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Welcome to Heal Yourself, Change Your Life. My name is Brandy Gillmore, and after recovering from my own life-changing injury, it's become my mission to share with others the same discoveries I made that changed my health and my entire. Our minds are truly incredible. The placebo is proof of this. Each week I will take this simple awareness to a whole new level.

I will even coach live callers to free themself of physical pain using only their mind, and then I'll provide you with a combination of practical and spiritual insights that you can use to master your mind, your emotions, and your. To help you heal your health yourself and your life. Let's begin.


Hello and welcome. It is so wonderful to connect with you. I just love that you are here continuing to expend your mind, your energy, your consciousness, your healing. I just love it and I just love how every different episode and every beautiful volunteer that we have, just. Comes at the right time, divine timing to deliver a specific message.

It's just so beautiful. And that is so true with today's episode, our volunteer, her name is Lily and she's an absolute sweetheart. And one of the things that I love about today's episode is that it really emphasizes the importance of the positive. You know, all too often people get so focused on, you know, let me just identify and release the.

But [00:02:00] the thing that you always wanna keep in mind is that just because we get rid of negative programming doesn't mean positive patterns immediately jump into your mind. I mean, that's not how it works. In kind of a simple way to illustrate that is if you think about the English language, if I suddenly deleted the English language, From my brain, I wouldn't suddenly know how to speak French unless I program that into my mind.

You know, that's not how the brain works. And a lot of times people will feel that if they just get rid of the negativity, that suddenly they'll be so happy. But that's not typically how it works. You know, people will work to get rid of the negative, but that's not how it works. And technically what typically would happen is let's say somebody.

Resolve something negative in their mind. A lot of times what'll happen is they then have a tendency to focus on some other negative issue or something else comes up, or some other problem or some other issue [00:03:00] because they didn't really program in the positivity. Not only that by the way, but it is so much harder to get rid of negative pattern.

without programming in positivity. And so what happens a lot of times is people will stay stuck in the same pattern. because they're not genuinely creating a shift. And so again, just all of this to say that making sure to program positive emotions into your subconscious mind is so important for every aspect of healing.

And so that's what I really love about today's episode is it emphasizes that, and it highlights some way to do that, not only in your own life, but also as a parent. You know, there are just several powerful insight. From today's episode, and you can see it as the episode unfolds because our volunteer, her name again is Lily and she just has amazing self-awareness.

So it's absolutely beautiful. And that said, let's go ahead and dive in [00:04:00] with beautiful Lily. Here we go.

Hello. Hello. Hello. How are you? I am doing fabulous. Thank you. How are you? I'm, I'm great. Thank you. I love that. I love that. It is wonderful to connect with you and, uh, what can I assist you with today? Beautiful. Okay. Well, I wrote in, um, I'm having problems with my right hand, my thumb, my index finger, and my middle finger.

Okay. Wait, my thumb your, your right hand? Yep. Thumb. Your index finger. And what? Middle finger. Okay. All right. And go ahead. You were gonna say your thumb. Yeah, it doesn't wanna bend. Um, I can't make it bend at the joint. It's just stiff, but I can make it bend at the, like, bottom joint, if that makes sense.

Mm-hmm. . Okay. Yeah. All right. But you can't make it bend at the joint. Okay. Nope. [00:05:00] And, and then Bingo. Go ahead. The index finger is just kinda, um, stiff and it wants to catch, and it's a little. and my middle finger, I can't, um, bend it very well. Well, well, it gets stuck. Um, okay. Yeah. I don't know how to, yeah, it just gets stuck when I bend it too far.

All right. And if I ask you the level of discomfort in your middle and index finger, what would you say? So, um, I don't have a ton of discomfort. Usually it's like, unless I'm trying to. Or it gets stuck? Um, I'd say probably a two, but if it gets stuck, it ramps right up. And my, my index finger hasn't gotten stuck so far, so that one's not as bad.

Okay. Okay. And, uh, bingo. And as far as the diagnosis on that, what did your doctor say? So, um, I am seeing, well, I went to a [00:06:00] med center and everything kind of got blocked off. I talked to somebody at work today. And he just said the ball got dropped. So I'm pending a hand specialist meeting. All right. And so your doctors really haven't said specifically what it is or isn't, is that correct?

