It's Important to Remember Each Day To Expand Your Way of Thinking

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Chances are that you are someone who tends to get caught up in the day to day stuff at times… Even if you don’t realize it’s happening. In fact, most of us are, at least to an extent, because we all have a subconscious mind that is running the show of every day of our lives. Our subconscious mind affects our health, directs our energy and literally affects every area of our lives. And for most people, this is all happening unconsciously. 

And even for those who know this is happening, many people will still get caught up in the day to day stuff which is so easy to do since it surrounds us!  …Work, family, friends, shopping, day to day tasks and errands – not to mention our cell phones! And on top of that, we have things that we love to do – maybe its games, crafts hobbies, reading – whatever that might be, it can consume our minds and keep us from making a real change in our health and lives.


To make a real change we need to continue to remind ourselves that we need to THINK differently to expand our minds and our energy to get ourselves to think outside of our own box (immediate surroundings). 


If you stop for just a moment and really think about the bigger picture…

…the fact that we are literally suspended in space, and we are walking around on the side of a sphere (we call earth) is pretty freaking miraculous. Sure, most of us take it for granted because we are just so used to it, but what if we could all just walk on the side of a building?  I mean the fact that our oceans and even the drinking water stay in our glass, and everything just appears to be upright… it’s all miraculous.  

And energy, it literally supports our very existence. From gravitational energy, to solar energy from the sun, electrical energy that supports pretty much everything we do, then to the awareness that our thoughts emanate energy that can heal our bodies and is creating every area of our lives: from relationship patterns to patterns of “luck” or success, or visions that we are holding in our minds, to victim patterns and everything else in between. 


It’s all quite miraculous and yet…

…as funny as it seems, it is all very easy to forget.  Which sounds crazy if you think about it, how can you “forget” that your thoughts are creating your life and emanating energy and forget to change it? …but that’s the way our minds work.  If the information is not programmed into our minds through the way we see the world, then it is outside of our “normal habitual programming” which then makes it very easy to forget and we just fall back into our same subconscious programming. 

When I started working with my mind for healing and transforming my life, I needed to remind my mind of this awareness daily – that I needed to change! If not then I would forget.

Let’s face it, if you read this article and you do nothing, chances are that you too will get caught up doing other things and a month from now, it will just have been an article you read. But, if you remember to remind your mind each day, and it becomes part of who you are, then it’s a life-changing article.

The song I am going to share with you today was very helpful for me during my recovery to continually remind myself to expand my mind to a greater level of awareness. I listened to it every day to remind my mind to look at the world in a whole new way.   


My favorite part of the song:

“In this world we're just beginning

To understand the miracle of living

Baby, I was afraid before

But I'm not afraid anymore”

So perfect! Life is a MIRACLE and we, as a culture, are just starting to GET that! 

“They say in heaven, love comes first
We'll make heaven a place on earth
Ooh, heaven is a place on earth”

And this part has to do with “love comes first” and it’s so true. The more we love life, the more life loves us back and life just keeps getting better. But it starts with love first. This is something we need to continue to remind ourself to begin making the changes in our health and our life that all change really does come from within!

Cheers to falling in love with the day! 

Happy Miraculous Monday to you! 

Click here to listen to the song:  Heaven Is A Place On Earth by Belinda Carlisle:


With love, hugs and happiness!


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