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Welcome to Heal Yourself, Change Your Life. My name is Brandy Gillmore, and after recovering from my own life changing injury, it's become my mission to share with others the same discoveries I made that changed my health and my entire. Our minds are truly incredible. The placebo is proof of this. Each week I will take this simple awareness to a whole new level.

I will even coach live callers to free themselves of physical pain using only their mind, and then I'll provide you with a combination of practical and spiritual insights that you can. To master your mind, your emotions, and your energy to help you heal your health yourself and your life. Let's begin.

Hello and welcome. It is so wonderful to connect with you. I just love that you are here continuing to expand your mind, your energy, your consciousness, and your healing. I just love it and you know, I just love every episode. It just has a different twist or turn or insight that can help you to see with more clarity.

Or take your health, your happiness, your life to the next level and even gain a deeper level of insight and awareness. So I just love that and I absolutely love our volunteer today. Her name is Monica, and she's just precious. She's so sweet. As you may recall, I started working with her on last week's episode and the first half of the session, Was on last week's episode, and she did an incredible job at releasing her pain.

If you recall, she had a level seven of pain in her leg and a level four in her hip, and she was able to release both of those, and there's just a tiny bit of pain left in her lower leg. So that's what we're going to be working on in this second half of her session. And the reason that I wanted to split up the session and kind of just pause, the other part is because the insights and takeaways from last week's episode were so important, I wanted to give you a moment to really integrate those and take.

Those in, and the insights from this part of the session are also key to being able to lift yourself to experience more happiness, more joy in life, and to be able to really genuinely create the shifts that you're wanting. And so that's where we're going [00:03:00] on today's episode, is that we are going to pick up in the session where we left off.

As we dive back in with beautiful Monica here, we.

And we're gonna do one more shift. And the reason why is because we want you to get these in and get them in so it becomes your new way of thinking. So, and feeling so it's strong. So we're gonna do just a little bit more to, to see if we can get that little lower piece as well. Okay. And, uh, and then what I'm gonna ask you to do is, is really ingrain this and get it in.

Does that make sense? Yes. It. Great. Great, great. So I'm gonna ask you just for a moment to breathe, and I'm gonna push a little bit, right? And here we go. And I'm gonna say, Sir, are you tired of beating yourself up and feel guilty and bad, and like you're a bad blah, blah, blah. Are you bored with that pattern yet?

Yes. Very bored. Yeah. So I'm gonna ask you just for a moment to breathe. [00:04:00] Let me ask you to breathe. I'm gonna ask you just for a moment. Bingo. Uh, by the way, nobody in the world has ever made a mistake, right? Most people haven't, never made a mistake. Um, well, I hate to disagree with you, , but we've all made, we've all had our share of oopses, and there we go.

We've all had, Okay, So I'm gonna ask you to breathe, and does that mean everybody for. Who's ever made a mistake? Well, four year old, blah, blah, blah, all of that. Who's ever made a mistake? She'd walk around and feel bad, like they don't deserve a great life. No, no. You included. Everybody's made a mistake, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah.

And I'm gonna ask you to breathe, and I'm gonna ask you just for a moment to take in the awareness, the feeling. You deserve a great life. Life. You deserve a great life. Now there's another piece.

All right, so let's go ahead and [00:05:00] pause it just for a really quick moment. You know, first and foremost, as you can see from the playfulness and also the blah, blah blah that I just said. Obviously this is very unconventional, but there's a reason for it. You know, if I told her that she shouldn't be feeling guilty, then.

I'm basically kind of telling her that she's doing it wrong or shaming her, which could actually just increase her feeling bad and her feeling guilty and feeling like she's doing it wrong, or feelings of criticism. You know, there's a lot of different emotions that could come up with that. And as I was checking in with her energy there and working with her mind, there were about 65 different ways that I could have said something to reinforce.

