The Top 3 KEY Things You Need to Know about the Coronavirus to Stay Safe!

(Why You Should and  Should Not Be Concerned)

The coronavirus is top-of-mind for many people right now. There is tons of information, panic, uncertainty and mixed emotions. Meanwhile others are saying you should not be concerned at all. Or even that it’s a hoax! That’s quite a combo energetically.

The stock market tanked, there are people stockpiling water, canned goods and masks, thinking that “we are all going to die.” (Yes, I have heard those exact words several times now). 

So I want to support you by bringing you the quick easy information to help you be informed. 

When you look at the information you will see clearly that, chances are, you are not going to die from this. However, you will also see that it is important to take it seriously. 

Let’s dive right in to the top 3 things you need to know. 

First, let’s ease your mind a bit with the reasons that you are not going to die, then let's chat about the reasons you will want to take it seriously. 

 #1:  Remember that stress can weaken your immune system 

…so let’s take a moment and look at the facts first because a weakened immune system is never optimal. Especially not now. Chances are that you are not going to die. So, take that in!

Here's what we learned from China (As of right now China still accounts for about 90% of the global total confirmed cases which is approximately 101,000): 

The great thing is that you can look at these numbers and see that your chances for survival are pretty freaking good! Which is a great thing, because I love people. So, if you have been stressed, my hope is that you can take a moment and breathe!    

It’s important to note that, likely there will be a jump in the cases in the US!

This is because we have not had test kits in the US, so there has been very limited ability to test for the coronavirus. However, 2,500 test kits have just been dispersed throughout the US, which is the reason it is likely that the number of cases will jump. 

And, with some effort and fear tactics from the media, this could create quite a jolt to your nervous system. But keep in mind,  This does not necessarily mean that it’s spreading fast, we just have not had test kits.

To calm yourself, you can give your mind a simple frame of reference: Do you remember the ”Swine Flu” (H1N1)pdm09 outbreak of 2009? In that situation, there were approximately 60.8 million cases and 12,469 deaths in the United States. Globally, 80% of Swine Flu (H1N1) virus-related deaths were estimated to have occurred in people younger than 65 years of age. 

So, in short, we have survived a MUCH worse situation already. 

I hope this brings in some relief, BUT that doesn’t mean do nothing.  It just means don’t panic. We’re not out of the woods yet.

The best way to think of it is like a fire drill at a school as a kid. If everyone panics, it doesn’t go well. But, you don’t want to just sit there either. 

In elementary school, we all learned to take smart action (in the case of the fire drill, you simply didn’t panic, you lined up single file, then you walked out of the building). 

The great thing in this situation is that we can see China's new cases are lowering! So too are the numbers in Korea.  BUT, both countries have taken smart action. 

So take a moment to lower your stress level by reassuring yourself that with calm smart action, things can be ok. They can even get better and better. 

 #2:  We’re not out of the woods yet.

Looking at the stats of the Swine flu, we can see that, even though we survived, it was not an optimal situation. So there are some things you DO want to pay attention to! (And I don’t want to make you fearful. The truth is that everything happens for a reason, so we are going to talk about the energy of the coronavirus as well. But first, a few things to note and some simple to-do’s on the physical plane:   

 #3: The part we are overlooking as a culture. (The Energy of the Coronavirus): 

We think about invisible germs that we cannot even see and we fear them and meanwhile, we know that illness does not seem to be logical. We are perplexed at why some people will catch the “cold” or virus that is going around and others don’t.  Even some elderly, or some with the worst immune systems, or even those who have been in direct contact with an illness will somehow “dodge the bullet”… while others seem to “catch” it.  

We completely forget to take into account our energy. Now “energy” may seem “woo woo” to some people, (I know plenty of you are already with me on this) but, keeping it super simple, it’s well known in psychology that we can marry someone like our mother or father.

So, if we can subconsciously marry someone like our parents, or end up attracting a crazy or problematic ex, do you think it’s possible that we could subconsciously attract a cold or virus???  Absolutely! Everything happens for a reason.

Everything happens for a reason.   My injury? Yep, it happened for a reason.  Health issues? Relationships? Money (increase or lack) Yep! Everything happens for a reason.

How Energy and the Virus are Connected

Simply, before any physical manifestation, there's always an energy that precedes it. The energy helps create/attract that physical issue. 

