you do so. On it I work with live volunteers and coach them to use their minds to achieve radical results. It will help it all make sense!

And, if you are someone like me, who likes the analytical side and “geek out” a bit, then join me as I show you the more analytical way I see this, and has enabled me to get results. I call this Gillmore’s Mind-Body-Energy and Health Hypothesis.

In this we will talk about: 

  • While most people think the idea of “energy of the body” is “woo woo”, top universities worldwide are studying the energy of the body, scientifically referred to as biophotons.
  • What are biophotons and why are they important? 
  • How it is even possible for the mind to affect the physical body.
  • The logical understanding which has enabled me to get radical healing results in my own life and help others.

My journey–I was driven to find an answer!

Being disabled and in extreme pain, I was willing to try anything to find a solution after my doctors told me there was nothing they could do. I began studying pain, and after learning that amputees still experience pain where their missing limb once was, I began studying the brain as a tool for healing and researching the “open-label placebo” (where both the patient and physician know the treatment is fake), which had been proven to achieve results. With that finding, I began studying everything from NLP to binaural beats, meditation, frequencies—everything I could find.

I was introduced to Louise Hay’s work in metaphysics, which she based upon Florence Scovel Shinn’s concept that different emotions can affect different parts of the physical body. This caught my attention! The general idea that emotions affect the physical body made sense because I could see it in everyday life: when someone is embarrassed, their face blushes and turns red, when they experience extreme anxiety, they have a panic attack, and when they have a sexual thought, their body responds. It was all evident in small, everyday emotions, so it made sense that our bodies were designed that way.

At that point, I became determined to understand the mind-body connection, and to figure out how (and why) it worked so I could figure out how to get my body to heal. I spent the next several years researching, using trial and error, until eventually I figured it out in 2009. I also set out to write a medical hypothesis to share what I had done to help increase awareness; however, at that time there was simply not enough supporting evidence. So I set out to prove my theory through results. 

In 2012, I began showing people how to get results with self-healing and even how to relieve their pain within minutes. In 2015, I completed my first study demonstrating this self-healing under advanced medical thermography. In 2019 I began coordinating my next research study with a university, but the study was put on hold due to the COVID-19 pandemic; I am currently working to obtain additional funding for it and exploring other opportunities to advance this research.

Check out this video demonstrating how thermography helps to reveal the release of pain with my technique for self-healing with the mind. 

Gillmore’s Mind-Body-Energy and Health Hypothesis.

The concept of healing with the mind dates back thousands of years.  So while the idea of healing is not new, what IS new is getting real results! This will open your eyes to how that is possible. 

The fact that the mind affects the physical body has been around for thousands of years, as far back as 3,000 years ago where in the Bible, Proverbs states: “A merry heart doeth good like a medicine: but a broken spirit drieth the bones.”

Psychoneuroimmunology (PNI) proved in the 1970s that stress can affect the immune system. In fact, PNI proved that the nervous system can affect the immune system. Science has provided us with even more examples, like the widowhood effect, broken heart syndrome, and in less serious ways like one’s face showing embarrassment–even emojis know this! There are even strange, but real, conditions like being “bored to death” and “scared to death.” So even though it has been medically proven that our emotions can affect us (to the point of death), they are still not part of our medical system.

And although it's hard for most people to truly comprehend how these invisible thoughts can affect the physical body, that’s what leads us to the energy of the body (or more specifically the biophotons).

Many people think the “energy” of the body is not supported by science, because it was negated for so many years. However, you might be very surprised to learn that the study of energy is now a “cutting edge” topic being studied in western medicine and by top universities throughout the world. In this case, it is not being referred to as “energy” but  “biophotons.” 

Called different names by different cultures, the concept of energy and its role in healing has been around for thousands of years, known by names like, prana in Ayurveda, qi (chi) in Chinese medicine, and ki in Japanese medicine. A lot of the foundational practice of energy medicine stems from metaphysical and spiritual beliefs. However, Western medicine is now researching the energy of the body BUT, instead of calling it the energy of the body, here we look less at the energy as a whole, but more specifically at biophotons. 


Many people ask what is a biophoton? Biophotons are photons of light in the UV and low visible light range produced by a biological system, like the human body. To think of photons in terms of energy, think of solar energy – which is energy (photons) from the sun. Like the sun, we have (weaker) photons/energy radiating from our bodies. 

