Class meets weekly:

September 17, 2023 

Your Investment- $497

Emotion-Perception Cycle
Mind Programming™

~ Advanced Class ~

Prerequisite: Heal Yourself, Change Your Life Advanced 7-week Course

Use Emotion-Perception Cycle Mind Programming™ to embody radical change and healing.  

This method, developed by Brandy, is essential for creating a real transformation in your life. 

The more you understand the emotion-perception cycle and use this to reprogram your mind, the more you can gain a clear understanding of the patterns that are holding you back in life as well as the patterns that can free you to live your best life. 

In this advanced course, you will : 

  • Learn to identify your emotional patterns and that have been subconsciously affecting your life
  • Gain a whole new understanding of your mind and your hidden subconscious patterning. 
  • Learn to use the Emotion-Perception Cycle Mind Programming™  methodology to radically shift your thoughts, emotions, and life!

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