Special 6-Week Class: 

“Negative Punishment Programming™” 

Prerequisite: Heal Yourself, Change Your Life Advanced 7-week Course

If the name of this class sounds odd to you, we understand. It is! …And we're glad it caught your attention because it is this type of programming is extremely important. 

All of the time, I see people who sabotage their health, relationships, careers, and all areas of their lives. Even people who are “thinking positively” can still, unfortunately, attract hardship and negativity into their lives. (You may have even experienced this yourself). 

However, by using the strategies of “Negative Punishment Programming™”, you can begin to retrain negativity that is hidden deep in your subconscious mind. By freeing yourself from negative patterns and understanding “Negative Punishment Programming”, you can help expand your happiness, self-healing, and success! 

In this 6-week course, you'll : 

  • Identify you negative patterns that have been subconsciously affecting your life.
  • Understand Negative Punishment Programming™ and its importance for rapid transformation.    
  • Tools and techniques to shift your negative emotional and energetic patterns and to start building new positive neural pathways to make real changes in your life! 

If you have any questions or to sign up for this class, please contact my team at: support@brandygillmore.com

NOTE: Spaces are limited. If you'd like to reserve your spot, email us today.  

Class meets weekly:

October 2, 2020 – November 6 , 2020

Your Investment- $497

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