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All of the time, people ask the question, “Is diet important when you are working with the mind?”  And, the answer is different than most people think.

If you didn’t know that your diet can affect your mood… you’ve obviously never been “hangry.” You know… that awful combination of “angry” and “hungry” that leads to… well, pretty much nothing good until after you’ve eaten again.

But the point is that it is almost impossible to work with the mind if your system is upset. Disruptions in concentration can be related to “hangri-ness” but it can also be related to dehydration and nutritional deficiencies. 

It is infinitely more difficult to concentrate if your body is experiencing a deficiency – regardless of what is causing the deficiency. It is harder to work with your mind when your body is not at 100% – which is why it is SO important to pay attention to the food that goes into your body.

If we think about it in terms of energy, every living organism emits an aura of biophotons. When human neurons fire, they emit particles of light. And the same is true for living food! Every piece of food emits positive energy in the way of biophotons.

Not only can food affect your biochemistry, it can also affect your mood. 90% of serotonin (one of your body’s natural ‘feel-good’ chemicals) is created in your gut. Unhealthy food can hinder good flora and cause a lack of serotonin. It is a difficult cycle to break – When you are stressed, you eat junk food, junk food doesn’t make the body feel good and then makes the gut unhealthy.

The only way to break the cycle is to correct the diet. We don’t talk too much about the diet’s effects on your energy, but it is one key piece to healing your body.

If we think about it critically, we wouldn’t give a child tons of sugar and cups of coffee and then ask them to sit still for… anything.

How can you ask the same of yourself?

I believe that every single person should understand their own body and their own energy, connect with their own energy and know how to use their own energy. That is why I created this quick and energy/body video set that can help everyone connect with their own energy and their own body.

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