The problem instead of shifting it. So that was the reason for blah, blah, blah . So yes, it's [00:06:00] unconventional, but those were the only words that I could find that would not reinforce the problem. And to get her, of course, to help her to shift the rest of the pain that's remaining in her leg that. Was the best direction to go to get there.

And also, I want you to notice that ultimately from this I said, you know, go ahead and do that and, and this makes sense, right? And she said, Of course everybody has made a mistake, and the reason that I put it in that way where it sounds a bit sarcastic, is it's not about the sarcasm, it's about letting her make the decision and feeling that without, of course, reinforcing any of the negative neural pathways.

So either way, point being. Is that in your life, you are the power and you make the decision, and just like she's the power here [00:07:00] and she's making the decision, you wanna make sure that if you've made mistakes in your past, which everybody has. That there's no point in continuing to feel guilty about it and making that decision to be done with guilt or feeling bad and to really genuinely let it go and to feel that.

And so that said, just kind of pointing that out. I know it's a bit unconventional, but you feeling like the power, you making that decision. It's a powerful decision to make. And of course, you'll want to feel. With conviction. All right, so that said, let's go ahead and dive back in with beautiful Monica.

Here we go.

Sometimes when you've been feeling off or down for a while, having a better life feels impossible. It's kind of like this. If somebody is in a hole in the underground, in a. How well can they see a bunch of opportunity all around them? Not very well. Not very well. Now, if somebody is up in an airplane, how well can they see the world around?

They have a really good bird's eye view. Bird's eye view. There you go. So the thing of it is, is the more you lift your. The more you will see opportunities. So sometimes people are like, But I can't get better cause I can't do this and I can't do that and I don't know what I'm gonna do. But they're looking around the world from a place of being stuck in the hole instead of lifting themselves and then going, You know what?

You know, like you see more opportunity, you see better the more you lift yourself. Does that make sense? Yes, it does. Great. So I'm gonna ask you just for a moment to breathe.

All right, so let's go ahead and pause it just for a really quick moment. You know, first and foremost, I wanna say that of course, I'm not judging at all about, you know, people who wanna be able to see the path moving forward before they do it. That's where I was, you know, I was in the whole, I couldn't see opportunity.

I couldn't see a way forward. I felt stuck. I was just in a really bad place. You know, all of the time I'll see people who have gone through a very hard period of time, who are stuck in a place where you can't see the opportunity. It just looks like everything is messed up, everything is hard, everything is impossible.

There's no way out. There's no way to solve it. I've been there, and when I was there, the only thing my brain wanted to do. Exit life. It's like my brain was stuck on wanting to exit life. Either that or meditate because at least I could mentally escape and kind of [00:10:00] bliss out. But. That's also part of the reason my life continued to get worse and worse and worse is because the more I was stressed and the more I was wanting to just check out, then I just kind of mentally checked out and meditated, meditated, meditated for like 10 hours a day, you know?

And as much as I could. And it's like everything in life continue to get worse and worse and worse. And of course, I was doing it trying to heal, and so I just wanted to heal and heal and heal. ultimately. It just got me in a worse downward spiral. Cause I was really just kind of checking out of life. And so point being here is that if you are in a place where you are checking out of life, or if you are in a place where you can't see the opportunity moving forward, or if you were in a place where you feel like.

Dark. You feel like it's, you know, there is no way to move forward. There is no opportunity. There is no hope. The biggest thing you'll want to know is to lift yourself, and I cannot tell you how many times I have worked with people or had people go through my programs who were in a very bad place and they just focused on.

Doing exactly that, lifting themselves. And from that place of continuing to lift and continuing to lift, it becomes life changing. And that's ultimately the foundation of what changed my life is exactly that. You know, I didn't know that I could get better and I didn't see a way. I was in such a bad place and meditation wasn't working anymore to check out.

I mean, I was checking out and checking out, but depression got worse and worse, and my mind was more on just wanting to exit life. It just, it was not a great place. And so I switched from [00:12:00] doing hours and hours of meditation and B beats and mind programming and all of these things and, and listening to recordings and, and doing all.

