Quick IQ 15: Have You Tried Everything And Feel Like It’s Not Working?

Today’s episode answers a question sent in via email about a woman who has been trying to heal herself and transform her life for over 20 years. And despite all of her effort she can see clearly her life hasn’t changed. Yet she sees people all around her who are not as spiritual creating […]

Quick IQ 14: What Is The Most Important Factor To Cultivating Happiness?

For a lot of people happiness feels elusive and something they are constantly chasing which was the case for Jamie who is the listener who wrote in today’s question. She wrote, “What is the key to happiness?” and as I answer her there are a lot of insights to help you bring happiness to your life. […]

Quick IQ 13: Understanding The Hidden Layers Of Your Energy And Emotions

For years in my own life, I struggled to get results and there were many breakthroughs that I had that made a radical change. Today I share one of those with you. You’ll be able to understand the complexities of the layers of energy and emotions in your body so you can: * Gain more […]

Quick IQ 12: NOT “A.M.P.ing Your Energy

Most people who are working with the mind do not really understand how the mind works. They try to force information in, rather than SHIFTing it into a new place of understanding. In today’s episode we discuss: * Expanding yourself AND your life * The importance of not sending energy in the wrong way – […]

Quick IQ 10: Changing Your Reality By Programming Your Mind & Your Energy

When it comes to getting real results in your health and life, it does require you to make a real shift in your mind & energy… but that is where a lot of people fall short.  Instead of creating a real shift, or programming their mind, they erroneously are trying to get the information in […]

Quick IQ 09: Developing/Expanding Intuition

Today we discuss:  3 simple things you can do to continue to develop your intuition & I also answer questions from a listener email. These IQ (Insights & Questions) episodes were specifically for created to provide you with powerful “Insights” & give you a way to get your questions answered. On today’s episode we dive […]

Quick IQ 08: Getting information from your Mind/Dreams & Consciousness

Most people are completely overlooking the awareness that our minds are always communicating valuable information to us, even in unexpected ways! And… the more you understand your mind, the more information you will be able to get from it and the more you will be able to fully use the power of your mind! In […]

Quick IQ 07: Connecting more with energy & improving your life!

Many people unknowingly BLOCK the energy around them instead of opening their mind to connect with it even more. In today’s quick episode we look at simple ways to change and expand your connection with energy and a few simple things that you can do to have an even better life! Share this episode with […]

Quick IQ 06: The 3 core issues that STOP people from getting rapid results

In this episode, I expose the top reasons that people get stuck and do not get the results that they want when it comes to healing and life transformation.  Most people don’t realize just how counterintuitive the mind is… so they get stuck in the same cycles OR they head in the wrong direction OR […]

Quick IQ 05: Brain Stimulation. What you’ll want to Do & Avoid

Brain stimulation with technology is becoming a fast-growing area of research. Some devices help radically boost endorphins and dopamine. BUT is it safe for you? In this episode we cover: 1. What you NEED to know ahead of time. 2. What you’ll WANT to do 3. What you’ll want to avoid/steer clear of… Share […]

Quick IQ 04: Unity Consciousness” & Overcoming Fear

Mind programming is so much more counterintuitive than people realize. That is part of the reason people are so stuck when it comes to things like healing, fear, anxiety, depression and mind programming in general. In this episode we look at the big picture of what is needed to make a real shift in one’s […]

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