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Welcome to Heal Yourself, Change Your Life. My name is Brandy Gillmore, and after recovering from my own life, changing injury is become my mission to share with others the same discoveries I made that changed my health and my entire. Our minds are truly incredible. The placebo is proof of this. Each week I will take this simple awareness to a whole new level.

I will even coach live callers to free themselves of physical pain using only their mind, and then I'll provide you with a combination of practical and spiritual insights that you can use to master your mind, your emotions, and your. To help you heal your health yourself and your life. Let's begin.

Hello and welcome. It is so wonderful to connect with you. I just love that you are here continuing to expand your mind, your energy, your consciousness, your healing. I just love it. And I wanna start today's episode by thanking you. The listener, I mean, you guys have been sharing and sending in messages and, and listening and, and taking action in your life and it's just so sweet.

And today I was just looking through stats where we are on making a difference in the world because you know, that's the goal, right? Is to really make a change. And, you know, we're in. 1% of all podcasts around the world, which right now, currently there are almost 3 million podcasts. And you know, I think the exact number it says is 2,955,732 podcasts globally.

That's a lot of podcasts. And so the fact that we are in the top 1% of all podcasts is just awesome, and we're in 130 different countries. And so I just really wanted to thank you from my heart. You know, the very reason that I wanted to start this podcast, of course, was to help people to see that we are really amazing, that we can get real results, that we can change our lives, and it is doable and it doesn't take 20, 30, or 40 years.

And, and so I just, I love. It's making the impact that it is. It just really, really touches my heart and I just have so much gratitude for you, for your awareness, for who you are, and then just that we're on this beautiful journey of life together. And, and thank you. And thank you and so on that note, let's go ahead and dive in to another beautiful, beautiful episode.

Our volunteer. He's so wonderful. You're going to love him. His name is Andrew and he's such a sweetheart. You're going to love him. He's sweet and he's wonderful, and he just got married and it's precious and he's also had a lot of pain going on. In his body for many, many, many years. And so that's what we're looking at addressing on today's episode.

And as you'll notice, he has amazing self-awareness, really great self honesty, and a lot of people will resonate with the exact challenges or mindset that he's having. And so I love this. And let's go ahead and dive in with Andrew. Here we go.

Hello. Hello. 

It's wonderful to connect with 

you. You too. Yeah. Thank you for the 

opportunity. Absolutely. And, uh, what can I help you with today? 

I'm in lots of pain. I watch your TED talk and just you standing up out that wheelchair was just, Wow. I thought well need to reach out to you and see if you can help me how to exercise the, the pain for my body.

It's, I know it's emotional. I've done some EMDR work, um, and my legs were on fire when we were doing the processing of what happened to me when I was a kid. Um, but it's still, there hasn't. Disappeared. Okay. 

And, um, that's, uh, I totally understand. That's not fun. And, and if I ask you right now, uh, what's, what is your level of, of feeling like your legs are on fire?

Um, probably about a three at the moment. I've taken some, um, medicine, which reduces the nerve pain. 

Okay. And so, uh, we're gonna dive right in. Is that okay with you? 

Okay. Okay. 

All right. So I'm gonna ask you just for a moment to. And if I ask you how much you feel like our thoughts help create our lives, what would you say?


a hundred percent clear. 

Yeah, a hundred percent. Okay, great. So I'm gonna ask you just for a moment to breathe. Mm-hmm.  belly breathing or chest 


whatever feels relaxing to you. Okay. Just, um, there we go. So I'm gonna ask you just for a moment, just, just relax. Just take a moment to relax and I'm gonna ask you to notice what would it feel like right now if your life was the way it wanted to, you wanted it to be right now, what would that feel like to you mentally or physically?

Let's say both, but if you felt happy with your life right now, if your life, if, if you just felt like, like life was amazing right now, how, how would that, how big would you smile? What would that feel like inside of you to feel that way about life? 

Um, full of energy, very vibrant, um, capable to run and jump and dance and do sorts of physical.

