Navigating Your Positive Emotional-Energetic Patterns™ To Uplevel Your Life

~ 6 -Week Interactive Class ~

Prerequisite: Heal Yourself, Change Your Life Advanced 7-week Course

How can you navigate your positive energetic-emotional patterns

to shift your life to a new level? 

One key to living your best life is to navigate and increase your positive emotional-energetic patterns™. Learn how to reprogram your mind by increasing positive emotions and positive energy into your every day life. By creating these positive emotional-energetic patterns, you can transform your health and your life. 

In this 6 week course, you'll : 

  • Understand the importance of Positive Energetic-Emotional Patterns™ 
  • How  to create new positive patterns for rapid transformation.    
  • Tools and techniques to shift your Negative Energetic-Emotional Patterns™ and to start building new positive neural pathways to embody real tangible results.

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Class meets weekly:

January 2, 2022 – February 3 , 2022

Your Investment- $597

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