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Do you have an inner soul craving to take your life to the next level?   OR, have you found yourself in a hard situation and you are trying to figure your way out of it?  Part of living a truly healthy life is letting your soul expand and grow to its fullest!  Much like a healthy tree will continue to grow to new heights, we as human beings/spiritual beings, when we are in a full state of health, will have a craving to continue to grow in some area of our lives. 

Maybe for you that is a relationship, or money, or business or some type of accomplishment (starting a new business, running a marathon, creating a film, running for public office, etc). Since we are all unique beings, each person's soul craving is different and yet, one thing is true for all of us and it's that: All change starts from within. And for most people there are several hidden blocks that are keeping them from their soul's next level of life! 

Brandy has worked extensively with three primary situations

#1: Helping people to breakthrough what they thought was possible in their own life by removing the hidden blocks that are holding them back to take their life to the next level. Then, from that new mindset, getting clear on successful actions that can be executed for success!  For example: one person Brandy works with was on disability for over 15 years. She had lost all confidence in herself and really felt incapable in life. However, with Brandy's coaching not only was she able to heal herself, she was also able to start her own business and is making over 6 figures now and growing!  Her life is beyond what she imagined AND it's only getting better! She was able to do this in record time. People around her are amazed! 

#2: Another common situation Brandy has worked with is when someone has found themselves in a hard spot in life. For example: Losing millions of dollars each year or an unfair expensive lawsuit or any other situation with business partners, romantic partners or just tough situations that have manifested in their life. In these situations Brandy helps to identify why the issue manifested, then helps to transform the situation. For example, Brandy has helped CEO/Founders of companies increase revenue and transform loss so they did not have to layoff employees. She has helped companies go from losing millions of dollars each year to making hundreds of millions of dollars each year. 

#3: Another area that Brandy specializes in is helping a person go from a good life to a great life! Brandy has worked with many entrepreneurs, CEO's, celebrities and people of all walks of life to take their life to the next level even when their life was already great. In some instances, people felt like they had everything except a loving partner. So Brandy helped them to transform that area of their life. Or they had a specific goal they wanted to achieve, such as their next level of success or award or opening another business or even taking their current business to the next level or generating more revenue. Or, in some cases a person has had a business that was generating abundant revenue however at the end of the day, they were not able to pay themselves much. In other situations there were constant issues with employees or overwhelm or a variety of different situations – each being unique in one way or another. What is important to remember is that all change really does start from within. 

What’s their secret?

Creating success and the life you desire requires a successful way of thinking, feeling, and being!  Then, from that mindset, you will literally feel energized and even pulled towards taking more successful actions in your life as well as attract more of the situations and circumstances that you need to take your life to the next level.  

Brandy’s Life & Energy Coaching helps you create a feeling of clarity, productivity, and happiness so that you, too, can achieve your dreams, whether they relate to financial success, relationship success or success in all areas of your life.

You really can design the life you want!

Conflicting energy and blocks in mind programming may show up as:

  • creating more distractions in life than opportunities.
  • missing/sabotaging opportunities that present themselves.
  • slow progress.
  • procrastination.
  • failure.
  • feeling stuck.
  • or repeating the same old ineffective patterns.
  • AND sometimes they can even be VERY tricky.

For example: Brandy has worked with people who started making millions, and then they suddenly feel pulled to get divorced in their life and sabotage their relationship which, in turn, sabotages their business and money. Or even sexual or spiritual addictions, where a person did not realize they were sabotaging their life.

When you have conflicting programming or blocks sometimes it can feel as if you’re running into a 90 mph wind — extremely strenuous and draining without much progress and other times it can feel as though you are happily pulled towards making the wrong decisions.  That said, you will want to notice what results you are getting in your life and make sure to change based on that!  Meaning if your money is decreasing, you will want to make a change. If your relationship is falling apart, instead of blaming the other person, you will want to ask “why is this manifesting.” If your business is not growing, you will want to understand what the blocks are. If something negative manifested, you will want to understand “why” and clear that. Everything, literally everything, happens for a reason.  

Brandy is unparalleled at finding the hidden subconscious “blocks” that make life feel like a struggle. Her ability to feel emotions and energy from you, gives her the ability to save time and go right to the problem quickly. Her “4-Mind- Body-Soul E/E Needs for Transformation” and “5-Pillars for Mind Power” create rapid transformation by helping you identify and eliminate your own subconscious blocks, then create a winning mindset and positive programming to take you to your conscious goal.

When you align your subconscious with your conscious mind, the road to success is not only less onerous, it’s enjoyable, exciting and fun!

(This is so different than the usual method of trying to change the subconscious mind by attempting to “write over” old programming, where the results are usually small, painful and temporary because the old programming has not been eliminated.)

When Brandy’s clients implement her processes they experience profound shifts in their lives in a very short time which can allow them to finally start living the life they love. When the old energy and mind programming are cleared and they gain clarity on what they really want and move closer to it, their dreams and goals move closer to them!

If you find this exciting, you’re welcome to apply for one of Brandy’s powerful life coaching packages.

Brandy is sincere in her passion to create change in healthcare and in the world. To maintain a balance between healthcare and coaching, she only accepts very few coaching clients.

If she has no openings for private coaching when you apply, she’s happy to offer you one of her celebrated video packages or a group coaching mastermind that could be perfect for you.

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