Great. So I'm gonna ask you just for a moment to breathe, and I'm gonna ask you just for a moment to take that in, to take in that feeling for a moment, what it would feel like right now if you were free from the past. Free from all that stuff. Free from it, a hundred percent. And you've felt good. You felt great in your body, and things were actually going your way, things were working out, things were going your way, things were getting better and better and better.

And I'm gonna ask you just for a moment to breathe. And what would that feel like? What would it really feel like? How would you feel inside feeling like life was going your way? Things were go like, like you actually felt free from the past and you really just felt like life was amazing. Like it just started to flow.

What would that, what would 

that even feel like?

All right, so let's go ahead and pause it just for a really quick moment. You know, first and foremost, I just love him. He's so wonderful and has great self-awareness, great self honesty. He's just down to earth, just a sweetheart. You just feel it from him, and I love that. And as we go through this next part, you'll want to notice those specific feelings that I'm talking about with him is the feeling toward.

Life itself, not necessarily the events in life. Some of it has to do with that, which you'll see coming up, but also a feeling towards life and how you feel about life is a part of the key that we'll be talking about. So I just wanted to leave you that note ahead of time as we step back in with beautiful Andrew.

Here we 


Just the, the body would feel clean. And how 

would you feel emotionally? 

I mean, I'm, I'm pretty clear on the emotions side of it. Um, a lot of the trauma I'm feeling is, is deep seated. It's not on the surface. And I know I've done four years of counseling and a lot of EMDR work. Um, I'm a happy chap. You know, I've just recently got married, uh, to the love of my life, my best friend.

Um, I'm super happy, so my job's going well. Um, mm-hmm.  finances suck, but. Tough that. Yeah, I'm, I'm, I'm good. Um, it's just my body really hurts. Mm-hmm. , 

so I hear you on, I hear you. What you hear. I'm, 

Go ahead. What you, what you ask is, I'm, I'm thinking of, of how my body would feel. Mm-hmm. . 

So, um, I'm thinking about real quick, how life would feel, How would life feel?

What would life feel like without the pain? 

Easy. What would life be like? 

Easy. Bingo. There you go. Easy, easy. Now, I'm gonna ask you to breathe 


And just for a moment, I want you to notice easy notice that feeling of easy, that it would feel easy. And if I ask you to notice, there's a feeling of feeling like you've had some pretty intense hardships.

Can you see that? Mm. If I ask you zero to 10, how much the hardships have felt, uh, intense, What would you say? 10. Mm-hmm. ? 10. So I'm gonna ask you just for a moment to breathe and there's a part of your mind, I want to see if you can see this. That feels like. Like there's a pride in hardship, uh, like a pride in, in, in the hardship and like easy is is not as impressive.

Can you find that feeling? 

Yeah, I agree 

totally. You agree? I love your awareness. I love your awareness. Beautiful. So I'm gonna ask you just for a moment to breathe. If I told you that there was another gentleman that I was working with who has this feeling of, of pride or, uh, around hardship. Feels like easy.

It's not that impressive and not that great. How does, how does his life go? 

He's gonna constantly be banging into 

things. Exactly. Banging into things, having hardship and struggle and all that, right? Yeah. Now, by the way, uh, you mentioned finances also, right? Mm-hmm. . So what if life was more in flow easily, and even finances were more in flow easily.

What if life wasn't such a struggle? What if you didn't need hardship? 

That would 


nice and easy. Great. I'm gonna ask you just for a moment to breathe, and I want you to think about, there's a third grader who's struggling to do their math, or there's a third grader who's doing his math and it looks easy.

Which one would you say is most impressive? 

The guy who does really good math. 

Okay, great. So there's a surfer. One guy who's really, really, really struggling to surf, and another one who makes it look so easy. Which one's more impressive? 

I wanna say the guy who can surf well, but the guy who's struggling would impress me too.

Cause he's trying . 

Okay, but wait a second. Wait a sec. Wait a second. So notice what if there's a guy who's trying. And he is doing well at it. 


