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Real Self-Healing You Can SEE Under Medical Equipment!

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If you have seen or heard me work with people to create rapid healing results, even under thermal medical equipment, it's mind-blowing!

In this live video, you can “see” my volunteer release her chronic pain in just minutes!

As you watch, you can visibly see the changes on the thermography scan as the volunteer shifts her energy to release her pain.

Credit: Thermal imaging taken by Dr. Hillary Smith of Advanced Medical Thermography.

I have been able to demonstrate these back to back results for two primary reasons:

#1.  Going through my injury/recovery, I was able to figure out HOW to use the placebo effect
and the power of the mind to create rapid healing. (There's a trick to it and it's not meditating!)

#2: Because our minds (and you) are truly amazing!

And It's Not Just Pain Either

People Like You Heal From All Kinds Of Incredible Things

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