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Welcome to Heal Yourself, Change Your Life. My name is Brandy Gillmore. And after recovering from my own life changing injury, it's become my mission to share with others the same discoveries I made that changed my health and my entire life. Minds are truly incredible. The placebo is proof of this. Each week, I will take this simple awareness to a whole new level.

I will even coach live callers to free themselves of physical pain, using only their mind. And then I'll provide you with a combination of practical and spiritual insights that you can use to master your mind, your emotions, and your energy. to help you heal your health, yourself and your life. Let's begin.

Hello and welcome to this week's quick IQ episode where we talk about insights and questions. And today I want to share with you a very profound Insight, when it comes to creating lasting healing results and lasting results in any area of your life, whether it's relationship and love and connection or even success or happiness or transforming you, you know, your confidence and your level of feeling good about self, any of those things, when it comes to creating a lasting change.

It's going to be key to create that shift in the subconscious mind to, you know, get that information programmed into the subconscious mind. Now, that's where there's a little bit of a hang up, and it's this. It's that so often people think that they know what's in their subconscious mind. They think that they're very, you know, just have a certainty of what they're really feeling.

But when we stop and think about it for a moment, The subconscious mind, by nature, we're not going to be able to see everything that's in our own subconscious mind, you know, by the name itself, subconscious is below consciousness, and so the information in our subconscious mind is. In many ways, below consciousness.

And so, the more that we know that we don't know, the better it is because then it allows your mind to explore more and be curious as to what else might be in your subconscious mind. And from that place, you can start to create a genuine shift. Now, Part of the reason this comes up is if you think about episode number 226, I worked with our beautiful volunteer, Julie, just a very smart, wonderful being and full of love, you know, just, just beautiful, beautiful being.

And as you'll recall, as I was working with her, She was able to use her own mind to release her pain. She took her pain from a level seven and got it pretty much gone very fast. So fast that she was awestruck. She was, you know, didn't know what to say. It was so quick. It surprised her, which was great. And I love that.

And also, as you'll recall from that episode, she couldn't really see her specific emotions. And so it was, again, it was below consciousness. Which, by the way, was the same thing that was true in my own situation in life. If you had asked me if I had fear and underlying negative emotions, I would have said no.

Of course not. Because I didn't know they were even there. And it took me, you know, a long time to really figure it out and understand how that worked. And not only that, but understand that I had these emotions that were buried, it didn't make sense. And so, because that was very, very logical and these emotions were not.

And not only that, but you expect emotions. If you have fear, you would expect it to be intense, but it didn't present that way. At least not to my mind. You know, it was just a subtle thought. And that's how subconscious emotions are, is a lot of times they're things that we've buried and buried and buried way, way down.

And so we think that they're unimportant because they're subtle. And you'll hear me say that all of the time is that was a really big pivot for me is when I started realizing that if I've had a subtle emotion a week ago and two weeks ago and three weeks ago and four weeks ago, it could only mean one thing.

It was in my subconscious mind, which obviously means. It can affect every area of my life. And so thinking about this in your life and thinking about the awareness that there are subconscious emotions and being open to the depth of you, of what is controlling you or programming you or, or your health, you know, that the inner, inner, inner emotions.

and genuinely being willing to change those is key. Now, as I started to mention, you know, part of the reason this comes up is because on episode 226, our volunteer, just a beautiful being was able to shift her pain very fast and she didn't see the emotions that were connected to it. And I mentioned to her as we had wrapped up that day, I mentioned, you must make sure to follow through because if not, this will likely.

definitely come back, and you won't even be able to see it. Which is exactly what happened. The next day, her pain did come back. Now, the great thing is, is that then she was able to reinforce that same emotion and that same mindset that we had talked about, and she was able to alleviate her pain again.

However, The reason that I'm bringing it up is that it does take a real change and that it is important for you to really connect with what's going on and become aware of what is in your subconscious mind. And by the way, I want to be clear, I'm not saying that it has to take a long time. You know, even if you think about episode number 10, the woman who had a tumor in her throat, that happened very fast.