Fantastic. Okay, so why does he need to be struggling to 

do his surfing? Well, 

okay, so you have to struggle to get there. 

Uh, my life experiences of me struggling is the only way I ever get through anything.

Okay. So I'm gonna ask you just for a moment to breathe, and if I ask you when you grew up, how much it was looked down upon if things were too. How much would you say that is? 

Very true. Yeah. Mm-hmm. ? 

Yeah. So I'm gonna ask you just for a moment to breathe, and I want you to think about the next 10, 20, 30 years of your life.

Wouldn't it be impressive if you are struggling and struggling and struggling, or. Would it be more impressive if you are, your thoughts are helping to create your life and you're feeling crazy in love and happy and just loving life and loving your work and loving what you do and and loving your partner and, and you guys are enjoying and in love and laughing and celebrating.

Which one do you think is most impressive for the next 10, 20, 30 years of your life? 

Second one, obviously. Yeah. 

Great. So I'm gonna ask you just for a moment to breathe and I'm gonna ask you to take in the feeling that, yeah, that's most impressive. That's most impressive. Now I also want you to notice, are you tired of struggling?

Yeah. Big time. 

Okay. So I'm gonna ask you just for a moment to breathe, and I want you to think about, let's say somebody's 30 years into surfing and they're struggl. How impressive is that? 

It could be impressive, but it's probably not impressive if you, Okay, so 

why could it be impressive? 

He's still at it.

He hasn't given up . 

Okay. Do you know what that tells me though? What's that? Is that he should have got training to do it a different way that he's trying? I, I would say it's not that impressive because I would say his perseverance. To, to continue going. I wouldn't even say that was impressive. And the reason why is I would say if you've been doing something for 30 years and you're still struggling at it, that you need to be willing to, to get advice, to take lessons, to take direction, to do something different.

Like to, to learn in a different way. Right. That be the 

sensible thing to do. Yeah. 

Be sensible, right? So I would say somebody who's struggling at the same thing for 30 years doesn't have that sensibility that says, Get some directions, get some lessons, learn how to do it a different way. I would say that person is probably very stubborn and has one, one track mind of doing it one way and does it and is not open to doing it more ways.

Okay. How does that feel? Okay. Yeah. Great, great. So I'm gonna ask you just for a moment to breathe.

All right, so let's go ahead and pause it just for a quick moment. You know, first and foremost, I just love this guy. He's so sweet. He has amazing self awareness and self honesty and noticing what's coming up for him, and it's beautiful and. What I want you to notice is, of course, I am pushing him a lot right now and kind of making it very unattractive to have that struggle, you know, kind of squashing it, if you will.

And that of course is because it is connected to his burning pain in his legs. And so, you know, I'll push as hard as I possibly can to get him to change it so he can see. What the pain is connected to. So that's something that you'll want to notice is that I am pushing because I don't want his brain to ever go down this same neural pathway again.

And what you'll notice is that his brain has multiple connections to struggle. And what's great is that he, you know, as he brings him up, he's like, you. This is how I feel. And he kinda, he knows that it's not necessarily correct way of thinking, but he's also like, This is what I'm feeling. And what's also really great about that is because I know that so many people have one or more of these links, and so you'll wanna just notice as I'm going through with Andrew, if.

You have any of those same links, and of course if you do, to make sure to shift them because life gets a lot better when it doesn't have to feel like a struggle. And you'll notice there are multiple insights coming up on this note. So that said, let's dive in with beautiful Andrew. Here we go.

And I'm gonna assume you're a day or two over 30 years old. . 

I'm over 50. Yeah, exactly. 

Exactly. Yeah. I, I feel you. I feel you. So I'm gonna ask you just for a moment to breathe and bingo. And what if you were gonna do life differently in that you were okay with it being easy. You were actually impressed.

You felt impressive, and it was wonderful, and it was just a, What was impressive was that you is that you are in love, and what's impressive is that you're celebrating life. And what's impressive is that you're happy and, and what's impressive is that you're a kind, wonderful, aware, awake man who's carrying and kind and, and what's impressive is who you've.

