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The Top 5 Things Most People Forget When it Comes to Success & Health in 2020

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As we bring in the new year I hear a lot of people saying things like, “I hope this year is going to be good,” or “2019 wasn't that great, I’m glad it’s over with.” Or things like “2019 was OK/challenging/the worst. I hope 2020 turns out to be better than 2019.” 

Now, if you are here likely you know that your thoughts create your life. So, when it comes to creating an amazing year in 2020, many people feel a sense of “empowerment” knowing that they are creating their future. But, at a deeper level in their mind, many also simultaneously feel disempowered or just “hoping” for a great year and feeling like 2019 wasn’t all that great. While most people feel that there is a very small distinction between “hoping for a better year” and genuinely expecting it, the difference is powerful when you stop and think about it.

If you think about it, how many people do you think are hoping for a better life? 

How many people truly expect their lives to get better? 

To this day I still remember the very moment on my own healing journey where the feeling of hope turned into feelings of belief. I remember thinking, “Oh my god. I am really going to do this. I am going to get my life back.”  I was in tears. I was standing there, still in pain and still unstable on my feet, but the change that occurred is that I just had this overwhelming feeling that, even though I was not there yet, I could really do this.  

Even as I share this with you now, it brings tears to my eyes. It was a powerful moment, one that I will never forget.  

So, with that, I ask you, what is your level of certainty of really expecting to have an amazing 2020?

If you are in the mindset of hope then you will want to remind your mind to fully feel empowered. To some people, it may sound odd that we can feel both empowered and disempowered simultaneously but if you think about it for a moment, we can have mixed feelings towards almost everything. I mean, we can feel so much love for someone and, at the same time, we can also get mad or hurt or upset with them. Yet, we still love them!  These mixed emotions can and do affect what we are creating in our lives.  If you missed this, I recently covered this topic on Episode #013 of my podcast but what is most important at this moment is to check-in and make sure that you genuinely feel empowered and have positive expectations. This can be powerful for both your health and your life!

If you are “hoping” that 2020 is going to be great, but also thinking that 2019 wasn’t that great, it can create more uncertainty and fear/stress. And, as you know, stress affects your physical body more than most people even realize! Of course, if you have seen me coach other people to release their own pain with their mind in minutes under thermal medical equipment, or if you have heard me do it live on my podcast, then you have seen how much “stress” or “the mind” – really is connected to those aches and pains and illnesses that millions of people have. 

When you look at it like that, the difference between hope and expectation can be like the difference between stress vs. excitement and ultimately the difference between failure vs. success!

That said, positive expectations can be powerful for helping your body to heal and of course making real change in your life.

So, if you are merely in a state of hoping life will get better, then you will want to really turn it into positive expectations and the way to do that is to remember to reprogram your mind!

The top 5 things you want to remember as we really step into 2020: 

1. If you want to create change, then you must put something new in your mind.

A lot of times people are not entirely sure what they want, they just know they want “something better.” Or, in some cases they do know what they want but they don’t take the time to put something new in their mind. But, knowing that your thoughts help create your life if you don’t put something new in your mind, then how will you be able to create anything new? 

That is the reason most people have patterns that repeat themselves. 

A great way to observe this in action is if you check out episode 14 of my podcast. (If you haven’t listened to it yet, I strongly recommend doing so). In this episode, I work with a volunteer, Jess, who has a “pattern” of repeating the same painful patterns in relationships. As she and I dove into the topic, she could see her own patterns and that she was not the problem. The pattern was the problem.  To change this pattern, she will ultimately need to put new information into her mind. As she made this change, the discomfort that had been present in her body for over 10 years disappeared! And, of course, she will need to get that new information into her mind and reinforce it to maintain the change. That is when it becomes both health-changing and life-changing and that is the power of getting new information into your mind!  However, if we don’t create and embrace change, we will get what we don’t want over and over and over.. Which brings us to step #2.

2. Change how you really feel about life.

How do you really feel about life? The future?  As we program new information into our minds, we really start to feel new excitement and feelings of joy towards life and that is key because, in short, life will feel about you the way you feel it about.  Meaning, it will reflect that back to you! 

That’s just energy. And, we see it all of the time in life. For example: If somebody doesn’t really like you… how would you feel about them? Typically, not great. Likely you would ignore them or whatnot, but chances are you are not going to have amazing energy towards them.  The same is true about life. It’s nothing personal. It's energy and it’s just going to reflect that back to you.

We could look at this in several different ways.  If we look at metaphysics (our thoughts create our lives) or we can even look at a passage from the Bible written approx 3,000 years ago, “Life and death are in the power of the tongue, and those who love it will eat its fruit.”  

There are a few things I find interesting about this quote, the most interesting is that no one really takes it seriously.  Many times people will hope and pray for a better life. They will pray for healing. But, they will not embrace real change within themselves.   That said, you may want to take inventory of your emotions. How do you really feel about life? 

If you feel stressed all the time, which is the opposite of feeling in love with life, it is going to show up in your quality of life.  It is important to really feel great about life, which means you likely need to make some changes on the inside.

3. Make sure your thinking is congruent and that it fully aligns with what you desire.

Mixed emotions and actions can really sabotage your results. It's more common than people realize. Instead, people tend to think things like:  distractions are coming up because of others, or they feel like they are just lazy – and not following through. But, that all has to do with the programming in the mind. Congruent thoughts are key, as is understanding your subconscious mind. For a deep dive into how to work with this and how this affects your goals, check out podcast episode 13.

4. Think in terms of “programming” 

As we go throughout our lives, it feels VERY much like our conscious mind is in control. For that reason, it’s very easy to forget that our subconscious minds are controlling everything: our thoughts, actions, behavior, attitude, patterns, and energy are ultimately controlled by our subconscious minds! So, if you really want a different life, or to change your health, then you must remember to remember that to obtain real change you must change your subconscious mind. (Tip: Likely you will have to remind your mind of this over and over to make a point to remember and bring it into your consciousness!)

5. Moving from “Hope” to “Positive Expectation”

If you are here, then obviously you already know that our thoughts and energy help create our lives! But… theoretically knowing it is one thing and really being able to use it to get real results is another.  If you really don't believe that YOU can use your mind to create change, it's going to be hard to create the solid positive expectation that you will want and that will really fuel you to create the change you want to make in 2020.  So, if that is you then you will want to make a regular habit of strengthening your belief system that YOU really can do it! Not only will it empower your year, but it will also empower your life.  Again, I still remember that moment when hope turned into belief.  If you have not yet created that, I encourage you to do so!

PS. If you would like help with understanding your mind and learning how to get tangible results, I will be teaching a 4-Week LIVE & interactive online class: Jan. 29th – Feb. 19th.

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Sending love and adoration,


PS: A quick moment for some collective energy and a global vision: What if everyone took charge of their happiness and truly felt empowered to have an amazing life! What would our world look like….hmm


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