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Just the thought of, “changing your life” or even changing your health or setting New Year’s resolutions, for a lot of people may feel both exciting!!  …and also overwhelming or even like it’s not realistic. 

Almost every single day someone says to me, “I would never think that I could do ________ [insert something that they are now doing]. 

Even as I write this, I have personally had 3 people say that to me just today. Of course, three is not a ton of people, but those were just the people who I was in contact with just today and who actually said something.

My point being is that, if you are standing in my shoes, you would see that this is normal when people make radical changes. And, from that, I would invite you to fully bring in the awareness that there are things in your life that you can do right now, that your brain is telling you that is not possible. 

This brings us to the FIRST simple thing you can do: 

Remind your mind that you are more amazing than you realize and that your brain’s current way of thinking is limiting you and keeping you from becoming all that you can be in this life. You can stop for a moment and take this in. I encourage you to really take that in for your mind to hear it fully. Remind your mind that you are neither defined by your past nor confined by your surroundings. But if you do want something to change, you must get something different in your mind.  This is a simple thing you can do each day, your mind will continue to expand and that can help you radically change your life!

The SECOND simple thing that you can do: You can give reference to your mind that what you are wanting to do is possible. I will give you a quick example and then build on this to make it bigger. Let's use a simple example of my injury. If you are familiar with my story, then you know that I was badly injured and disabled for about 7 years.  I required a wheelchair, walker or cane to get around and lived every day in extreme pain despite being on morphine. Meanwhile, my doctors told me there was nothing they could do for me. And, they were right! There was nothing they could do for me. BUT there was something that I could do, which was even better.

Through a series of events, the placebo came into my awareness. I had known about the placebo but never really gave it space in my mind. But, I began looking at it in a radically different way. I began seeing the placebo for what it really is, and that is a testament to how powerful our minds are.  In our culture, we have reduced the placebo down to a “yardstick” or measuring device that we can use to see if a drug works. But that’s about it. However, the placebo to me ultimately became a turning point for me. I read one study after another about the placebo. That was a shifting point for me. Even though I had no idea how I was going to heal myself with my mind, looking at the placebo was that the mind “somehow” had the ability to heal.

The truth is that I didn’t know if I could really get it to work or not. But, it was clear there was something there and the mere fact that there was proof it was possible is what drove me to keep looking for the answers when I would have otherwise given up because I wouldn’t have thought it was even possible. The reality is that, if we feel like something is impossible, it is hard or nearly impossible for us to keep ourselves motivated and following through to achieve what it is that we want. However, when we feel like something really is achievable that belief can help drive us to follow through to achieve our goals.

So, to summarize #2:  If there is a change that you are wanting to make – remember to give your brain reference that it is possible. The more you know it’s possible the more it can fuel you!

For example: if you think about something that you have always wanted. But you don’t think it’s really possible for you to have, how much effort are you going to put towards that? Typically not a lot. I mean, there are people everywhere who desire a better life or to be healthy or more money. Yet they put little effort towards these things. Why? In most cases, they don’t really believe that it’s possible.  But, if you think about something you have always wanted and you knew for sure that you could do it, how excited would you be? How much would you follow through? For most people, a lot more!

Now, of course, if you are familiar with my work, or have watched me coach someone to use their mind for healing, it’s much different than the placebo, so, it’s not about doing the exact same thing as someone else did.  And further, it doesn’t need to be something anyone else has done before at all. But as long as you know it is possible, the more it can fuel you to make a breakthrough. Meaning this: after I healed, I started coaching people to make radical healing changes that I had never seen before- like releasing chronic pain within minutes or making other physical changes to their health in a very

short period of time.  I have been helping people do this for about 7 years now and to this day I have never seen anyone else do it. But, based on what I figured out with my own health, I knew it had to be possible. That helped fuel me to figure it out.  So the more we know that something is possible, the easier it will be to keep yourself motivated and excited to follow through!  

The THIRD thing you can do: Think in terms of “patterns.”  This is powerful because it can help your mind to simplify the change and also help your mind see that, not only is it possible, but that you personally can do it.  You might be wondering what it means to “think in terms of patterns.”

Most people feel as though they have very little influence or control over their lives, their health, their relationships, etc..  and the “things” just happen to them. They think that good luck or bad luck is just the luck of the draw and they were dealt a bad life and there is not much they can do to make a change. Or, they might feel like they want to take their lives to the next level, and yet there is nothing and no opportunities. 

But this could not be further from the truth.  

In other situations, people would tell me with absolute certainty that, “sure, others can do it, but there is no way that in their particular situation can change.”   I hear this all of the time. (And then, of course, it’s fun when they do change it, and I come back to remind them that they did what they thought they could not do!) There were obviously specific steps to get them there. I have seen this from people who were sick, in pain and missing out on life, to those who are wanting to take their lives to the next level.

So, no matter where you are; whether you are picking yourself up off the ground or taking your life to the next level, it’s important to remember that all change really does start from within… 

That said, to get what it is that you want, are you willing to change something on the inside? Are you willing to change you?  Do you know how to change?  

All of the time I see people who are trying to change, and they are doing things like meditating and visualizing and yet it doesn’t work. And I hear this all the time from people also. It took me years to figure out what I was doing was ineffective which is ultimately what brought me to where I am today.

Part of the problem is that I was not really embracing change on the inside and I was still focused on changing my external circumstances without really changing me. I became frustrated and wanted to change.  

Ultimately the short answer is that to change me, I had to bring new things in my mind and make them stay there (so they were programmed in) and also eradicate the old ways of thinking, which for a lot of people might sound like a LOT of work!  But the trick to short-cutting it’s to think in terms of patterns.  

Meaning this, you’ve probably heard the phrase before  “Success breeds Success” and “Failure breeds Failure” – We all have patterns, patterns in so many areas than most people realize. For instance, patterns in relationships, dating, patterns of being criticized or being critical of ourselves, not feeling good enough, the list goes on. Any pattern that we have, good or bad, is affecting our lives; our health, our weight, our relationships, and life…

Even if you don't know how to change the pattern you can always learn BUT when you feel out of control in your life and it feels like there are 1 million things you need to change or circumstances keep happening in your life and you don't know why then you begin to feel out of control and it can feel overwhelming. 

(By the way, it doesn’t always have to feel like your life is out of control, it can be any area in your life, like your relationships, finances, health, etc…)

BUT, once someone starts to see patterns in things, they can look at it and realize that rather than trying to fix a million different things or something that keeps happening like hurt that keeps coming from feeling rejection, lost or criticism or whatever that might be, we can look at it and see that it’s an actual pattern that has been going on in their life they can feel a sense of EMPOWERMENT because you can realize that you can change and you can learn how to change that pattern.  

So really ask yourself if you can identify the pattern that you need to change?  And that when we change, it’s really about genuinely changing our thinking which involves bringing in the positive and getting rid of the negative. If you are in a place where you are trying to change anything in your life, whether that’s your health, relationship, whatever that is …just a reminder that a lot of times it can feel overwhelming and it feels like its a lot to deal with. Usually, if you identify one or two or a few patterns you can really make a change in a specific area.

So that being said, one of the best ways to bring in the positivity and truly begin to believe you can change anything in my life. You can use the song:  I believe I can fly. 

This is the remake of Kenny G and Yolanda Adams.


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I want to wish you the most positive day!

With love,




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