And who you are and your character and, and the being that you are, that's what's impressive, not the struggle. How'd you feel about that? 

Something came up for me when you're talking just then I would feel uneasy if I wasn't struggling, which sounds really terrible, but my whole life has been a struggle, so yeah, if I felt it as easy, I'd be worried that something was wrong.

Mm-hmm. . Totally. Ok. So I'm gonna ask you just for a moment to breathe. And I love your self awareness. You're beautiful. Very, very impressive. And by the way, how long ago did you get married? Three months ago. Congratulations. Congratulations. Absolutely. Absolutely. So I'm gonna ask you just for a moment to breathe, and I'm gonna ask you just for a moment to notice.

So where we started was seeing yourself. What if you were healthy and happy?  and that's where you were in life right now is, is you are actually healthy and happy and life felt useful and good. Could you be okay with that? Could you actually find that not only comfortable, but beautiful and wonderful and, and thank you universe and it's awesome?

Mm. And not only that, but your thoughts help create your life, right? 

So, There's some shadow coming up. What's that? There's some shadow coming up. Okay. But, uh, I'm 

gonna ask you just for a moment. 

What's that? Go ahead. Yeah, just, uh, the shadow is, um, life's not worth living unless it's a struggle, which sounds crazy and silly, but that's what's coming up.

Okay. And, 

uh, I want you to picture the, what that looks like if the next 20 years of your marriage is a.

No, thank you, . How does your 

wife feel about that? 

Uh, sh She's been through a lot too, and we're both happy to know each other and love each other and finally meet each other. Mm-hmm. . So, um, yeah, we're, we're onwards and upwards. 

No more stroke. I'm up and upwards, so watch this. Okay. So let's say your thoughts help create your life, right?

Hmm. So let's say there's one guy and he is going through life. And it's easeful and wonderful and blissful and great and abundant. How's he doing it? Creating his life? 

I guess he's just finds it easy. Nothing. Well, 

it depends. Cause his thoughts help create his life. Right? Right. So it's kind of impressive.

If he's got a great life, then it's a reflection of what's going on in inside. Correct. Yeah, yeah, yeah, that's true. So it's kind of impressive that his mindset. Is that beautiful, that his mindset is of ease, of harmony, of beautiful relationships, of connecting, of harmony. It, it tells me that he's got a more harmonious mindset.


Yeah. Yeah. 

Okay. And would you say a harmonious mindset is impressive? 

Yes, a hundred percent. 

Yeah. Beautiful. Now, if I ask you if there's another gentleman, Who's going through life and he's got a lot of turmoil and struggle and hardship and this and that and the other. How harmonious is his mind?

Probably not. Probably not. Okay. So if I ask you which one's most impressive, what would you say? 

The guy that's, um, good on the inside as well as the outside. 

Bingo. Great. So I'm gonna ask you just for a moment to breathe. And I want you to think about exactly that. What if you are that guy? What if you are that guy and your life is harmonious and loving and wonderful?

And it's impressive because it shows that you're harmonious and your, you've elevated your consciousness and your, your mindset in a beautiful way that your life that you're creating and at attract, it's just beautiful and wonderful and it's impressive. It shows. The harmony that's going on in your mindset, how would that feel to you?

Something comes up for me now. Again, shadow stuff. Um, not authentic. 

Great. So gimme one second. So I'm gonna ask you just for a moment to breathe, and I'm gonna ask you just for a moment, what if it was authentic? What if it was, I gotta be honest with you, the way that I got this gift to be able to feel what people are feeling is because I created.

Authentic change. It opened my mind up to then be able to access even more. That's what happened. So what if your change was authentic and it opened up your mind in your consciousness and created even more harm, harmony in your life? How would that feel? And I'm gonna ask you just for a moment, how would that feel?