That's right. But um, I had carpal tunnel before and I had a finger that did the same thing as my middle finger and I got surgery on it, and that works really great. Now, that was on my left hand about three years. Thank you. So I decided to talk to you about it because I think I heard you say something about, you know, when you have something, it will go away with surgery, but it can come back.

So I'm thinking that I have some blocks that I need to work through. Otherwise, no matter how many surgeries I get, I'm gonna have to go through this. I've seen people definitely do that or it shows some up somewhere else, et cetera, et cetera. Okay. Uh, so, uh, absolutely. and I [00:07:00] always tell people, you know, make sure to continue to see your doctor and all of that.

Mm-hmm. . Yep. All right. So, uh, just like, um, I don't know if you've listened to podcast episode 10, but just like the woman had a tumor in her throat. Yes. And she was able, and she got it gone and I still said, and she still went in and her doctor's the one that canceled surgery, so. Yep. I always wanna do, so.

All right, so gimme one second.

All right, so let's go ahead and pause it just for a really quick moment. You know, anytime this topic happens to come up, I always feel like it is a great opportunity just to remind you to make sure to continue to see your doctors. And that's what I was mentioning to her is if you recall episode number 10, there was a woman who had a tumor in her throat and you could see the tumor protruding from her.

and I worked with her for like an hour and 15 minutes, something like that, and it healed and she had just had an mri, so it was confirmed. It was on the [00:08:00] mri, you could see it, and then it disappeared. Now, she didn't say, Well, I'm just not gonna go in to see my doctors. But instead she went into her doctors and they're the ones that were amazed and they also canceled her surgery.

So my point is just in emphasizing that you wanna make sure to follow up with your doctor, and part of the reason that I say that is because a lot of times people will not go because they don't wanna hear bad news. The opposite is true here. Like you want to go to hear great news, you want to go and you want to see what's real.

You wanna be real with what's real. You want to follow up and you wanna make a real difference in your health, and you wanna make sure that you're being responsible and that you're monitoring your health and that you're seeing radical changes and that your doctor's paying attention to that, your medications, all of that stuff.

So just reinforcing that because I've seen and heard of people who. Don't wanna go to the doctor, don't wanna pay [00:09:00] attention to their health. They wanna pretend like everything is okay, and they're just telling themselves, oh, I'm already healed. I'm already healed, I'm already healed. And that's not what I'm about right.

Here we are about getting real results, making real changes, being responsible with health, seeing real results, following up with your doctor regularly, all of that responsible stuff. So that's what it's all about. But anyways, anytime the topic. It's always just good to just remember to remember about being responsible.

All right, so that said, let's go ahead and dive back in with beautiful Lilly. Here we go.

All right, so here we go. And if I ask you zero to 10, how much you feel like you can bend your thumb, I know you said it, you can't. So that's what I'm looking at. So if I ask you zero to 10, would you say it's a absolute zero at the first joint? Yeah, it's a zero at the first joint. [00:10:00] Sometimes I'll hit it and it bends, like, because I make it like on accident and it hurts really bad, but I can't make it myself.

Oh, there, I did look at that brandy, but now it's kind of stuck. Okay, so if I ask you, okay, so. Okay. And what's your level of pain? Uh, that was, that was up there. That was probably a, I don't know, six, seven, I don't know. So, uh, so here we go. All right. So, uh, bingo. All right. So I'm gonna ask you just for a moment to breathe Bingo.

And if I ask you to notice the part of you who feels the need to, uh, control all of the little detail, Zero to 10, what level would you say? Uh, I don't, I don't feel like I am like that, but Okay. Yeah. [00:11:00] Mm-hmm. . Okay. So I'm gonna ask you just for a moment to breathe and, um, I cannot tell if it's a kid or a relationship.

Bingo. You have kids? Yes, I have four. Okay. And if I ask you, uh, could you give me their initials? Yep. Um, I, e, a and N. Bingo. Okay. Can you say n again? N Bingo. Okay. And if I ask you zero to 10, what would you say on your inner, inner, inner most in inside of self? If I ask you what emotion comes up when you think about n what, what emotion would you say that is?

Probably frustrating. Mm-hmm. , I don't know. Okay. And if I ask you how much you're trying to, wanting to control in that area, at zero to 10, what level would you say? Gosh, I, I feel like I just will him and want to see. I can't [00:12:00] even speak about it. Mm-hmm. . So I'm gonna ask, and if I ask you to notice your level of frustration, zero to 10, what level would you.

