"Healing Circle" ~ LIVE Bonus Calls

** For currently enrolled students ** 

 Weekly support to help you access greater levels of healing, happiness, love, and positive energy! …to help support you and speed up your healing and transformation journey! 


UPDATE: The LIVE Bonus Calls are now available on FOUR DIFFERENT DAYS/TIMES  to accommodate more time zones! 

See below for available days and times.

Our next call is in:



~ Live “Uplifting” (Energy boost) Call with Brandy ~

* Every week there will be quick, but powerful, 15-min group calls via Zoom 

…that you will not want to miss! 

Please remember that you must register each week.

To help you in your healing transformation, we have several convenient times to support you.

Please note: to create real change in your life, it is important for you to feel empowered. That said, these calls are designed to help support you to further empower you!  For that reason, this is not a stand-alone solution. These special bonus calls are for students who are actively enrolled in a course. Please make sure that you do not bypass the vital information (and release techniques) that are in your training course.  Instead, you'll want to work through the course material and support your healing through this Healing Circle.  Current courses in progress are:

  • The Healing Circle
  • Authentic Love and Relationships
  • Unlock the Self-Healing Capacity of Your Mind to Dramatically Transform Your Health & Your Life

IF YOU ARE NOT ENROLLED: If you are not enrolled in any of the above courses but would like to be, or if you need further assistance, please contact us at [email protected]

Here's What You'll Experience In This Fast & Powerful Session

  • Brandy will guide the group through a specialized visualization that can help you access even more feelings of positivity and energy to help you speed up your healing, love and transformational results.
  • The mind programming will focus on the areas of healing, love, happiness and life transformation. 
  • As you engage your mind in the visualization, you can experience multiple positive feelings and by the end of the call will be able to access more positive feelings such as: Happiness, love, unity, self-love, euphoria, and other positive emotions.
  • Your job is to show up, relax, engage your mind and emotions as much as possible… and enjoy! 

Choose Your Session (Please register for only 2 times each week)

Session 1:

Every Monday at 3:45 PM PDT (6:45 PM EDT)

Session 2:

Every Tuesday at: 9 AM PDT (12 PM EDT)

Session 3:

Thursday at 1:45 PM PDT (4:45 PM EDT)

Session 4:

Every Friday at: 8:30 AM PDT (11:30 AM EDT)

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