How Does Healing Work?

How I went from working in network engineering and operations to being disabled for years, to becoming the #1 Rapid Results Healing Expert

The Proof That Our Minds Do Have The Ability To Heal

During Brandy's injury and her journey to heal she started to notice things anomalies in things like the placebo and MPD (Multiple Personality Disorder), people who are able to have spontaneous remissions and other things that just didn't make sense. 

As she began exploring the mind, she was fascinated. There is so much to the mind's ability to heal. So much so that even Stanford and the CIA have published studies about this topic. 

Prior to Brandy's injury she was very good at troubleshooting and problem-solving even the most complex issues. She was relentless in her determination to solve problems and get results as quickly as possible.

In fact, here is just one of the awards (The Pinnacle of Excellence) she received in her previous position at World Com. 

Brandy Gillmore Award - Pinnacle Of Excellence

Some of the highlights are:

  • Proficiency with difficult and complex issues



Brandy has always had a strong analytical mind and when doctors said there was nothing more they could do to help her heal, that drove her determination to find answers. 

Brandy spent years searching outside of the box. When things like meditation, visualization, energy work, special diets didn't work…

Despite all of this, it didn't work. 

As you can see, I was sitting there at my sister's wedding in a wheelchair… holding a smile because I was so happy for her… but in my heart I was disappointed that I was not able to fully partake at the level I would have wanted to.  I just wanted to heal.

Everything I'd read up to that point about self-healing failed. 


The reality is I knew that the placebo effect had been medically proven! …So there was proof that our minds do, in fact, have the ability to heal. I became more determined than ever to figure out how. 

I had several pivotal moments throughout my injury, but that moment at my sister's wedding in my chair was pivotal. 

That’s when I started to look around and realized there were so many people doing these same “alternative therapies” that I was doing and they weren’t getting better either.  

Chances are if you are here, you have probably done a lot of the same things too… 

That’s when I began questioning everything. The more I questioned, the more I could see clearly why mind healing was failing – there were so many misconceptions and so much misinformation about healing with the mind. 

For example, Many people feel like healing starts with gratitude or believing that you are already healed, but this can’t possibly be the real reason that the placebo works. If you analyze the data, even “Open-Label Placebo” experiments have been shown to work (an open-label is where both the physician and patient know that it’s a fake pill), which means that it can’t possibly be belief.

From that point on, I began looking at healing in a different way. 

That’s when I began to set aside all of the “healing modalities” that others were doing. Prior to my injuries, I had worked in Network Engineering and spent entire days troubleshooting. So I began troubleshooting how the mind worked. I spent the next several years collecting and building my own research and processes.

That research and those processes changed my entire life.  It has now been over 12 years that I am 100% healthy (and happy).

What’s amazing is that, at that time, I didn't realize just how much our thoughts help create our lives. You may have heard the quote from Einstein, “Imagination is the preview of life’s coming attraction.”  I’d heard it before, but for some reason, I never really took it seriously until I experienced it myself. 

As I changed my health, every area of my life changed. 

After I recovered, I joined several bodybuilders in lifting weights, building my strength back. Life just continued to get better. This is a video of my friends for whom I am so grateful.  I worked out with them as I was getting better. 

Once I had fully recovered, I tried to share with my doctors what I did. It turns out that the idea of healing a physical injury with only the mind is something that people don’t really believe is possible.

That was my next pivot.

I became determined to share my discoveries with others so they could heal too. I obtained several certifications in spiritual counseling and started helping people. What I teach to this day are the same powerful tools, techniques, insights, and methods that changed my entire life and continue to help others do the same in their own life.

The reality is that healing is written throughout history. Even the bible states: “A merry thought is medicine, ill thoughts dry the bones.”  That was written approximately 3,000 years ago!  And further, it has been scientifically proven that “stress” affects the physical body. We can also see from the placebo that our minds have the power to heal. 

My hope is that we can become the generation to actually USE this awareness to get real results: to heal ourselves and create a better, healthier, happier life for everyone.

I have now been helping people for over 10 years. I feel blessed to get to experience “miracles” every single day. 

If you are skeptical about the power of our minds, I encourage you to watch this video to see it with your own eyes. 

To this day, I use these same discoveries to help people like you get radical life-changing results. And, while my goal is to deliver information in a very logical, simple and practical way – my ultimate goal is to help bridge the gap between science and spirituality (aka God, or the Universe, or the Divine, or energy- whichever term you want to use).  The truth is that our world is truly amazing! And we are truly incredible beings when we learn to connect even more with our energy!  

Are you ready to change your life too? If so, come join me for a class.


Brandy’s work is truly mind-expanding since it is something that has never been done before. If you would like to better understand and witness the power that we possess in our minds, you can check out Brandy’s podcast where she helps live callers to heal themselves by using the power of their mind.

At heart and in her core, Brandy is an advocate for your soul’s highest purpose. She would love to see authentic change in this world that includes all people feeling loved, connected, healthy, prosperous and truly happy.

Brandy speaks frequently in the U.S. and Canada, at conferences, for corporate clients, on radio shows, at wellness series, churches, spiritual centers and non-profit organizations.

Contact Brandy’s Team if you’d like to set up a phone appointment, or to have her speak at your event.

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