Uh, at times. So high off the charts. Yeah, I would, I would agree off the charts is exactly where I got. Okay. So I'm gonna ask you just a moment to breathe. Okay. And if I ask you to notice also the worry. Yep. There's a worry. Mm-hmm. , what level would you give it? Hi. Mm-hmm. . So I'm gonna ask you just for a moment to breathe and if I ask you to notice.

if sometimes you can be a little bit inflexible in this area, what would you say? Yes. Okay. Yes. Mm-hmm. . So I'm gonna ask you just for a moment to breathe.

Okay? So if I ask you zero to 10, how much do you feel like N is actually in danger? Zero to 10. I worry about it. Okay. And if I, but I don't know if that's from the past. [00:13:00] Okay. Yeah. Uh, maybe like a six or seven. I don't know. I'm not very self-aware. Brandy, I don't know. Okay. So I'm gonna ask you just for a moment to breathe, and I want you to think about n for a moment.

And I want you to think about if you were to change your emotional relationship with this, if you were gonna say, all right, let's hit the reset button on this and let's do it in a different way. If you were gonna say, okay, reset button. I'm gonna do this in a different, different way. Because if I ask you how long you've been worrying about n, how long is that?

20 years. not that long, but. Yes. A long time. Yep. And I would say it's gone up in the last eight years. Yes, yes, definitely. Yep. That's what I was thinking from the age 12. Yeah. Okay. So I'm gonna ask you to breathe and notice has that approach of worrying. How's that working out for you? [00:14:00] Oh, it's been difficult for our relationship, I'm sure.

Mm-hmm. and I feel like he. Um, isn't as confident as he should be because I'm like, probably acting like he can't do anything or doesn't do anything right.

All right, so let's go ahead and pause it just for a quick moment. You know, first and foremost, I just love her self-awareness and her self honesty, just so beautiful. And secondly, you don't notice for a moment she's worried about him. She's caring, she's trying to change things, she's wanting to fix it.

She's also noticing that. Maybe been a bit trying to fix so much that maybe it's impacting his confidence. And you know, let's be honest, so many mothers are in that same situation where they feel like, look, I'm trying to fix, I'm trying to make them great. I'm trying to help them do good. [00:15:00] Oh my gosh.

They're taking it as criticism. It's such a balance of trying to help and trying to raise them right, and then not worrying about them, but the, it's, it's, you know, being a mother or just even a parent and really deciding how you want to feel in the process and really deciding that is such an important thing that you want to do because, Let's be honest.

It's like, you know, try and to care for your energy and lift your energy. Meanwhile, you have these little beings or big beings that you feel like can throw off your energy at any point in time because they have your heart. It's such a deep level, and so. Creating a change, creating positive energy around kids and the relationship with kids is so important for your success, for your happiness, all of that.

And so one thing I wanna highlight here that she did say was, you know, maybe, you [00:16:00] know, trying to do all the fixing and pointing out the negative and whatnot is impacting his. But as you'll notice, as we dive back in, there's a reason that she has been doing that also, which is what we're going to unpack in this next piece.

But just a quick note on this part is that all of the time I'll see people who are doing this very same thing where they're trying to fix people. Maybe it's with a boyfriend or a spouse, or a sister or parent, or somebody friends, whomever it is. And it ends up negatively impacting the relationship. And so I wanna invite you if you are doing that in your relationships, to make sure to shift it and to really start noticing the positive in that person and acknowledging it.

Because what'll happen is as you really acknowledge, More of the good in them, you'll see more of the good. And by the way, I cannot tell you how often I've seen people who are trying to therapy the people around them and fix 'em and fix 'em and fix 'em, and [00:17:00] people aren't asking to be fixed. And when somebody's not asking to be fixed, it can feel painful.

It can feel very critical or judgmental. It just doesn't feel very good. And by. in my own life, unless somebody asks for help, I'm not typically offering any type of information just because of great boundaries and wanting everybody around me to feel safe, to just be themselves and they can be a work in progress.

And so my point being is of course, if you are seeing this in your life, shifting this, and I love that Lily had this awareness where she could. That it was something that was a bit off in her life. Now again, there's more to it, so we're gonna dive in with that. But again, just beautiful awareness and if you're noticing this in any of the relationships in your life, then you'll definitely wanna transform it.