Photons were discovered in the 1920’s, and we now know that cells literally emanate light energy.  This discovery of light energy was initially met with skepticism but was later confirmed by research that biophotons denote multiple frequencies originating from DNA, where they are concentrated in the DNA of the cell nucleus. Further, light can be stored in the DNA and released periodically over time. Research has continued, and it's now acknowledged that all living cells continuously emit ultraweak biophotons. Research has shown a correlation with changes in biophotons connected to sickness, such as in this study with diabetes

How I was able to build my own conclusions on top of this awareness 

Documented research has shown that as neurons fire in the brain, they release biophotons (energy). I began to question and dial in to this awareness to see how it can affect health and how emotions (stress) could affect our health. The way I see it is that negative thoughts and emotions can trigger the release of increased biophoton emissions in specific parts of the brain, negatively impact the physical body, and lead to illness. Biophotons play a role in cell damage which can lead to illness.

I began to see it in a new light which has helped me to be able to create these results. Even though we know that both positive and negative thoughts can trigger biophoton emissions, we look specifically at negative emotions. The way that I see them is that they can actually play a role in cell damage. We're identifying the specific neurons that are firing to help stop creating this change in the body; those neurons are basically interrupting the body's energy and we can see them damaging the cells.

Have you heard of radiation affecting the health of the body?

We all know that various types of photons (like radiation) can damage the cells of the body and lead to illnesses. The damage isn’t always immediate–think sunburn–and consider the extended amount of time it generally takes for damage to occur due to sun exposure. 

Similarly, the way that I see it is that under certain conditions of prolonged exposure, the body’s own biophotons (from negative thoughts and emotions) can damage the cells in specific parts of the body, leading to illness and disease in those areas. I believe it is possible for biophotons to provide both positive and negative effects due to variations in the frequency, wavelength, and energy of biophotons. 

Research has shown that different emotions fire in different parts of the brain. And when you stop and look at it, it is clear that different body parts are located in different parts of the brain. Consider this picture of the somatosensory cortex: 

As you can see from this picture, different parts of the body are located in different parts of the brain. The way that I look at it is that because different emotions fire and create brain activity in different parts of the brain, they trigger neurons in different areas, which can emit biophotons and interfere with that specific part of the body.

Yes biophotons provide communication BUT, if they are intensified by negative emotions, they can also cause problems. 

The way I see it is that these biophotons not only send information throughout the body, but can also interfere with the physical body, and it is possible light does carry information. 

Consider how information is carried for the internet, cell phone or TV; this information is carried through fiber optics, or basically light signals. One simple example is the TV remote: when you select a channel on the remote, the information is transmitted to your TV via light signals, proving that light has the ability to communicate information. Now, medical research has shown that these biophotons are communicating and that biophotons emanate information throughout the body. However, in addition to that the way I see it is that these also can interfere with the electrons of the physical body.

You might say, how is it possible for photons to interfere with the physical body?

But I tell you, it has been proven in physics! Did you know that many people falsely believe that Einstein got his Nobel Prize in 1921 for the theory of relativity (E=mc2), but what he really got it for is the photoelectric effect, which is the awareness that photons can interfere with electrons. To illustrate the photoelectric effect, think about a red shirt you have left outside in the sun for several days. As you would expect, it will start fading due to the photoelectric effect whereby the photons from the sun begin to break down the electrons in the coloring of the shirt.

So we can see that there are many ways that photons have the ability to interfere with electrons.

Now, when you stop and think about it, our brain is constantly emanating electrons. With more emotional intensity, our neurons also fire with more intensity,  and this intensity corresponds to more intense biophotons. Therefore, intense negative biophotons can actually interfere with the physical body in a variety of different ways by both communicating information and by creating interference with the electrons of the body.

Now, you might wonder, If photons were interfering with the electrons of the body, would we not see some type of evidence of this? Well, I'm glad you asked!

Do specific emotions affect corresponding areas of the body?

The idea that different thoughts and emotions affect different parts of the body makes logical sense. This is easy to see in everyday life: as I mentioned above, if someone is embarrassed, their face blushes, someone suffering from anxiety can have an anxiety/panic attack, and if a person experiences sexual emotions, they can experience a physical sexual arousal response. Based on these scientifically proven examples, we can see that the foundational protocol and structure for the body is that different emotions affect the physical body in different ways. 

Biophotons breakdown the physical body–are free radicals the key here?

A free radical is a molecule with one or more unpaired electrons in its outer shell (i.e., a molecule that has lost an electron), like a car that is missing a tire and crashes into another car because it wants one of its tires. This is why free radicals can be very damaging to the body.

