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Don't Let Your Life Pass You By…

Step into YOUR Power and Learn to Heal Yourself Today!  

I have been searching for over 30 years for a solution and have tried everything.

I was skeptical. What Brandy teaches is unlike anything else out there.

I am no longer searching. – This WORKS!  – Jamie


All of the time people have spent 10, 20+ years or more trying to heal. Despite tons of effort, they have not been able to figure it out. (The mind works MUCH differently than most people realize.)

 Learn to master YOUR mind today! 

Remember, you have to DO SOMETHING DIFFERENT to get a different result!

It's time to learn how to get real results!


“Migraines are largely a thing of the past. I had migraines for over 25 years and I am SO SO grateful to leave this pattern behind.
It has taken work and making real changes. Knowing I'm working on something that gets RESULTS in my life makes my heart sing.
Thank you from the bottom of my heart for sharing your discoveries with us Brandy.”

– Cheri

Are You Ready To Heal?

Are you ready to feel better today

ALL of the time people who go through the course are able to: 
  • Successfully heal themselves!
  • Improve LOVE and relationships
  • Increase happiness and joy!!
  • Feel differently – and great about their own LIFE!
  • Have more energy and excitement for LIFE
  • Feel empowered AND more connected to God/the Universe.
  • Understand how to work with their mind to create a REAL change! 
  • Financial gains (which helps to relieve stress).
  • Feel more confident and safer in LIFE!!

…and more

Remember, only YOU can take the steps to change YOUR life! Are you ready? 

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Proven Tools & Techniques To Heal Yourself

Under thermal medical equipment, the results of this technique are mind-blowing!

This process is different when you are implementing this on yourself. However, this course was created to help you get these same results by:

  • Simple tools and techniques that are easy to implement into your daily life. 
  • Gain eye-opening insights and a deeper understanding of what IS happening to align with healing. (Much of the process is counterintuitive.)
  • Helping you gain clarity on the specific things you will want to change in your mind to get rapid and lasting results. 

Simple But Powerful, Advanced Mind-Programming Techniques to Help You Get Radical Results

   Access the mind-body database to get information about YOUR SPECIFIC ailment 

   Visual, Auditory, and Kinesthetic Mind-Energy Release Technique

 Identify & Transform the 5 Factors For Mind-Body Healing

 The “4 MBS Needs” (Mind-Body-Soul Needs for Healing)

  Fast Track Mind-Programming Integrations  

  Stress Interrupt & Freedom Technique 

   Mind-Body-Energy Release Technique

  180 Shift” Technique

As you go through this course, you will find it is very interactive.

The goal is to make this information easy to understand and implement so that anyone can get results, including you!

So you don't need to be a practitioner to do this course. In fact, this is not a practitioner course, it is a YOU course…..for the individual person who is looking to achieve radical healing results in your life!

We are ALL more amazing than we realize! 

The placebo is PROOF of that. And even if you DON'T “believe”…that's ok. IT CAN STILL WORK!
These people (below) were amazed and SURPRISED at what THEY were able to do (and so were their doctors!)

Remember Zhena? Her doctor canceled her surgery after she healed her own tumor 

using these exact methods.

(And there are others below)

From this POWERFUL 60 second VIDEO You can SEE:

Zhena is standing outside the hospital on the day she was scheduled to get a tumor removed from her throat. 
  • She worked with her mind to release energy blocks and old patterns and the next day could no longer feel the tumor.
  • Her doctor canceled the surgery. He said “I can't operate on something that's no longer there“.
  • Zhena got back her $1,200 Copay!

 1 INCREDIBLE Video Course PLUS 4 additional BONUSES

 Item #1: 


Get real, tangible results!


👉  Learn How to Master YOUR mind (the placebo is proof that our minds are amazing). Learn how to access YOUR abilities!

👉 Implement key insights most people overlook (when you understand your mind, you will see why so many people are stuck and what YOU'LL want to do instead!)

👉  Immediately begin shifting (and lifting) your mindset to start healing YOURSELF! 

👉  As you change your mind, and your health, it becomes life-changing. (On my journey, my goal was to heal myself. I wanted to get my life back. But as we genuinely change ourselves, it changes our lives! And it changed my entire life in the best way. And I see that all of the time with people). 

👉 Gain feelings of happiness, confidence, lightness and joy.

👉  Release hurtful negative emotions/programming buried deep in your subconscious mind. (Many people don't realize that they have negative programming in their subconscious minds that is weighing them down. I didn't!  BUT, then I learned how to use my mind and, not ONLY did I heal! I also experienced a whole new level of lightness and feeling empowered. So much so that my injury turned into a life-changing gift. That is my hope for you. 

This is not a course to simply meditate or just send energy or merely “think positive”… It is set up with a database so you can focus on what you need for YOUR specific ailment(s) to help you heal and transform your life today!!

4 EASY But Powerful Steps To Learn to Get The GIFT In Healing

The GIFT Method™

STEP 1 ~ “G”: Get New Mind Programming & Expand Your Mindset 

This step contains a series of instructional videos to help you: 

  • Gain clarity and a solid understanding of how the mind/body connection works for healing and life transformation.

  • Understand how to keep it simple so you can focus on radical results.

  • Avoid common mistakes. Many people let their minds get caught up in the information and never achieve the transformation. 

  • Begin programming your subconscious mind for a healthy, happy, loving, and successful life! 

