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After making her own miraculous recovery, Brandy Gillmore has been generating attention worldwide as she shows people how to truly understand and harness the power of their own mind. Her work is frequently described as “miraculous and mind-expanding” as she shares her revolutionary methods and shows people how to get out of physical, mental and emotional pain in record time.

She has been featured on stages in several countries, as well as telesummits, radio shows, and more; providing inspiring talks and extraordinary demonstrations that leave crowds awestruck.  She works with celebrities, entrepreneurs and individuals globally, showing them how to start using their minds to heal their bodies and transform their lives.

It’s no secret how stress negatively affects a person’s health. But when Brandy peeled back the layers of her own mind’s power to regain her health, she discovered that there’s a lot more to the equation than just “stress.” And!…when we truly understand the power of our minds, whether it’s for physical or emotional pain, we transform our lives.

That’s what she shares in her ground-breaking talks: “Harnessing Your Inner Power” and “Finding the Real Gift in Healing.”

She takes audiences on her gripping journey from physical devastation through her discoveries about the mind’s incredible power, leading to her ultimate triumph over what she’d been led to believe was incurable.

To demonstrate the effectiveness of her methods, Brandy routinely stuns audiences by choosing a volunteer who is suffering from chronic pain and helping them release it in minutes using only the power of their mind.  After they are able to release their own pain, she gently asks the audience, “What else can your mind do that you didn’t know it could do?”

But Brandy’s work extends far beyond the topic of illness.  Brandy shares foundational insights which are crucial to the understanding of anyone who wants to really change their life.  The reality is that when you start to intentionally direct your mind and your emotions it can be life-changing!   Even research done by Harvard shows that when employees are happy they are more productive, more creative, and have higher sales, which means they can make more money!  Brandy speaks to a variety of audiences whether the audience is corporate, religious, very analytical, or spiritual, when people understand more about how to direct their minds, it becomes live-changing.  A person doesn’t need to be sick to start using her tools. Her heart-warming, mind-expanding and empowering talk doesn’t only inspire people, it brings a new awareness to what is possible and ultimately changes lives!

Brandy’s mission is to reach beyond providing short lived inspiration and connectedness but also to create lasting change. To do this, Brandy understands that to connect with each audience, she must tailor each talk to fit the needs of the group. That said, each talk is customizable.  All talks typically include time for interactive and engaging audience participation as well as Q & A.   They can also be delivered in varying amount of times ranging from a shorter power talk to a workshop or worked program.  If PowerPoint slides are used, they are typically in limited quantity, because Brandy feels that the best way to create lasting change is through an interactive setting with audience participation.

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Additional speaking topics include:

ATurning Chronic Pain Into Chronic GAIN™ :

The majority of people who live with some type of pain, whether it’s physical or emotional pain, typically try to ignore or avoid their pain. In Brandy’s experience, she has found that by addressing the pain, we can not only release and overcome it, we can transform it into a life- changing gift! This fascinating talk provides a new level of awareness as well as tools to immediately begin change.


Have you been practicing being “mindful” and yet it still feels like your mind IS full? This talk addresses clearing out mental chaos at an even deeper level to achieve a greater level of mental clarity, joy and inner peace.

It Works: Productivity, Longevity and Happiness:

Are your employees stressed, feeling overwhelmed and not as productive as you would like them to be? This talk is for corporate management looking to increase happiness in your workplace. Research has shown time and time again that happier employees can dramatically contribute to the success or failure of a company. In this talk, Brandy will not only inspire your team, but also provide tools, insights and exercises to help provide lasting effects for you and your team!

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