Day 4 Mind Programming

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When it comes to re-programming your mind to change your energy, the possibilities are endless!  It’s like re-programming your computer, but only better. It’s your life!  And, of course, it affects the energy all around you! 

 The top 4 problems people have with changing their health and life are:

1. Most people don’t even realize that their minds (and energy) are actually programmed. Which means they don’t even know they should re-program it. 

2. They don’t realize that programming affects their entire lives. The energy in the deeper part of our minds affects everything from their health and relationships, to their happiness and even their level of success! 

3. Even if they do know that they need to re-program their minds, most people don’t know how to do it effectively. Then, when it doesn’t work, they forget or lose their motivation and just fall into old programming. 

4. Still, there are others who listen and read things about re-programming their minds so, they know they need to do it. Yet, their health, relationships, and finances are a mess – and, while they talk the talk, they have unfortunately been unable to make real change in their lives. 

So, maybe you fit into one of these categories, maybe not. But, if so, you will want to remind your mind to make a change! And to get good at it. 

The reason that I use mind programming with music is that it is a fun way to start to make a change, however, one of the primary problems that I see with people when they pick their own music is that they tend to pick music that actually keeps them stuck where they are now. 

For example:  

I recently worked with a young woman, Shelly.  She was going through a really tough time! So, before we dove into deeper mind programming, I wanted her to start with something easy and light. So, I asked her to pick out a song.  However, her song choice was the wrong direction. The song she chose was a reflection of where she was. Now, I don’t want to say anything negative about the song itself – so I am not going to name the song. But, let’s just say the general overall feel/lyrics of the song were something like:  “I have been feeling overwhelmed and down and out. But I am going to put a smile on my face and stay strong.”  

That was exactly how Shelly was feeling. So, she resonated with the song – which made it the wrong choice for her mind programming. 

The goal of mind programing with music is to feel differently. NOT to feel the same and continue to ingrain the same emotions. that only reinforces the problem. And yet, a lot of people inadvertently do that. But you will want to pick something new! That is key. 

For instance, one of my songs during my injury that I picked was “Walking on Sunshine” by Katrina and the Waves. Now this song is really about a lover, however as I mentioned on day 1 of this mind programming blog, I shaped the songs in my mind to mean what I wanted it to mean for me. Since I wanted to feel HAPPY and I was working on walking freely and without pain at the time I was listening to it, the lyrics: “walking on sunshine and don't it feel good!” were helpful for my mind. I was wanting my mind to remember that walking was going to feel good! (which was much different than my reality was at the time, which was that every single movement increased my pain so much that there were times that I didn’t want to breath).  

So, if you are puzzled and you are thinking to yourself…

Wait? …Brandy, I’m confused.  So, you were laying there, in bed, in extreme pain, with a list of diagnoses: fractures, CRPS, nerve lesions, and more. You were miserable, on heavy medication, frustrated and feeling like your entire life was falling apart and you decided to listen to “Walking on Sunshine” and began bringing in positive feelings??” Is that what you are saying?

Yes!  That is exactly what I am saying. 

I knew I had to do something and was desperate to try anything. Also, I kept reminding myself the same that, IF I was going to succeed then I had to do something different than 1.5 Billion people are doing.

So, even though this song is a bit older, it's so upbeat it's energizing!  It was the start of my mind programming. It was before I figured out how to work with my mind at a deeper level or release pain with the mind quickly as I do now. I was still learning and figuring it out. So at that point, getting the idea in my head that walking didn't have to be painful and could be fun was key!) Other people that I have worked with will listen to it just to be happy! and feel alive in the morning. Or for just “walking” through life happy!! (just because it is uplifting, even if they do not have an injury).

After I got better. Thank God/The Universe, I sold my house in Northern California and moved to West Hollywood.

Once I got moved in, I went for a drive, listening to my mind programming playlists while driving down Hollywood Blvd, looking at the lights just grateful to be alive!  When this song came on from my playlist, I had to laugh. The song is a bit “dated” and I was probably the only one driving down Hollywood Blvd listening to this song right now. I had a brief moment where I thought, hmm… maybe I should turn down this older song… But, instead, I just laughed to myself and turned it up!! ha. 

I learned the hard way that the more I live my life based on what others do and think, the worse my life is.  But, the more I follow my heart, do what makes sense, and grow and live my truth, the more life lives through me.  Life is so good!!  

Wiping my happy tears from my eyes as I type this and wishing you an amazing day! 

With hugs and happiness!

xo, Brandy

Here is the link if you want to check this out: Katrina & the Waves:

If you want to share your experience or comment below on how you feel after listening to this song, or any questions, that would be lovely.  Your questions and comments can touch someone else life and inspire them to change their life too!


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