  • Use simple, but powerful tools and techniques to program the energy so it emanates throughout your body, allowing you to move to the next step with a solid foundation for healing.

  • Program new positive neural pathways to support your happiness and healing. 

  • Address the first factor for self-healing. (There are 5 Hidden Factors for Self-Healing)


The GIFT Method™

STEP 2 ~ “I”: Identify The Specific Emotional-Energetic Connections

This step contains a series of instructional videos to help you: 

  • Identify the specific energy (both positive AND negative) that is linked in your mind to the ailment. (Access the mind-body database to get specific information for your particular ailment(s). 

  •  Clarify the specific information you need to program into your mind (and also what to let go of) to get rapid results. 

  • Every ailment has specific energies and emotions connected to it, so Brandy has set up this course so that YOU can get clarity on this information and heal yourself. 

  • Understand the importance of “core energy” vs “transmission energy” and the key to getting tangible, lasting results.


 This step feels PROFOUND! And full of ah-ha moments!!  

It is common for pretty much everyone to have a profound WOW moment! 

The GIFT Method™

STEP 3 ~ “F”: Free Yourself From Negative Mind Programming 

This step contains a series of instructional videos to help you: 

This step is FREEING!

  •  Learn powerful tools and techniques that you can use to free yourself from negative energy and emotions.

  • Discover the different ways the brain stores information and utilize them to release different emotions and energy with ease so you can transform your health & life.

  • Address and clear up mis-wired emotions and negative energetic/emotional Associations to transform them into healthy, positive mind programming.

  • Expand your consciousness and embrace new paradigm shifts.

  • Address the 3, 4, and 5 Hidden Factor for Self-Healing.


This step helps you feel: free, light, empowered, and truly embodying transformation! 

The GIFT Method™

STEP 4 ~ “T”: Transform It!

This step contains a series of instructional videos to help you: 

  • Free yourself fron negative mind programming  (both positive to create lasting changes 

  •  Learn the Energy H.E.A.L diet for lasting change.

  •  Uncover hidden patterns of disconnect that lead to disease and how to transform them.

  •  Learn to step into your new self-identity to transform multiple areas of your life. 

** Personally, I would not have been able to heal myself ~nor be able to help others heal themselves ~ without these 4 critical steps of G.I.F.T.  

They are KEY for getting real, tangible results! 

Item #2:

Morning Self-Healing Mind Activator 



This powerful mind and energy activation combines brain entrainment, subliminal, audibles, binaural beats, and energetic frequencies to help you self-heal. 

Item #3: 

Stress Release & Empowerment Mind Activator



Release stress, negative blocks, and negative patterns at a deeper level in the mind using a unique blend of audible mind exercises combined with subliminal, brain entrainment, binaural beats, and energetic frequencies. 

Item #4: 

Authentic Love Mind Activator



A powerful and expansive audio to help you open your heart, mind, and energy to attract more love into your life and to let go of hurt and negative blocks. The recording includes a special blend of subliminals, brain entrainment, binaural beats, and energetic frequencies. 

Item #5: 

Peaceful Sleep Mind Activator



As we all know, lack of sleep can result in increased irritability, stress, and frustration, which can make it hard or nearly impossible to maintain happiness, optimal energy levels, and an authentic zest for life. 

This sleep activator powerfully combines brain entrainment, subliminal binaural beats, and energetic frequencies, as well as helps get the body in a state for optimal self-healing to take place. 

Join From Illness To Wellness:

A Deep Dive Into The GIFT Method™

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$700 value

The complete online video course that walks you, step-by-step through the self-healing process + exclusive bonuses!

100% Money Back Risk-Free Guarantee

You can sign up today and begin the course RISK-FREE.

100% Money Back Risk-Free Guarantee. If you go through the program, follow the steps, and use the techniques to create authentic change, you should be able to heal your body! I have seen consistent results! However, nobody can ever provide you with a guarantee when it comes to your health. That would be against the United States law. So, the next best thing I can do is offer you a guarantee on the course itself.

If you are skeptical or unsure if this is for you, I want to offer you a 7-day money-back guarantee.

Simply sign up now, follow through with the simple process that is outlined for you, and if you are not completely 100% satisfied then just email us within the first 7 days and get your full money back. It’s that easy.

Seem Too Good To Be True?

OUR MINDS Are Incredible!

Look at what our members have been able to achieve with this course! 

My shoulder pain healed completely!

“I was going to have surgery for a torn rotator cuff and a tear on my labrum. I had these tears for some time and the pain had become unbearable. My left arm was basically useless. The doctors said surgery was the only option. Since implementing Brandy's process I am literally pain-free and have full use of my arm. The doctors are amazed!” – Theresa S


Simply Amazing.

“I can't say enough wonderful things about Brandy and her entire support team. She is the most giving, loving person and she's truthful when she says she wants to help others heal. I have witnessed firsthand what her work can do to help others accomplish their goals. She helped my sister heal herself from having multiple autoimmune diagnoses and being bedridden for six or more years. Yes, she went back to her doctor afterward and has been undiagnosed and is living the most fantastic life now! I am now also working with Brandy to manifest the changes I want for my life and I'm so excited. I KNOW THIS WORKS, I just have to do the work! For those that are feeling hopeless and scared I really really recommend at least starting with the video course. I am only through week one and am already feeling changes within myself and my perception of the world.” – Meg S.