IQ-62: 5 Reasons Something *Negative* Can Come Into Your Life

reasons for attracting negative situations in your life

A lot of people are really struggling right now. It can seem that everything seems too difficult or impossible, but what if you held the power within to shift and create a more harmonious life? You won’t want to miss this week’s IQ podcast episode as Brandy reveals five reasons something negative can come into […]

IQ-60: How To Shift Negative Conversations To Create Radical Change In Your Health & Life

shifting negative conversations

In last week’s IQ episode, we talked about how to avoid negative conversations altogether to transform your relationships. And today’s topic comes from listener follow-up questions and asks, “What if I like to talk about the negative?” Listen in as Brandy discusses how addressing the negative can be a good thing, but you’re not going to want […]

IQ 59: Transforming & Elevating Your Relationships For More Love & Harmony

transforming love and relationships

Today’s Quick IQ Episode is a quick dive into relationship transformation. So, if you’ve been experiencing hurt or frustration or upset or negative conversations or even just wanting to take your relationships to the next level then I would strongly recommend listening to this particular IQ episode. The initial question for this topic had started […]

IQ 58: Confidently Stepping Out In Faith & Getting Into Energetic Alignment

IQ 58: Confidently Stepping Out In Faith & Getting Into Energetic Alignment

 Is there something inside that you need to shift in your energy or take action to manifest in your life? In this episode, Brandy explores what it means to step out into faith and what you could be overlooking. This short IQ episode is a must-listen as Brandy shares 2 key insights that could […]

IQ-56: Are Your *Boundaries* Protecting You Or Actually Holding You Back?

It’s important to create boundaries in our lives to protect us – or is it?  Often it seems like we’re constantly being told to set boundaries to protect us, but what does that even mean? In today’s quick IQ episode Brandy shares powerful information about “boundaries” and how they could be subconsciously affecting your life without […]

IQ-55: What About Affirmations? What You Need To Know *Before* Using Them

affirmation techniques

Affirmations are a popular way to make your mind work for you to manifest your goals. But what if affirmations don’t really work in the way you think they do.  And have any of these affirmations actually made things worse instead of better as we hope and believe might happen? Our words are powerful, especially […]

IQ-53: How To Align With Your Best Self/Universe & *Know* You Are On the Right Path

aligning with the universe

Have you ever wanted to know how your life would be different if only the Universe were aligned with YOU?  When you’re in alignment with the Universe, your life becomes much easier. In this IQ podcast episode, Brandy answers a listener’s question about *how* to align with your best self and the Universe. Brandy also shares […]

IQ-52 Are *Past Lives* Important When Trying To Heal?

past lives healing

 Have you ever wondered about your past lives? Do you think that your experiences in other lifetimes could be affecting your health in this one? In today’s quick IQ episode, Brandy answers a listener’s question about past lives and whether they can play a role in healing in this lifetime. Whether you’re a skeptic […]

IQ-51 Is Real Change Effortless?

is change effortless episode

Do you have it linked up that everything should be easy and effortless? In today’s IQ episode, Brandy answers a question that often comes up in regards to *effort* when working with the mind or manifesting. Plus, she shares key insights that will help set you up for success when working with your own mind! […]

IQ-49 Simple But Insightful Mind Test

simple mind test

 In this IQ episode, Brandy provides a simple but insightful mind test exercise you can do to gain even more awareness into the healing of the mind. She will also share something you can start your mornings doing to start creating transformation.  Also, if you are like many, you may be making one of […]

IQ-48 What Could Make Your journey Feel Even More Empowering To You?

empowering yourself

Have you ever had that feeling of not having control over your life? You may be giving away power without even realizing it. You may find yourself trusting others (especially the media) automatically without thinking too deeply about what they’re telling you or how reliable those sources are. In today’s quick IQ episode, Brandy discusses […]

IQ-47 Fear About Vaccine Side Effects…

fear of vaccine side effects

 In today’s quick IQ episode, Brandy dives into a new topic that will be increasingly important in years to come. If you got the vaccine (and even if you didn’t)…you are definitely going to want to listen to this episode….and don’t worry, it’s not going to scare you. Instead, it will actually make you […]

