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Podcast Episode 024


024: Coronavirus: The Top 3 Reasons why you should social distance/self-quarantine now

People keep asking me if I think if they should self-quarantine/social distancing- EVEN if they have not been diagnosed with the coronavirus? I am also hearing many people who are in spiritual communities or mind/body healing communities who are feeling like this is just a hype. And that they don’t need to do anything. But here’s why you will want to do it sooner rather than later!

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  1. What about self quarantine for people who live alone? It’s one thing to distance yourself and hunker down with family but for those of us who live alone it’s total isolation and loneliness and a totally different mindset. Thanks for what you’re doing to calm the panic that’s going on.

    1. Hi Cheryl,

      I totally understand. My best suggestions would really depend on your situation and where you live because some cities are starting to close down everything now as it is. ie: San Fransisco is now on lockdown. So, that is definitely a factor as well. Idk if you can still move about – depending on where you are located.

      But, assuming that you are not in a place that is on lockdown, some ideas:
      If you have another single friend who is healthy and happy, you could invite them to have a staycation at your house (and bring their food reserves with them too!- ha) Then you can cook and watch movies and play games and enjoy. Or work from home together like co-working. So, that is an idea.

      OR, you could meet a friend on FaceTime for dinner… or a few of them on skype or zoom. (Yes, I have done this before… online dinners.. its fun!). And, funny but one time I was having dinner with a group of friends, and one person was out of town. So, we got her on an iPad on FaceTime and propped the iPad up at a dinner setting. So, she sat at the dinner table in her normal place. Ha. It made for an interesting dinner and a lot of laughs. So, you can do this with 1 or more 🙂

      Or, use this time as an excuse to connect (or reconnect) with family: You could reach out on video or phone…(call anytime… chances are they will be home. ha. A little humor. You have to laugh right 🙂 )

      Some other thoughts: there are always animals that need adoption or even just need a temporary home. Maybe you would like a fur-baby. It’s funny how much energy an animal can bring to your space.

      And, there is always social media – reaching out and connecting?

      I hope this helps and gives you some ideas. If these seem outside of your comfort then it’s even more of a reason to do it! <3 Consider it personal growth! <3 Also, you can join my group calls- I am holding them over the next couple weeks if you want to join.

      Again, I hope this helps.

      Sending you huge energy hugs!

  2. This is amazing!!!! I AM social distancing! It feels like an act of love.
    I especially LOVE the part about how we find ourselves syncing up. Excellent reminder to be the energy creator in our lives and stay “self” conscious in a positive way.
    From your first Coronavirus podcast, my money stopped going down. In fact, it has gone up!! Weeks ago I was in a panic as it was way down. I thought I was going to have to make some major life changes to be financially safe now and for my future. Then I listened in, shifted, and have continued to do so through your incredible guidance. I FEEL hopeful. Thank you SO much Brandy! You are such a gift.

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