How would that feel? And I'm gonna ask you to breathe and I'm gonna ask you to a hundred percent come with me. So I'm gonna, I'm gonna ask you a question and I just want you to feel it, okay? So you don't have to. Okay, but I just want you to feel it. How would that feel if you were safe? Feeling like a life of ease?

How would that feel? And you don't have to answer, just notice. No need to answer. Just notice. How would that feel? How would it feel if you knew it was impressive for you to have an amazing life? It was easeful. It showed that your mind was really easeful and then your life reflected that and your mi your life was harmonious and it was an indication that your thoughts, your energy, your mindset was harmonious and wonderful.

And I'm gonna ask you to breathe. That's impressive. That's impressive. And I'm gonna ask you to breathe and take in the feeling. That's what's impressive when you start realizing that, when you change your mindset, that that, when you realize that our thoughts help create our lives. It's impressive cuz this is the thing.

Struggle is typically derived from this. Imagine for a moment if you took your left hand and you pushed something really, really, really hard away from you and your right hand, you pulled it towards you as hard as you could. How much does struggle? Does that sound like? A lot? A lot. Now that's where struggle is derived from, is most people they try physically for something that they want.

But they don't know that their mindset, their thoughts are helping create their life and their thoughts are absolutely not aligned with what they're wanting consciously. Mm-hmm. . And so the struggle is that part of them wants something, part of them doesn't, and it's like the right hand in the left, and then they're pushing as hard as they can and then struggle is created.

Does that make sense? Yeah, totally. So how impressive is struggle? Not, it's not when somebody's struggling, it's a good indicator. That they don't understand that they're not aligned with what it is that they're actually wanting. So they're physically struggling for something while their brain and subconscious mind is wanting something completely different.

And so it shows lack of awareness said with kindness, but that's where struggles drive from, right? Right. Yep. Okay, so I'm gonna ask you to breathe, and I want you to think about how impressive that would be if you spend your life in struggle, which becomes an I. That your mind wants, one part of your mind wants something and their body's going towards something else, and that's what your struggle looks like, how, how amazing would that be for your whole future?

How impressive would that be? It'd be nice. Very, very good flow, easy, um, comfortable. If all that wasn't true, what you just said. Okay. 

So I'm gonna ask you just for a moment to breathe.

All right, so let's go ahead and actually pause the session right here. And there are two reasons for that. First and foremost, I wanna make sure to be impeccable with my words on the feelings of struggle. So I wanna break this down a bit more.  so you have some more insight around this particular topic in life, just because I know so many people feel like they're struggling in life, so I want to make sure and break this down even more.

So that's one thing. The other thing is that what you'll notice is that as we continue to go, his pain actually goes a bit up instead of down, and you'll see why that is. And also there's just such a strong attach. To the struggle piece, and of course you notice I'm pushing really hard now. Part of the reason that I push so hard when somebody's stuck is because this is how I feel.

I feel like if a person can see the very way of thinking that is linked to their pain, then they know how to get there. They know what it is they need to do.  to really shift their pain. And so sometimes I'll push and push and push so they can see, Oh my God, it is a zero. And then of course, Then they'll need to reinforce it and reinforce it, because if not, it'll go back into the old negative pain that is so key.

And so we are gonna talk about that coming up. We are gonna talk about changing consciousness and what that looks like, and we're gonna talk about that on the other half of this. With Anders, so we're gonna continue that next week. But first, I wanna invite you to do an exercise to really embrace change if struggle has been an issue for you, so then you can incorporate this into your life.

Now, first and foremost, as far as it being easy, as far as life being easy, I would invite you to write down a list of all the reasons why it's great, why it's impressive, why it's wonder. For life to be. And taking that in, why ease full and wonderful. And, and by the way, when I say easy, that doesn't mean that you sit around and do nothing.

It means like, the way I like to look at it is even the feeling of a runner's high. You know, it's like as you're going through life and you get in this flow of doing things and being, or traveling here, or doing this, or having, you know, it's, it's exhilarating. It's fun, it's energizing, it feels good, and it doesn't mean that you don't.