IQ-46 Avoid *These Things* To Protect Your Brain & Do This Instead…

Protect Your Brain

 Are you doing any of these common things that could be slowing down your brain activity or making it worse?  Optimizing your brain and keeping it active is very important for everyone. In today’s quick  IQ episode, Brandy shares a powerful insight about common things people are doing that are affecting their brains, and […]

IQ-45: Caution. What you NEED to know BEFORE you make this mistake.(Your Brain Activity)

brain activity

 You won’t want to miss this episode. This is divine timing.  Join Brandy as she shares key information that you NEED to know before you make this mistake.  It’s a new mistake that is currently increasing and will likely be increasing over the next few years. Articles mentioned in this episode: Additional links […]

IQ-44: Is It Helpful To *Vent* Or Could It Backfire?

venting in healthy ways

 Venting might feel good and seem emotionally satisfying and can create a sense of connection with others who share similar experiences or at least understand what you are going through with others.  But what you might not know is these “vents” could backfire in unexpected ways if left unchecked – keeping you stuck instead! […]

IQ-43: The #1 Mistake People Make When Clearing Negative Emotions

releasing negative emotions

 Releasing negative emotions is very important, but in today’s quick IQ episode Brandy discusses the #1 common mistake many people make when trying to release negative emotions and what you can do instead. This simple process helps guide you towards making profound changes that will empower every aspect of life! Additional links and resources:  […]

IQ-42: Shifting Your *Higher Self* Into Your Empowered Self

higher self integration

We all want to be happy and fulfilled and feel empowered in our lives…but how do we get there? Would you be willing to do things in a different way or see things in a different way if it meant you could break free from the subconscious blocks that have been holding you back? In […]

IQ-41: The Importance Of *Positive Touch Links* (For Creating Health Or Sickness)

power of positive touch

Did you know that positive touch is linked to better health and happiness? In this Insights & Questions episode, Brandy explores three key insights into the importance of *Positive Touch Links* (PTLs) and how they can benefit your mind and body. Plus one very common mistake that can unintentionally lead to health issues, and what […]

IQ-40: The Hidden & Divine Message In Today

fueling your dreams

In this powerful IQ Episode, join Brandy as she shares 3 important insights about the hidden message in today – Martin Luther King Jr. Day. These insights are simple and profound messages of love, hope, healing, and transformation. Other insights include the importance of having a dream you’re excited about and fueling it. This short […]

IQ-39: How Your Intelligence Can Block Your Consciousness & 6 Powerful Keys For Expansion

intelligence and expansion

Is your intelligence keeping you stuck? The concepts of consciousness and intelligence are often misunderstood because Intelligence doesn’t always lead to awareness or consciousness. Lack of consciousness is a key problem that can undermine even the most intelligent and capable people. They might have boundless knowledge and confidence in their knowledge and abilities, but discover they […]

IQ-38: 3 Powerful Insights To Implement In Your Life For An Epic 2022

powerful insights for epic 2022

As the first podcast episode of 2022, Brandy shares 3 powerful insights you can implement into your life today for an epic 2022. Your year is really up to you, now can be the time when you decide to consciously create radical change in your life. Many of these insights that people often overlook affect […]

IQ-37: Key Insights To Transforming Your Life & Building Healthy Connections And Love

building healthy connections and love

We as humans need love. It’s important to create healthy connections and love and let go of negative patterns that keep us stuck. So many of those patterns are hidden and can prevent you from finding true happiness. In today’s Insights & Questions episode, Brandy shares key insights into building healthy connections and love. She […]

IQ-36: Top 5 Reasons Happiness Can Seem Really Hard

five reasons happiness can seem hard

Are you on what seems to be a never-ending search to be “happy”? When it comes to happiness, it can seem really hard to feel happy, especially at this time of year. Did you know you can actually reprogram your mind for happiness? People accidentally do things with the mind that they do not realize […]

