🎙️ 100: How To Set Your Mind and Consciousness for Transformation


In today's podcast episode, I discuss expanding your mind and looking at things differently so that you can shift your energy and prepare your mind for transformation. It's more important than ever to be happy and lift your energy. It will help you FEEL better and helps contribute positivity to the collective consciousness.

I also continue the session from last week with our lovely volunteer, Michelle. In part 2, we pick up where we left off to shift tricky relationships patterns affecting her health and other areas of her life.

Other insights included in this episode are:

  • Lifting your energy during difficult times
  • Expanding your mind and looking at things in a different way
  • The importance of love and deserving
  • Liberating yourself from guilt and self-punishment patterns

And much more!

Link to podcast episode 10,  with Zhena's the woman whose tumor disappeared as she stepped into her power.

Additional links and resources: 

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