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How To Get Fast Healing Results – Podcast Episode 010

How to Get Fast Healing Results (Her Tumor Disappeared Overnight As She Stepped into Her Power) w/ Zhena Musyka

Have you ever wondered how long it takes for self-healing to actually “work”? Or found yourself feeling impatient waiting for results?! Or, are you someone who has noticed patterns of sabotaging or discounting your own success? If you have any one of these patterns, or even simply a desire to step into more of your power, then this episode was created specifically for you! Zhena was scheduled for surgery on a tumor in her throat which led to several unexpected surprises. Join Zhena and me on her journey of rapid healing as we recount the key steps in her story that led to her miraculous healing and ultimately changed her life!

Brandy: I have to say, I am just so happy for Zhena and always impressed. Such an incredible woman. If you are going to be in Ojai, check out Zhena’s new store location @

928 East Ojai Avenue. Or you can go online  


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