Using the same simple example, thinking in terms of psychology, a stereotype is when a woman with an abusive father or an alcoholic father grows up and attracts the same type of relationship. Of course, this doesn't happen to everybody who has an alcoholic father, it just depends on how the information goes into their mind/energy. But, point being, the energy started first and then attracted something on the physical plane.

So, whether you want to call it metaphysics or quantum physics or psychology, we attract situations into our lives. (Our minds are more incredible than we realize!) 

Knowing this, I was curious about what the energy was regarding the coronavirus. Why this is occurring? What is the energy connected to it? What energy do I need to avoid to stay away from it?  I checked it both on an individual level and also on a global level since it’s affecting so many of us directly or indirectly (emotionally or through the stock market, etc.) 

(Side note: when I say I checked into the “energy” of it, that might sound a bit woo to you if you are new to this awareness. If so, I would recommend listening in to my podcast last week where I touched on research that was done at Stanford and the CIA on things like “remote viewing” and other mind abilities. Click here if you would like to listen to that podcast)

The Energy of the coronavirus

When I checked in to the energy, a lot of information came through.

One specific emotional component of the coronavirus is feeling like things are just going to get worse, like really really really bad.

If you think about where the coronavirus started (China) and what was going on (protests affecting jobs). 

People were feeling like life was hard and getting worse and worse. That is the energy I see connected to the start of the coronavirus, specifically: “an expectation that life is just going to get worse.” 

So, if that’s in your energy, you will want to change it! I will share with you a simple way to do that coming up. But first, let's look at the other energies too so we can integrate the information. 

The second emotion that I see is a feeling of a sense of disrespect or disregard. Like feeling that you have to look out for number one at the expense of others. Not because you don’t like others, but a fear-based thought/feeling, like if things are getting worse, then a sense of survival mode, every-man-for-himself/woman for herself. (Interesting note, but so far the coronavirus seems to be targeting more men than women. So far. But, no matter what your gender is, if this is in your energy, make sure to clear this!)

Btw, if you have been shopping and have seen people fighting over masks, water or hand sanitizer or toilet paper, then you have seen this feeling in action. It would be good to clear that feeling! Like the abusive father, it will just attract more of that into your life. 

Now, this is the cliff notes of what I found in the energy of the coronavirus. There is more on the global level. But, a bit too much to type. So, if you want the more detailed version, it’s easier to just listen to the episode of my podcast. Some of the conversation goes into things like the energy of the stock market, money, and eek a little touch on politics – though we jump through that topic quite fast.  

Anyways, if you want more, you can click here to listen to my podcast if you are someone who would like to fully understand the energy on a global level. 

On an energetic note, a few simple (but powerful) things you can do. 

For a lot of people, the energy part might seem like the least important. They think that things just randomly happen. To me, this is just as important, if not more important than the other things.

So, to do my part, I created a free Mind Recording download for you to help you keep your mind and energy feeling positive and empowered! 

In summary, if we look at what China has experienced so far, they have experienced a TON of inconvenience: Things like cities on lockdown, work from home, business closures, school closure, etc. BUT.. They are ok!  If we look at the approx 90k cases in China, 3k people have died. More than 1/2 of the people who were sick have fully recovered and the amount of new cases is decreasing! That is positive.

So, if we are responsible, likely we can expect a similar experience as China. We should probably expect to see some of these inconveniences here in the US, as we already are – with some school closures and event cancellations. The best thing to do is not freak out. If we can be smart and handle this responsibly, it would be great for this thing to be on it's way out.

One final thought on the energetic note, it would be great to take a moment to send love to some people you know and also those you don't. We should not need a global crisis to wake us up to how precious life is. Let's not manifest these anymore.

Sending love to you!

Cheers to getting over this hump and moving on to an even better life!


If you have any more you are welcome to leave a comment below or reach out to my team at

PS: if you are someone who thinks that “stress can't possibly affect my immune system that much” you would be surprised! You can check out some of my other podcast episodes and see just how much your mindset affects your health! Or, you can even lookup “psychoneuroimmunology.” Many studies have shown that, not only does stress affect the number of white blood cells. It also affects how “active” your immune cells are.  So, you may want to read this a few times if needed to destress and  keep your immune system strong! 


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