Reverse Emotional-Energetic Process


~ 4 -Week Interactive Class ~

Prerequisite: Heal Yourself, Change Your Life Advanced 7-week Course

Are you doing things backwards and not getting results?
There's a reason why.  

You may wonder what is R.E.E.P.? 

R.E.E.P.  is a brand new  series of training classes that were created by Brandy Gillmore. In this series of classes, you will learn a powerful new methodology and process of working with your mind exactly opposite from what everybody else is doing – that will help you get radical results in your life!

R.E.E.P.  stands for Reverse Emotional-Energetic Process.™

What you want to do is begin to work with your mind, your future self and your current self to work on healing different parts of Self first before doing any kind of work with your childhood self.

This is a series of classes, modalities, techniques and insights that can help you to make a radical shift in your life. Join a R.E.E.P. class today and reap the rewards by transforming YOU! 

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Class meets weekly:

Jan. 3, 2022 – Feb. 3 , 2022

Your Investment- $697

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