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IMPORTANT NEW COVID Update. Please share:

IMPORTANT NEW Update. Please share:

Up until this point, in the US, people have been advised that they do NOT need to use face masks even though many other countries are wearing them.

However, NOW, the officials in NYC are saying that you DO want to make sure to cover your face if you go out.

Initially, experts said that it could only spread through droplets, but now it is said it can be spread just through breathing or even talking. So, if you go out for the essentials…food and what-not and please be sure to cover your face.

The NY Times states: “Last week, the German Medical Association suggested citizens find or make a simple fabric mask when out in public and leave medical-grade masks for front-line workers. In Austria, grocery store shoppers are now required to wear masks. In New York, Governor Andrew M. Cuomo has advised anyone over 70 to wear a mask. (I have included the articles below, so you can read more on this if you would like.)

Also, I know that getting face masks is hard right now, so if you need to, use a scarf or bandana.

Also, if you are familiar with my work, then you know I am also all about a positive mindset. So that is key! AND, I also am a firm believer that knowledge is power!   So, you want BOTH!

That said, my strongest recommendation is to cover your face AND it is also to lift your mindset and your energy.  Of course, some people might think “energy” or “mindset” work is ridiculous right now BUT, it could be more important than ever if you think about it.

A few things you will want to keep in mind the fact that:

  • There are people who have gotten COVID meanwhile their spouse (who they are LIVING with and sleeping in the same bed with) did not. How does that happen? As we all know… when it comes to sickness, some people will get sick and others seem to miraculously stay healthy either because they “got lucky” and happened to not be around anyone with it. Or, they were around people who were sick but “somehow managed to get lucky” and not get sick.  Remember that your energy and mindset is your “lucky charm” and make sure to keep your energy lifted more now than ever!!
  • Also, keep in mind that your immune system and white blood cell count go DOWN with stress. And your immune cells are less active (basically they get lazy or sluggish)
  • Research has also shown that when you are stressed you are more susceptible to catching a cold.

So, on that note… please be informed and also, stay positive!

And, knowing that your mindset is important, I don’t want to leave your mind feeling negative.

To highlight the positive and lift your energy, you can remind your mind that:

  • This is not forever. Other countries are making it through this. In China, the number of cases was radically increasing, it is now decreased.  This is also true in S. Korea. They are getting past this. We will too!!
  • In the worst pandemic in history, (the Spanish flu in 1918) about ⅓ of the population got sick. This is positive because it means that 2/3rd of the did NOT get sick.
  • There are more and more people who are surviving this every day. A 103-year-old beat coronavirus! Isn’t that incredible! So, did someone 102 years old. And 101!  Chances are, if you are reading this right now you are under 103 years old.  So, if a 103-year-old woman can do this… so can you! Right!?  🙂
  • If you are someone who needs help lifting yourself, I have been providing free energy lifting calls each day. (It’s sort of like meditating but… is better described as programming your mind for positivity, health, wealth and happiness! I call it “Spread Positive Energy (not the coronavirus).” If you want to join me, click here.

ALSO: It is expected that sometime soon the CDC will advise all Americans to wear masks, but that has not happened yet. If you can share this now, the sooner the better!  By sharing this, you could help save someone’s life. Or several people’s lives. We must work together to STOP the spread. So, for your own protection and, if we can get more people to cover their faces, we can help stop the spread.

Thank you!

Sending quarantined, virtual hugs to you!


PS…Thank you for sharing!!!!


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Some reference articles for you!

Here is the article:

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