About Brandy Gillmore

How Brandy went from working in network engineering and operations to being disabled for years, to becoming the #1 Rapid Results Healing Expert

About Brandy Gillmore

How I went from working in network engineering and operations to being disabled for years, to becoming the #1 Rapid Results Healing Expert

In July 2005, Brandy had the honor of being a bridesmaid in her sister's wedding. The day was filled with beauty and joy as they celebrated together. However, for Brandy, it also held another significance: her failure. She had longed to fully recover and walk down the aisle alongside her sister.

Before that day, Brandy had been working on healing herself. She had come across research about healing with the mind and even the placebo effect, which suggested that our minds have the ability to heal our bodies. Therefore, at the time, Brandy believed that her daily practices of meditation, visualization, affirmations, and gratitude would lead to healing. Unfortunately, despite her follow-through,  it didn't work. 

So, instead of walking down the aisle, Brandy used her wheelchair. She held a smile because she was so happy for her sister, but in her heart, she was also disappointed that she was not able to fully partake at the level she would have wanted to. Brandy had several pivotal moments throughout her injury, this moment was one of them. 

Brandy knew she could not spend her life disabled and trapped in debilitating pain. She'd had both a car accident and then a fall, which had changed her entire life. On her “better” days, she relied on a wheelchair, walker, or cane to venture outside. However, on her worst days, she was confined to her bed. This was the reality she faced. Brandy saw a range of doctors and specialists who advised her that she had a variety of ailments, including nerve lesions, spinal endplate fractures, spondylosis, complex regional pain syndrome, sciatica, reduced bone density, and more. And that there was nothing more they could do to help her condition. Even on the “good days,” when she was able to get around with a cane, it was for short distances and very slow. Her body felt frail, and the pain she experienced was excruciating.

She explored every possible method to heal and manage her pain, both conventional and alternative. From nerve ablations to infusions and injections, she left no stone unturned. When those approaches fell short, she delved even deeper into alternative therapies, ranging from acupuncture to reflexology, special diets, supplements, and even mystical rainforest elixirs. Still, despite her best efforts, none of these remedies seemed to provide lasting relief. When those didn't work, she began working even more with her mind. Each day, she immersed herself in meditation and the theta state, wrote affirmations, cultivated gratitude, and adhered to a healthy diet (gluten-free, vegetarian, pH, candida). She even spent hours each day focusing on feelings of belief that she was already healed. Yet, nothing seemed to work.

It was then that she noticed others engaging in the same “alternative therapies” she had pursued, without experiencing any improvement. If you find yourself here, chances are you have tried many of these same approaches as well.

Despite the failures, Brandy refused to give up. She knew that the placebo effect had been scientifically proven, demonstrating that the mind could, in fact, influence the physical body. This realization fueled her determination to uncover the how.

After years of dedicated research, Brandy made astounding discoveries that created a radical shift in her pain and her health! So much so that Brandy began healing her body and even going to the gym.



* Discoveries that Brandy made ( a free 90 min training). 

* Information about Brandy's journey into using medical thermal imaging.

PLUS… a few people that Brandy is forever grateful to: 

* Brandy's physical therapist, Livnat, who was a Godsend. 

* A few friends that Brandy met at the gym as she was working on her recovery that she is forever grateful to.

* Brandy says, “Words are not enough” to express the amount of love and gratitude she has for Rita, Brandy's incredible neighbor at the time of her injury. 


After a while, Brandy began to work out with bodybuilders, lifting weights and building her strength back. Life just continued to get better.  

This is video of her gym friends for whom she is so grateful. After Brandy made a full recovery, people around her began asking what she did to heal. That was her next pivot. 

Brandy began sharing with them how she did it, and they started healing too! 

Since there was no conventional certification for what she had discovered, Brandy started getting certified in everything that was somewhat related. She spent the next 7 years working on certifications from alternative schools and universities for everything from spiritual counseling to health and nutrition and, eventually, a doctorate in natural medicine.

Brandy is forever grateful to her physical therapist, Livnat Wilcox, who Brandy describes as the “best physical therapist with the biggest heart” (see video). 


It seemed that when everyone else had given up on Brandy, the one person who helped her continue to think of ideas and look for solutions was her physical therapist, Livnat. In the video, they discuss some of these ideas.

Brandy's next goal was to visually demonstrate the incredible healing power of the human mind. To achieve this, Brandy started showing people how to use their own minds to alleviate their physical pain. She then used medical thermal imaging to showcase the tangible results.

(NOTE: The image shows a person who suffered from level 5 neck pain. She was able to use her own mind to free herself from physical pain. This image was taken 8 years ago, and her pain never returned.) If you're interested in witnessing a simple process of mind-body healing that was documented using medical thermal imaging, you can watch the video here.

Brandy's remarkable accomplishments in healing herself and assisting others have left many people astonished. Even her neighbor and “second mother,” Rita, who initially doubted Brandy's ability to heal herself, was astounded. Like many people, Rita initially dismissed the concept of healing with the mind as impossible, especially for a “serious injury.” However, she was shocked when she witnessed Brandy successfully heal herself. (This video is incredibly heartwarming and brings tears of happiness to my eyes.)

While many people have doubted the power of the mind to heal, if we stop and look around, we can see evidence of the mind's healing ability all around us, documented throughout history. Even the Bible states, “A merry thought is medicine; ill thoughts dry the bones,” a passage written approximately 3,000 years ago. Furthermore, medical research has proven that stress can impact the physical body. Additionally, the placebo effect demonstrates that our minds do, in fact, have the power to influence our health. The key that Brandy figured out was learning how to use this incredible ability to heal herself.

Since that time, she has discovered that just as we can all learn to read and write, we also have the potential to harness the power of our minds for healing. But we must learn how to do it.

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To this day, Brandy utilizes these same discoveries to assist individuals in achieving life-changing results. Her goal is to empower people to heal themselves by providing information in a logical, straightforward, and practical manner to help them get tangible results. Furthermore, her mission is to bridge the gap between science and spirituality to help establish a new perspective on healthcare. The truth is that we all possess incredible potential when we learn to master our own minds.

Brandy is also a sought-after speaker who frequently addresses topics such as self-healing, resilience, overcoming adversity, peak performance, and more. She has spoken at CAM or wellness events, conferences, spiritual or religious centers, non-profit organizations, as well as for corporate clients. If you are interested in booking brandy for your event, please contact her team to provide us with details for your event.


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