Uplift Release Technique™  

~ 3 -Week Class ~

Ready to release old punishment patterns that are holding you back?

Punishment patterns can keep us from moving forward in life. Feeling undeserving or not good enough is common. Uplift Release Technique™  will help you let go of those old punishment patterns so you can move forward to a happier, healthier life.

In this class we will learn to:

  • Find punishment patterns restricting you from the life you deserve
  • Release the blocks and negative thought patterns
  • Identify the block that makes mind programming feel hard or even impossible. 
  • Learn to open the “gateway” to your mind that allows you to manifest a happy and healthy life.

Uplift Release Technique™ 

If you have any questions, please contact my team at:  support@brandygillmore.com

Class meets weekly from:
June 3, 2020 – June 17, 2020

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