IQ-32: How to Move Past Uncertainty Into Opportunity


This is common; are you doing this in your life?

Many people don't realize that the very emotions (energy) that they bury, set aside, or ignore are the very emotions that can – and often do- subconsciously hold them back from the VERY things they want and/or are linked to their health issues.

And further, that when you release/transform these emotions, it doesn't just free you from negativity but also opens your mind and life to new opportunities. Is that you?

Have you been setting aside or ignoring stressful emotions during this time with COVID: such as frustration, uncertainty, anger, lack of motivation. If so, it's important for you to shift it so you can open yourself back up to the opportunity that is around you.
This awareness is more important than ever in today's world because most people are burying emotions now more than ever (Pretty much everyone has had some type of “stress” from COVID, lockdowns.)

Today's episode will inspire you to shift your energy away from uncertainty and into opportunity.

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