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If you are here it means that you are the type of person to continue to expand yourself to even broader ways of thinking and being, like I was.  These videos are here to help support you in this amazing journey of life.

If you are a new to my work, I recommend you start with this video:[/vc_column_text][vc_video link=”https://youtu.be/K76pvf9zIdA”][vc_column_text]

Release Pain in Minutes… How/Why does it work?

For starters:

Most of us have heard by now that stress can affect the body. If we look at some common every day examples we can clearly see that emotions can affect the body:

For example: If someone is embarrassed their face can turn red.
Or if someone is doing public speaking, they can get a nervous stomach
Or, even on a positive note, sexual thoughts result in a physical sexual response.

So what I did in this video is:

Specifically, target the emotion/emotions that were contributing to the problem.

Then I assisted her in letting them go.

And.. There’s a gift in it! You have probably heard by now that your thoughts and emotions help create your life. Maybe you have heard sayings like, “Success breeds more success!” or “Frustration breeds more frustration.” And maybe you have even experienced that in your past. I know I have before… where something wasn’t working and I just felt frustrated!

arg!! … and then and it seemed like 1 frustrating thing after another happened! Ugh.!! BUT, if I stopped. Took a deep breath and changed my energy, I could get in the flow of everything working out smoother! On a bigger level, the same thing happens in our lives. We can all look at our lives and see patterns of relationships, or financial patterns, or? You name it, there are patterns. In short, these stem from the subconscious emotions running. Essentially the pain in our bodies can also be linked to a “pain” in our lives. (Basically, our bodies are guiding us to something that is also “broken” in our lives) And by changing the emotional patterns, we don’t just change the emotion that is linked to the health issue, we help change our lives!! So when authentic change occurs, it can not only change your health, it can help change your life!

In the video some people ask: Brandy, what are you doing with your hand?

The answer is that I am not “doing” anything. Rather, I am feeling her emotions.

Following my injury, I developed an extreme hypersensitivity to energy and emotions. I guess the best way to explain this is: We’ve heard before that a dog can sense fear – well… basically I developed the same sense. It’s similar to what medical community refers to as: Mirror Touch Synesthesia or, what Quantum Physics would call Quantum Entanglement.

Sounds simple, doesn’t it?

And it is! …or rather it CAN be. Mostly anyway.

There can be a bit more to the picture…

In my research, I have also found there are additional “key” elements in the subconscious mind that affect whether or not the emotion shows up in the “physical” body. For example: A person’s face can turn red/”blush” from embarrassment, but for most people, they will not blush EVERY time the feeling of embarrassment comes up. This relates to further “key” triggers in the subconscious mind, which takes a much more in-depth explanation of the mind to fully explain. To really start the key thing to remember is that YOU are amazing and powerful and your emotions are important. Managing our emotions can help us change our health and our lives!

Healthcare in our world needs massive improvement, and to do that we each need to do our part. Unlike many contributions that may require some type of sacrifice, this form of contribution involves no sacrifice other than giving up the stress, which is something we all want to do anyways. It’s all about lifting ourselves, letting go of fear, and being even happier. I understand that many people feel that being happy and releasing stress isn’t so easy, but I have to say with the right tools and techniques, I think you will be amazed! I hope you enjoy my free meditation as a small but effective step in the direction of learning to Harness Your Inner Power!Could you imagine what the world would look like if we all started releasing fear and stress and putting in the Happiness?! … I would do anything to see that world in my lifetime, and that is why I am here today… doing what I do.

30 days of Mind Programming through Music

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