Class meets weekly:

June 2, 2022 – June  30, 2022

Your Investment- $497

Unlocking Your Unconscious Anti-Change Mechanism™

~ Advanced Class ~

Prerequisite: Heal Yourself, Change Your Life Advanced 7-week Course

Create new positive shifts in your health and your life by unlocking common resistance to change.  The Unconscious Anti-Change Mechanism™ is a key process to help you to embody radical change and healing.  

Change is necessary in healing. Creating change is easier when you can shift your mind to embrace the change and create new positive neuropathways. In this advanced course you will expand upon your understanding of reprogramming the mind and learn how to create positive emotional-energetic neuropathways that are profoundly important using Brandy's Unconscious Anti-Change Mechanism for healing. 


In this advanced, you'll : 

  • Identify your energy patterns that have been subconsciously affecting your life.
  • Use the Unconscious Anti-Change Mechanism to help transform your life.


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