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All right guys, as you know we have been talking about “Mind Programming With Music” and this next song is in “divine timing.”

As I was thinking about which song to post for today’s Mind Program With Music, I was driving and the perfect song just “happened” to come on!  (Divine timing). It’s a song that really touches my core! Well, honestly all the songs I share with you really touch my heart because I used them all to program my mind and to help create strong emotions. But, this one just has so many layers to it. 

Today’s song is by Phil Collins “In The Air Tonight.”  Well, there are two versions of it technically. Either the original or the re-mix by Naturally 7 “Feel it.” It was such a powerful (and magical) song for so many reasons; not only during my healing but even afterward. In short, I used this song to get the feeling programmed into my mind and nervous system that good things were coming! That said, I strongly recommend it for pretty much everyone!

At our core, if I were to pick two basic things that can help support our happiness it is…

that we are loved and that we are optimistic that good things are coming our way! Now, to be clear, this is not “everything” that is needed. Our minds are a lot more complex than that. But, it is extremely helpful.  

For me personally, once I started getting better and actually seeing signs of improvement, I started to have this feeling of “omg! it’s really going to happen! I am going to get better!”  But, I was also in the process of figuring all of this stuff out — how to actually use my mind to get real results.  So, I had some ups and downs. I had moments where I thought I was going to get better. Followed by moments where it seemed impossible.  That is when I “happened” to hear this song. (Thank you Universe). I began using it to help me strengthen the excitement and feeling that it was really going to happen!  And, to get excited about my life moving forward. 

The lyrics:  “I can feel it coming in the air of the night. I’ve been waiting for this moment for all of my life.”  Of course, it hadn’t been all of my life that I was trying to get better, but it sure felt like it. And, it felt like my only chance at life again. Over 6 years was a long time to be injured. So, I used this song to build the excitement that good things were coming! And they did! A lot of good things!  And more and more since I recovered. 

The interesting thing is that after I got better and I got back on my feet physically…

… I then had to get back on my feet financially.  Once I did, I went to go buy a new car. But, to me, it wasn’t just a “car.” It was freedom! … and more “divine moments.”  When I went to go buy my car, the salesman sat in it with me and began showing me how to hook up Bluetooth and use the radio/satellite, etc.  As soon as he turned on the radio, THIS very song by Phil Collins was playing! It brought happy tears to my eyes for the moment and was a reminder of how far I’d come and that life was just continuing to get better and better. 

I know for many people, they don’t care to drive; especially in Los Angeles because of the traffic.  But to me, driving feels like freedom. And, my vision was to get a convertible- which is just more freedom with the wind in my hair.  To this day, one of my favorite things to do after a full day is to finish up with work and drive with the top down and look at the scenery and take it all in. We really do live in a beautiful world!  

This song has just continued to show up somehow, someway – with the most divine timing.

Right after I filmed one of the first videos that I was in…

I went to a health food store to get a protein/green drink smoothie.  As I was standing there waiting for my smoothie, Jill Tavelman-Collins (Phil Collin's ex-wife) walked in. She was wonderful and we started chatting about her antique store in West Hollywood. Again, the song. The lyrics. It was all showing up again.  I've had more “divine moments” than I can recount to this song.

In my classes, I have shared this song many times. I always have people who reach out and tell me their “divine moments” to this song. I love it. There is magic happens when we align our minds and energy to the positive! 

I’ve had so many wonderful moments and this song just “happens”  to come on. Just like today, as I was driving this morning wondering which song to share with you, again this song came on.

I wish you the most wonderful and fabulous day and cheers to “divine moments”!!


Here's the song:

Phil Collins


Naturally 7:  Feel it (in the air tonight)



With love, hugs and happiness!


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