Many people have speculated in the past that free radicals are simply a regular part of the metabolic process. However, if they were a regular part of the metabolic process, then every person would have a ton of them (but that's not the case).  The truth is medical research has shown that people with illness have a lot more free radical-damaged cells than healthy people. Current scientific evidence has shown a correlation between cells damaged by free radicals and nearly every major illness, including cancer, autoimmune diseases, Alzheimer’s, and diabetes.  

We can see that there's a problem with missing electrons which break down the body, and the way in which I see it is that these negative emotions are actually charging the biophotons to damage the cells in specific areas. And that's why it is key to really change negative thinking and negative programming in the mind.

So what if there is a LACK of intensity?

If biophoton activity originates from conscious and subconscious thoughts and emotions, and biophoton activity can increase with emotional intensity, then it can also decrease with lack of intensity. So, not only can an increase in the intensity of the biophotons affect a person’s health, but conversely, a lack of intensity of biophotons can affect the health of the body. In some cases where a person is not really feeling positive emotions and/or has an extreme disconnect from other people or extreme disinterest in life, there are not enough emotions—and in turn not enough biophoton activity—to fuel the cells. This can also affect one’s health, like infants who remain in orphanages have been known to suffer from “failure to thrive”.

Biophotons as a way to improve your life

The fact that I have explained how these photons can carry information leads to even more exciting information, because if you're here, you've heard me say before that our thoughts help create our lives. Einstein's quote, “Imagination is the preview of life's coming attraction” is true. 

Our thoughts really do help create our lives, and what's beautiful is that you know, as our neurons fire, they release biophotons, which carry information. And the other part that I see is how our thoughts help create our reality, we are constantly sending out information. These biophotons literally emanate from our physical body!

As we're emanating these biophotons into our world around us, they are helping to attract our life experiences all around us. That's the beautiful gift in healing with the mind; everywhere people are trying to take medications, or trying to just get their body to shut up. They aren’t really listening to what's going on, not trying to somehow interrupt the pattern, to interrupt this energy. 

The future for healthcare and healing

Now more than ever, we need a breakthrough in healthcare; a new perspective, a new way of helping people, and a new way of giving hope to so many who have lost hope and are suffering without a cure. Einstein said, “No problem can be solved from the same level of consciousness that created it.” Right now, our medical system needs a new consciousness. Many of today’s CAM therapies are centered around changing the “energy” of the body, and I believe that when a CAM therapy (i.e. acupressure/acupuncture) is successful in relieving a patient’s pain or ailment, it is due to the interruption of “negative energy” in one way or another—meaning that the negative energy is traveling from the brain, due to a negative emotion, through the neural pathways, and into the problem area of the body. However, if that energy is interrupted, it can create a feeling of relief from the negative energy to allow the body to heal. 

It is essentially interrupting the negative flow of energy.  In the case of color therapy, talk therapy, meditation, or sound healing, these can help a person to calm the negative emotion itself, which in turn can calm the negative energy affecting the physical body.   

Based on this awareness, for long-term healing results, a person would not just need to relax the emotion, but instead they would need to completely rewire their mind to no longer go into the emotional pattern at all. Biophoton research has suggested that photons carry information throughout our body and communicate with cells. I agree and further, the way I see it is that biophotons (which are the direct result of our thoughts and emotions) not only send important information throughout our body, but also send it into the world around us to help create our lives. For some, it may sound impossible that light could transmit information, but to put it in perspective, this is how fiber optics provides internet service around the world.

This is my hypothesis/awareness of energy and healing that changed my life and it is the lens that I see the healing through that has helped me to help others. While my actual more-technical hypothesis has been submitted for publication, with even more information and details, I wanted to share this part with you. Yes, there is still more but I wanted to share with you the science behind my method to help provide you with an understanding.

The reality is that self-healing can feel so confusing. There are so many different modalities. Ultimately, the way I see it is that, when alternative forms of energy healing work for short term relief in reducing pain or begin healing the body, it is because the stream of negative energy (biophotons) from the brain (and neurons) is being interrupted.  This is something I have seen in acupressure or reflexology wherein a practitioner will work on energy locations in the body.  In this case, the negative energy get interrupted and is no longer affecting that part of the physical body. However, unless the mind is reprogrammed to change the neurons that are creating the negative energy, then the pain/ailment will continue to come back. However, for ultimate healing, I see the true goal of healing is not only to interrupt this negative stream of energy from the mind to the body, but change it by reprogramming the mind and neural pathways so they are no longer engaging the neurons to fire in the same way.  That is when it changes your energy, your health and ultimately your life!  

When you stop and think about it, we truly are incredible beings.