IQ-161: Are You Missing These 2 Simple Yet Crucial Insights?

People often overlook crucial insights that can be pivotal to their success in self-healing and life transformation. This isn’t due to the difficulty of working with the mind, but rather the abundance of misconceptions. In today’s episode, Brandy highlights two critical oversights that, when addressed, can lead to radical change. Most people are unknowingly […]

IQ-160: Doing the ‘Right Thing’ Can Be Healing and Rewarding

The concept of “doing the right thing” may seem straightforward, yet many fail to recognize its hidden impact on their health. That is what I love about today’s episode. It provides a very powerful reminder that doing the right thing can be both healing and rewarding. What is even more insightful is that overcoming […]

IQ-159: Uncovering the Layers of People Pleasing & Emotional Patterns

Could there be hidden emotional patterns driving your people-pleasing behaviors? In this episode, join Brandy Gillmore as she delves into the intricate layers of people-pleasing and the emotional patterns that drive it. Brandy explores how these behaviors impact our health and wellbeing, uncovering the hidden connections between our emotional habits and physical health. Learn […]

IQ-158: Identifying Two Subconscious Connections to Pain and/or Illness

Today’s podcast episode is very revealing. Not only does it help you to further understand how illness can get linked up in the subconscious mind, it also helps highlight just how easy this can be and even how common this is in our culture. Furthermore, what I also love about this episode is that […]

IQ-157: Top 3 Reasons People Remain Stuck in Mind-Body Self-Healing

Have you ever wondered why so many people struggle to harness the true power of the mind-body connection to achieve radical results in their health and life? If we all possess this innate power, why do some people seem to have better “luck” seeing results than others? In this week’s episode, we dive deep […]

IQ-156: To Achieve Healing, Correcting ‘Miswired’ Mind Programming is Key

Have you ever stopped to consider how the stories we tell ourselves shape our reality? In this quick IQ episode, Brandy answer’s a listener’s question. It speaks volumes about the importance of understanding our mind’s programming in our journey towards healing. Listen in as Brandy takes a down-to-earth look at the concept of miswired […]

IQ-155: Are You Making This Mistake? (Most People Are)

If you’ve listened to previous episodes, then you’ve witnessed Brandy working with volunteers, guiding them to make radical changes and even relieving their own pain in a matter of minutes using their own minds. You’ve likely noticed from these sessions how seemingly effortless Brandy makes this appear. However, there are specific techniques/strategies that Brandy uses […]

IQ-154: Understanding Mind-Body Healing

Have you ever wondered why some people excel at mastering new skills while others struggle? The answer lies in understanding. Take learning to use a computer, for instance—it can start off frustrating and difficult. However, the more we understand, the easier it becomes to be successful. This principle applies equally to mind-body healing. Whether you’re […]

IQ-153: Shifting Money Stress to Promote Healing, Happiness and Love

Do you ever wonder if the anxiety from your finances is affecting your health? In today’s quick IQ episode, we dive into the profound impact that financial stress can have on both your wallet and your wellness. Brandy shares insights into the intricate connections between monetary strain and physical ailments, offering insights and practical […]

IQ-152: A 3-Minute Exercise for Mind-Body Healing

Sometimes we learn the most from a simple hands-on experience. That’s one of the many things that are really profound about today’s episode is that all of the time, Brandy mentions how the more she was able to get clear with her mind on what she needed to do, the easier it was for […]

IQ-151: The Importance of a Deeper Understanding of Your Mind

Remember when you first started using a computer or a new cell phone? It might have felt challenging to navigate and get the results you wanted. But as you learned and advanced your skills, it became easier. The same is true when it comes to mind-body healing. The deeper your understanding of your own […]

Extra Healing Insight: “The 4-Minute Mind™”

One of the biggest challenges to getting real results with mind-body healing is the fact that there’s a lot of misconceptions. And that information may seem a bit tricky. That said, in today’s episode, Brandy adds more clarity to the topic of belief and its role in mind, body healing. Many are familiar with the […]

IQ-149: Four Key Insights to Improving Your Intuition and Unlocking Your Inner Wisdom

Have you ever pondered how to harness your intuition more effectively, aligning your decisions with your deepest desires and goals? Leaders and visionaries, including Einstein with his famous endorsement of intuition as a ‘sacred gift,’ and Oprah, a long-time advocate of intuitive guidance, have long celebrated the power of intuition. Einstein publicly credited his groundbreaking […]

IQ-147: Beyond “Belief” – Tapping Into the Body’s Subtle Signals for Deep Healing

During Brandy’s period of injury, she experienced certain events and profound realizations that played a crucial role in providing her with the clarity and understanding necessary for self-healing. In today’s episode, Brandy not only shares some of the most significant insights but also presents a simple yet impactful exercise designed to help you create […]

IQ-146: Is This Common Barrier Blocking Your Power To Heal or Transform Your Life

Many times, even when people are aware of the power of the mind to transform their happiness and health, they find themselves stuck. They may feel like they’ve exhausted all options, but they don’t realize that a big part of the problem is that they have “hidden” misconceptions that are holding them back. That’s […]

IQ-145: Surprising Subconscious Influences Affecting Our Relationships and Connections

If you have been focusing on self-healing or transforming your life, you probably understand that certain aspects can be challenging. One such aspect is the subconscious mind, which, as the name suggests, lies beneath consciousness. Because it is below consciousness, it can be elusive and difficult to identify the patterns impacting your life. That’s […]

IQ-143: Are You Unknowingly Blocking What You’re Manifesting?