Challenges where you say, Okay, well I'm gonna grow and I'm gonna do this and I'm gonna grow and I'm gonna do that. But that you do it from a place that doesn't feel like a struggle. That feels like learning and expanding and productivity. It's like, again, using the example of the runners high. I mean, imagine somebody's running and they're struggling to just run.

They're struggling and. That what that looks like. You know, the feeling of that, the energy of that, compared to if somebody says, Okay, I'm gonna beat my next time and I'm gonna do my best time ever. And so I'm gonna run and I'm gonna get in this runner's high and I'm gonna do it and I'm gonna feel the exhilaration and the energy of it, and it's gonna feel fun and.

That feeling, you know, of feeling alive in it and not feeling that struggle feeling. So that's the feeling. So even if you said, You know what? I'm gonna continue to expand in life and I'm gonna enjoy it, and it's gonna feel exhilarating, and it's gonna feel in flow and productive and wonderful and full of life.

But not feeling like a struggle and hardship and problems and challenges and pride in the hardship are the worst things ever and, and all of that because it does impact your life and your health and your happiness and everything in a major way, even though many people don't even realize it's happening.

A lot of people, they know it's there, but they think, Ah, you know, it's there. Sure, but it's not affecting my life. And I can tell you if it's. It is affecting your life in one way or another, even though you may not realize it, and it may not be your health, it may be your finances, it may be your career, it may be your relationship.

It may be challenges, it may be traumas, It may, you know, it can show up in a variety of different ways. So just encouraging you to, if this is something for you to make sure to write that down, why it is impressive to be easeful and wonderful. So that's one thing. Now, also, there are a few other reason.

That a person can experience struggle. And so we talked about one of them is having that pride and struggle. That's one. Another one is being out of alignment where the left hand wants something different than the right hand, and it feels like that struggle now. That's another reason. And so if that is something in your life, you wanna make sure that you're aligning to it fully, that whatever it is that you're wanting, that you really.

All of the way. So I wanna invite you to look at that and be honest with yourself. Do you really want it all of the way? So that's another piece. Now, another thing that can come up is integrity. That can create that struggle feeling as well. Like all the time I'll see people who are striving for something.

And it's out of integrity. Like there's guilt about it or they're trying to take from somebody, or they're one way or another. It is not an integrity. And so what'll happen is it creates a very bumpy ride or. Extreme struggle. And so that's another thing as well. And just notice, because a lot of times people will justify to themselves, Oh, well, Soandso did this to me, or Soandso did that to me.

So it's okay if I take from them, or it's okay if I do this or that, or, you know, uh, I've seen people with non-profits or whatnot who are, you know, justifying their actions because they're like, Well, I'm helping people, so it's okay if I. Take this, that, the other, yada, yada, yada. And then it creates a really bumpy ride in life.

And so that's another thing you wanna note. Or people will have a belief that says, Well, if it's easy or if things are really great, others will be jealous and they won't like me. That is also another common thing that I see as well. And so I just wanna invite you to really look at this in your life and notice.

If there are any of these things that you have going on, and if so, make sure to really transform them, to change them, to start looking at them in a different way. And right now, in today's episode, you could write down a list of new ways that you want to feel about it and, and write that down and. As I mentioned on the second part of today's session, next week we're actually gonna talk even more about shifting consciousness and the importance of shifting your consciousness and your perspective on things and is a key to lasting transformation.

So that said, I just wanna invite you to write down anything that might be up for you and start to get that information into your. In a new way. All right, so that said, I look forward to continuing with this on the next episode. And by the way, as always, I wanna ask you to please do hit the share button on this episode.

You know, share it with somebody you love, somebody you care about, or somebody you don't even know. The more happy and empowered and loving and healthy that every single person is in our world. The better this world is for all of us, and so please do make sure to hit the share button and make sure to have a most wonderful, happy, fabulous rest of your day, and I look forward to connecting with you on the next episode.

I'll see you there.

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