160: Shifting Your Consciousness For More Ease & Making The Most Out Of Life

Creating a genuine shift in your consciousness can open the doors to an amazing life. In this week’s podcast episode, Brandy continues part 2 with our beautiful volunteer Andrew who has been experiencing pain and struggles for many years. As Brandy continues to work with Andrew, she helps him uncover an area of pain and […]

159: Letting Go Of Struggle In Life To Embrace Ease

It can be very common for people to feel like it’s noble to persevere in life through struggle. There can be a feeling of “pride” to endure the struggles and pain in life for many people. What if it doesn’t have to be that way? What if you can transform your feelings of struggle so […]

158: Self-Love, Self-Acceptance, And Approval

What if a lack of self-love and a lack of feeling of approval or acceptance was holding you back or affecting your health?  The feeling of wanting approval or acceptance is a very real and common human experience. Many people experience feelings of wanting approval or acceptance, whether it be from parents, a caregiver, spouses, […]

157: Accepting Your Sexuality & Letting Go Of Guilt

Feeling the need to please others can lead us down an unhealthy path of self-judgment. In this podcast episode, Brandy continues working with Dave, who has had some guilt and shame-related struggles that affect his health and sleep. This episode takes an unexpected turn and provides some insights you won’t want to miss. Listen […]

156: A Deeper Understanding Of Your Brain

Your mind is a powerful tool, and understanding how your brain works can be life-changing. In part two of Brandy’s session with her wonderful volunteer, Dave, Brandy helps him go deep to identify key programming that has been counterintuitive and affecting his health and happiness. This is the perfect podcast episode for anyone who wants […]

155: Feeling Shame Or Guilt About Your Sexual Intimacy Can Unknowingly Affect You

Have you ever felt guilty or ashamed of your own desires? Unfortunately, feeling shame or guilt about sex can affect your health and life. And for many people, feelings of shame or guilt have been buried deep for so many years they don’t even realize it’s affecting them. In today’s episode, Brandy works with […]

154: Creating Real Change & Freeing Yourself From Long Held Emotional Patterns

Our minds are incredibly powerful, and when we’re able to tap into that power, we can create profound transformation in our health, our relationships, and in our lives. As Brandy continues with part 3 of her session with her volunteer, Sophia, you’ll see just how capable our minds are and how quickly and easily […]

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