084: Vaccine symptoms and “foreign” pain

Topics: Vaccine Symptoms. Foreign Pain. Identifying the core shift. Creating RAPID results.

You'll absolutely LOVE today's volunteer, Henriett. She is so sweet and fun however, unfortunately been experiencing multiple symptoms since she received her second vaccine – even 13 days out.  She's been to urgent care and still her symptoms have persisted. Join us for an enlightening, fun, empowering and eye opening episode! Whether you have concerns about the vaccine or you are just working on healing other issues, this is definitely an episode you won't want to miss. It is eye-opening for healing in general, on many levels!

This episode is PACKED full of insights for:

Creating radical shifts
Identifying the core issue
And for those who are experiencing symptoms from the COVID-19 vaccine.

Resources From The Episode:

Episode 18: https://brandygillmore.com/podcast-episode-018/



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