IQ-35: How To Become Conscious Of Subconscious Patterns

subconscious patterns

Today’s podcast episode is very powerful in that it discusses a commonplace that people get stuck and answers a question that Brandy gets all of the time and which is “Why is it so difficult to see subconscious patterns? And what are some insights that I could use to be able to see subconscious patterning […]

IQ-34: Are You Blocking Unconditional Love In Your Life?

are you blocking unconditional love

Have you been craving unconditional love but not really feeling it or feeling like it is elusive? So often, people are chasing deep feelings of unconditional love. Yet, they feel it is unattainable or feel disconnected and feel they are unable to really feel loved deep within themselves. And further, as you may recall, our […]

IQ-33: Are You Stuck In “Intra-transformation”


Many times people can unknowingly be stuck inside their transformation – where they are not seeing the big picture of how to create real, lasting change in their lives. This can result in hurt, frustration, struggle and not being able to genuinely transform chronic health issues. For that reason, today’s IQ episode is very insightful! […]

IQ-32: How to Move Past Uncertainty Into Opportunity

moving past uncertainty

   This is common; are you doing this in your life? Many people don’t realize that the very emotions (energy) that they bury, set aside, or ignore are the very emotions that can – and often do- subconsciously hold them back from the VERY things they want and/or are linked to their health issues. […]

IQ-31: The “Dark Night of the Soul”

dark night of the soul

  What is it? Do I need one?  What are the benefits? How can I get the benefits but avoid the pain? The Dark Night of the Soul originated from a poem in the 16th century but is now a fast-growing buzz word in our spiritual communities.  Due to the name alone – the fact that is […]

IQ-30: Your Energy & Your Diet and “Shifting Struggle”

shift your energy

  In today’s IQ episode, I take a look at two different topics that I have been asked about a lot over the past few weeks, that can be very profound and helpful for your life as well. After last week’s episode, when I worked with our volunteer Brian, he and I had been talking […]

IQ-29: The Energy from Your House Can Affect Your Health

Quick IQ Episode 29

   Have you ever wondered if the energy around your house could affect your health?  …Or what you are manifesting in your life? … if so, then you’ll want to listen in to today’s episode. In many cases, your surroundings can definitely affect your health BUT it’s a LOT different than most people realize. […]

IQ-28: Eating “Healthy” Is Different Than Most People Realize

Brandy Gillmore Quick IQ Episode 28

   All of the time, people ask the question, “Is diet important when you are working with the mind?”  And, the answer is different than most people think. And, since that question recently came in again, Brandy wanted to make sure to answer it on today’s podcast episode. Because, while a healthy diet can […]

IQ-27: The #1 Compelling but Harmful Growing Misconception in Healing

   Throughout my work in healing, there have been different “waves” of misunderstandings that have kept people stuck or even completely (accidentally) misguided people on their healing journey. Today I share with you the #1 fastest growing misconception that is keeping people more stuck than ever… and also setting many people back as far […]

IQ-26: How Is It Possible to Transform Your Relationships

IQ Episode 26

   In today’s “IQ” Insights & Questions episode, I share insights into some common questions I get about relationships: “Should I stay or should I leave? How do I know they are going to change? Should I find somebody else?” This episode is packed with helpful insights, some of them include: Why you are […]

IQ-25: The Biggest Thing Impacting People’s Energy

IQ Episode 25

   In this episode, we explore a topic that has been coming up regularly for many of my clients since the beginning of the pandemic. For many people, this continued exposure to grief and loss as a product of COVID-19 has resulted in a residual and prolonged heaviness in their energy, similar to a […]

IQ-23: How (And When) To Look For the Real Gift in Transformation

reprogram your mind and energy

  In today’s IQ episode, I cover both a quick insight and also a listener question. And while both of these insights may appear subtle, they also offer profound, life-changing results…IF you embrace the change. So often, I see people get stuck for years in these very places, which is, in short, applying incorrect spiritual […]