Or even if you think about the video. That's on my website under the see live healing, you know, that video where you can see the woman who had neck pain working with her pain under medical thermal imaging. And she was able to release her pain even, you know, and you could see it on the scan and that was over eight years ago now.

And her pain never came back. After that one session. And so my point being is just saying it doesn't have to take a long period of time. It can be fast, but it does require real change. And you'll hear me say that over and over again, that it requires real change. Now, if we build on this awareness that says, okay, we must make a genuine change to get real results.

And if you're out of touch with your emotions, then it's going to be harder to do. And I know personally, you know, I was very out of touch with my emotions. And so I really had to understand and get connected with them in a positive way to really be successful at healing and getting lasting results. And so that's what I want to invite you to do in today's episode is I want to invite you To start thinking about positive experiences that you've had in your life and also check in and notice how that felt to you.

And the reason being is because the more that you start to notice the subconscious emotions, just from positive things, the more you can then start just being connected and accessing more information from your subconscious mind. and doing it in a positive way. Because basically, in short, you want to get good at building that relationship, that connection, and also you don't want to be going into the negative to create any problems or, or always connecting with the negative.

Because, of course, If you increase the negative and you have negative emotions that are affecting your body, that could increase pain or problems in your body. You know, if you are connecting all the time with feelings of anger that you have subconsciously, and you're continuing to connect there and connect there, it could.

increase them. And so I'm not saying to just delve right into your negative emotions. Instead, I'm saying that as you think about this awareness of the subconscious mind and getting more in touch with your subconscious mind, that there's a fun way to do it that can help you to start building that connection even more, which just has to do with simply Recalling positive events and bringing in those positive feelings.

Just becoming aware of the positive feelings that are stored in your subconscious mind and taking time to feel them and enjoy them. And also just noticing that connection to your subconscious mind and that awareness. And so as simple as this may or may not sound to you, uh, it's profound. Because the more you can access anything, you know, it's like the more you do something, the more you drive a car, the better you get at it.

The more you write letters, or the more you type, the more you do any type of skill, the better you get at that particular skill. And so the better you are at accessing information in your subconscious mind, the easier it is to for you to create a radical shift in your health, in your happiness, in your life.

And in this case, we're doing it in a positive way. So you're just connecting with more and more of that positivity. And so that's today's quick IQ episode is just simply that is saying, okay, developing yourself, your skills, your connection. between your conscious mind and your subconscious mind and getting used to accessing emotions will be a great skill to learn and to build out even more.

Because, you know, as you deepen this relationship, it is easier to create a lasting change in your health, in your happiness and your life. All right. So, uh, that's today's quick IQ episode and I want to ask you to please do make a point to hit the share button on this episode. You know, share it with somebody you love, somebody you care about, or somebody you don't even know because the more happy and healthy that every single person is in our world, the better this world is for all of us.

And so please do make a point to hit the share button and please do make a point to have an incredible rest of your day.

Thank you for listening to heal yourself, change your life. All of the time, people reach out and say how much these episodes have given them hope or touched their heart or helped them stay positive in hard times, or even woken them up to a completely new level of awareness. Of how amazing we all really are.

If today's episode touched your heart or expanded your mind in any way, please do me a favor and be sure to share it with those you care about or those, you know, who really need it. As more and more people become empowered, it really will change our world for the better. That is the point and the power of these demonstrations is to create a radical shift in our world consciousness by showing everyone.

What we are all capable of. And of course each volunteer will really need to follow through to reinforce their programming, to maintain their results. But the point is for you to see that you really can create rapid results in your health and your life if you really understand how to use your mind. You are incredible.

And I do wanna be clear though, that most people will not get results this fast on their own. I make it look very easy because of the discoveries that I made. You'll want to remember that there's so much more going on in our minds at a deeper level than people realize. That said, if you want to send me any questions or comments, come visit me on my website at And if you're currently experiencing physical pain and would like to be a volunteer on the show, you can sign up there as well. Lastly Please remember, if you do have any health issues, you won't want to avoid your doctors. Instead, you'll want to continue seeing them and make it your goal to blow their minds with what you're capable of with your mind.

Thank you.



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