If you’ve been working on manifesting new things in your life, such as a relationship, business or career change, or a life change, you’re probably aware that there are blocks that can keep you from manifesting what you’re wanting. However, what makes this episode truly thought-provoking is that  Brandy highlights a hidden block that is […]

IQ-142: One Thing Everyone Should Know About Medicine Journeys/Psychedelics

If you’re like many people, you’ve probably heard the growing buzz surrounding psychedelics and medicine journeys like ayahuasca and ketamine, among others. Over the years, I’ve been frequently asked for my opinion on this matter. Until now, I have avoided the topic, as I didn’t want to endorse or criticize it. However, recently there […]

IQ-138: Why Can It Feel So Hard to Release Trauma?

Do you ever feel like you’re pouring your heart into changing and growing, but somehow, the results just don’t seem to show up? Or maybe you sense that a big breakthrough is right around the corner, but it’s just out of reach for some reason? In this week’s special IQ episode, Brandy opens up about […]

IQ-135: Pivotal Insights for Self-Healing and Transformation

Do you ever find yourself questioning why certain healing approaches don’t seem to work, or feel like you’re stuck repeating the same mistakes in your quest for wellness? In this deeply personal and enlightening quick IQ episode, Brandy opens up about her rollercoaster journey of healing, revealing the key epiphanies and profound lessons that became […]

IQ-134: Embracing Perspectives: Pathways to Peace and Self-Healing

Have you ever wondered how the simple act of understanding different viewpoints can be a catalyst for inner peace and healing? In this quick IQ episode, Brandy invites you to explore the transformative power of empathy and open-mindedness as she shares insights into the intricacies of human perceptions, illustrating how the practice of acknowledging and […]

IQ-133: Breaking Free From Perceived Selfishness For A Happier Healthier Life

Have you ever stopped to think about what being ‘selfish’ really means to you? How often have you held yourself back, labeled your own desires as wrong, or even sabotaged your success, all because of a deep-rooted belief that prioritizing yourself is bad? These feelings, often nestled in our subconscious minds, can lead us down […]

IQ-131: Harnessing Love and Empowerment for Global Shifts In Consciousness & Healing

Have you ever felt overwhelmed by the upsetting events happening in the world, wondering how to protect your own energy amidst it all? Our brain processes negative news and positive news differently, influencing not just our mental state but also our body’s physiological responses including our health. In this enlightening IQ episode, Brandy dives […]

IQ-130: Does Menopause Have To Be Hard? Navigating Menopause with Empowerment and Grace

Have you ever wondered why so many people view menopause as difficult, sad, and challenging? You’re not alone. Most of us have been led to believe that menopause is a phase filled with hardships. Interestingly, as the conversation around menopause evolves, many workplaces are now offering classes to help team members better understand and […]

IQ-127: The Power of Perspective: Celebrating the Big Picture of Life


Have you ever found yourself quickly judging others or getting caught up in pointing out their flaws? It might seem harmless, but did you know that being overly critical can actually hurt you too? Often, we fall into the trap of being overly critical of others, unaware of the self-inflicted wounds we’re causing.  It’s easy […]

IQ-126: Cultivating a Beautiful Relationship With Money and Life

relationship with money

Have you ever considered how your feelings about money might be affecting your health or relationships? In this quick IQ episode, Brandy shares the surprising connections between our financial mindsets and other aspects of our lives. But more importantly, she shares insights on how to transform that relationship, leading to not only financial wellness […]

IQ-125: Why Can’t I Stop Overthinking: Insights Into Why You Can’t Let Go

Ever wonder why your brain feels like it’s stuck on replay, rehashing thoughts over and over? Many of us get stuck in analysis paralysis or a relentless cycle of overthinking. But why does this happen? Today’s quick IQ episode comes from a question posed by one of our incredible listeners: “How come I overthink everything?” […]

IQ-124: What is the Difference Between Feelings and Emotions

difference between feelings and emotions

Have you ever found yourself lost in a whirlpool of emotions, unable to distinguish sadness from anger, or joy from contentment? You’re not alone. At times, it becomes challenging to differentiate one emotion from another. Over time, many of us grow accustomed to carrying the weight of negative emotions, so much so that feeling down […]

IQ-123: Lift Your Energy: One Simple Step to Love Life Again

Have you ever faced a prolonged period of hardship, where life felt nothing but challenging, or you were stuck in survival mode? Or maybe you found yourself in a dark place, causing you to lose not only your zest for life but also forget what it feels like to be truly alive. Brandy knows this […]

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