All right, so that said, let's go ahead and dive back in and with beautiful Lily. Here we go.[00:18:00]

Bingo. I love your self-awareness. See, you hear you said you're not very self-aware. And look at you go. Mm-hmm. . I love it. I love it. I love it. All right, so I'll ask you just for a moment to breathe and I want you to think about it. Okay? So I love your awareness. Beautiful. And if I ask you what's the reset?

Um, you are gonna do it differently, just more like praise. Maybe looking for the good things instead of pointing out the. Bingo. Yeah. Great. So I'm gonna ask you to breathe, and by the way, I want you to notice for a moment that you are probably exactly like your parents wanted you to be, right? ? No, that's close.

No. Nope. Okay. Well, like 99% exactly like your parents wanted you to be. Right? Not even close Brandy. Okay. Nope. So I'm gonna ask you just for a moment to notice what's. And to notice what [00:19:00] you think n really, really, really needs. Okay. So I'm gonna ask you to breathe in. Like you said, confidence would be a great thing.

Praise would be a great thing, right? Yes. Okay. And, um, support. I think he always says he doesn't feel supported. Say that again. He doesn't feel support. . Ah. And have you, could you, could you ask him how he could feel more supported? I should ask him that. Great. But when we start talking, things go bad a lot.

Mm-hmm. , it starts out good and it gets so terrible. Okay. And if I, so I avoid, why does it get, . Um, a lot of things get brought up from the past. He's very angry and he blames me for a lot of stuff. Okay. And, uh, bingo. And so I'm gonna ask you just for a moment to breathe [00:20:00] and if I ask you, do you blame you for a lot of stuff?

Of course. Mm-hmm. ? Absolutely. So, I'm gonna ask you to breathe again. I love your self-awareness. So I'm gonna ask you just for a moment to breathe. And I want you to notice for a moment how most people, they wait till they're perfect to have kids. But you didn't ? No, I never would have 'em. Uh, okay. But, but most people by now are perfect.

Right? . Okay. Okay. I see what you're doing, Uhhuh. So I'm gonna ask you just for a moment to breathe, and I want you just for a moment to take in, if I ask you zero to 10, how much you love your kids a. . Great. So when are you gonna start giving yourself credit? You talk about giving him credit and instead pointing out some of the great things and the praise.

When could you start doing that for yourself? Good one. I don't know. Great. Like maybe, maybe today. [00:21:00] Yes. Agree. And today is the end. Today's great. Yeah. Today would be a good day to start. Great. I guess I always said like I tried to do the best that I could at the time, but it, just looking back, it seems to fall so short.

Yeah. Uh, looking back, what? You just only focus on the critical Yes. Ah, okay. Well, that's, Great . Great. Now I'm gonna ask you just room moment to breathe.

All right, so what, let's go ahead and actually pause the session right here. You know, first and foremost, again, I love her heart. I love her self-awareness. I love he self honesty, just beautiful. And if you notice, she's extremely critical and hard on herself and. What happens is all of the time that can show up in her relationships.

You know, [00:22:00] notice she's noticing everything that she's ever done, that she's never, it's never been enough. So no matter what she sees from her past, it's just never been enough and always fallen short. And let's be honest, with everything in. We can always look back on the past. You know, we hear this saying, hindsight is 2020.

You know, it's easier to see when we look back. And the thing of it is, is that if you've made mistakes in the past, you won't want to beat yourself up. And so there's a few things that I wanna unpack here is, first and foremost, I wanna invite you to start really shifting this in your life. So I wanna invite you to even see great things that you've done in the past without criticizing.

Just observe what is great, so you're training your brain. To see the good because all too often people are training themselves to fault find in themselves or in others. What is wrong, what is wrong with this? And so that's the reason [00:23:00] that I wanna actually pause the episode right here is because I just want this episode to be about exactly that.

About seeing the good in you, about seeing the good in others, and about really making sure that you are training your. to do exactly that, to feel exactly that. And also notice, you know, for a moment I was joking around with her and I said, yes, everybody waits till they're perfect before they have kids. I mean, obviously everybody's still a work in progress.

You know, I love to look at things and continue to grow and expand myself, and I wanna be doing the same thing when I'm a hundred years old, where I'm looking at self and transforming and changing and growing and expanding. And so it's beautiful to always do that. But also, to be able to see what is great in you.

So that is one thing that you'll wanna note. Now, another key piece from this episode that I really wanna point out is the catch 22 that's occurring here, and this is what can [00:24:00] happen is that sometimes we can get in a place in life where we have made mistakes. . And then what happens is then, you know, people wanna beat themselves up for it over and over and over.

And then the more you beat yourself up, the more you just see the negative, the more you beat yourself up, the more it shows up. I mean, it just becomes a cycle. And there has to be a point where you say, okay, I'm gonna just stop. And I'm gonna change that. And I have to say, you know, during my injury, I had that moment, that awareness that said I cannot keep beating myself up because I was at a point, you know, where I was injured, I had a hard time even taking a shower and doing things.

And to me, I really was critical of myself in a way that I was just, I was not proud of who I was or how I was, or the fact that I couldn't do a lot of things. And not only that, but the things that I had always prided myself on that felt good about me was being successful at [00:25:00] work with network engineering and operations.

You know, doing great at that and being successful and being athletic and being fit and being outgoing. I couldn't do any of those things. And so there I was on disability, which I was very critical of myself about the idea of even being on disability, I mean, all of these things. And so I got to this point where I really stopped and I said, wait a second.

If I really wanna get myself out of this, I have to stop beating myself up and I really have to shift this. And I. And so I wanna invite you in your life if you have been beating yourself up, if you've made a mistake in the past, blah, blah, blah, let it go. Every single person that I've ever met has made some type of mistake in the past, and there has to be a point where you just say, you know what?

I'm willing to let it go. I'm willing to change and make that day today. That you're willing to change. So just [00:26:00] as I was joking and playing with Lily of saying today, hint, today's a great day to change. And so for that reason, we're gonna go ahead and pause today's session and we'll continue where we left off with next week's episode, just because there are so many other really important, heartfelt, sweet, powerful insights that are still.

In this episode, but I wanna invite you to make sure that you're bringing in the positive in your relationship with self and also in the relationships around you. All right? And by the way, speaking of which, I wanna invite you to, please do hit the share button on this episode. Do you know, share it with somebody you love, somebody you care about, maybe somebody you know who might be hard on themselves, who could use a reminder that says, Let's take this week, let's shift this.

Let's really change it. Let's make a point to shift relationships and to shift your relationship with self and even to shift your [00:27:00] relationship. With your past as well, so you're feeling good about you because from that place, everything is possible. And by the way, as far as shifting relationships, by starting to compliment more and identify even more of the positive and appreciate it, I can't tell you how often I have seen people create radical shifts in the relationship when they're not trying to fix others, but instead they're really acknowledging what's.

And more and more of that shows up. And so I wanna invite you to do that and making sure to notice what's great about you, because let's be honest, the more everybody feels great about themselves and is healthy and happy and loving. The better this world is for all of us. And so please do make a point to hit this share button and have a fantastic, wonderful, loving rest of your day, and I look forward to connecting with you on the next episode.

We'll see you.[00:28:00]

Thank you for listening to Heal Yourself Change. All of the time people reach out and say how much these episodes have given them hope or touched their heart, or help them stay positive in hard times, or even woken them up to a completely new level of awareness of how amazing we all really are. If today's episode touched your heart or expanded your [00:34:00] mind in any way, please do me a favor and be sure to share it with those you care about or those you know who really.

As more and more people become empowered, it really will change our world for the better. That is the point and the power of these demonstrations is to create a radical shift in our world consciousness by showing everyone what we are all capable of. And of course, each volunteer will really need to follow through to reinforce their programming, to maintain their results.

But the point. For you to see that you really can create rapid results in your health and your life if you really understand how to use your mind. You are incredible. And I do wanna be clear though, that most people will not get results this fast on their own. I make it look very easy because of the discoveries that I made.

You'll wanna remember that there's so much more going on [00:35:00] in our minds at a deeper level than people. That said, if you wanna send me any questions or comments, come visit me on my website@brandygilmore.com slash podcast. And if you're currently experiencing physical pain and would like to be a volunteer on the show, you can sign up there as well.

Lastly, Please remember, if you do have any health issues, you won't want to avoid your doctors. Instead, you'll wanna continue seeing them and make it your goal to blow their minds with what you are capable of with your mind. Thank you.

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