To then mastering my mind, mastering my emotions, lifting myself, and actually instead of checking out, checking in and radically focusing on shifting, and it was life changing. I did more in two months of doing that than I did in six years of meditating and B beats and all of these things, and recordings and programming and.

You know, all of this stuff when I really actually just understood how my mind worked and started creating that radical shift. So if you are somebody who is in a bad place, my biggest suggestion is lift, lift, lift and really master your mind, master your emotions, and create that radical change, because as you do, it feels.

Exactly like I was just talking to Monica about, it feels like you go from being in the hole where you don't see any opportunity to where you lift yourself and you have more clarity and you can see a way forward and you see a path, and maybe it's not the whole path, but you can move forward and have an opportunity and another one and another one, and it's like doors start to open when it had previously felt like there.

No way forward. And so just wanting to note and reinforce that again, lifting yourself and really creating that pivotal change in how you feel doesn't just change your emotions and the internal world, it really can change your life. And so just again, wanting to reinforce that. And that said, stepping back in with beautiful Monica, here we go.

And if I ask you to think about the awareness of your mind, like you are releasing this pain, you're doing this right? Yes. So, out of curiosity today, do you wanna think a negative thought towards yourself or knowing that your, your thoughts are powerful or a positive thought towards yourself? Positive thought.

Great. So I'm gonna ask you to breathe and breathe and, and even more so even, you know, positive feelings, right? Even feeling it right? Yes. Great. So I'm gonna ask you to breathe, and I'm gonna ask you to take in the feeling and the awareness that you're amazing, that you, my dear, are amazing. Your thoughts, your emotions, even more than your thoughts, your emotions.

Emotions are powerful. And I'm gonna ask you to breathe. You're amazing. Take in that feeling. It's [00:15:00] true. And we're beating yourself up and we're being hard on yourself. You're amazing. It's true. And I'm gonna ask you to breathe and think about being part of this amazing change and taking that feeling in that you're incredible and you deserve a great life.

And I'm gonna ask you to breathe and take that. Good. Good, good. And I want you to notice the level of pain in your, uh, lower leg. I want your lower discomfort. I'm gonna say like a kind of a 0.2. That's exactly what I was gonna say. A 0.2. Okay. And so this is what we're gonna do. So notice you got your pain, you're in your legs down from a seven down, gone, except for that little discomfort.

In the lower part and your hip also. And so what I wanna do is stop here cuz I know that there's a lot of different things going on with your body and I want you to [00:16:00] reinforce this and really embody this change. Does that make sense? Yes, absolutely. Great. So to make it real, real, real change in your health, the information has to be so ingrained in you.

So this. Is going in. Your emotions will need to be so ingrained into you that it's in your subconscious mind, so your unconscious mind. So kind of like this, have you ever done something before where you find yourself doing something like your mother or your father and you're like, Oh my God, where did that come from?

Have you ever done that before? Yes. Yes. Okay. And the thing of it is that information is in your unconscious subconscious mind, right? Yes, it is. So what I'm gonna ask you to do is get this information in and these feelings in over and over and over and over, that they are just part of you. It's part of who you are as part of how you feel.

It's in your [00:17:00] unconscious subconscious mind. So that's what I'm wanting you to do. Does that make sense? Yeah, it makes absolute sense. Beautiful. You are amazing, honey. You are so amazing and it has been so wonderful connecting. Yes, I appreciate you so much and your time and you helping me become more aware of, um, the subtleties, uh, that I just wasn't seeing.

And so I'm really thankful for you and grateful that you share your knowledge with, you know, so many people, including myself. You're so wonderful and I love what you just said about the subtleties that you weren't aware of that. Very well said. And that's exactly, it's the subtleties that are in the unconscious that when you start to look at them.

So I just, just, uh, well said. And you are so beautiful and great job with your energy. And by the way, you have a beautiful heart. I see that too. [00:18:00] So just beautiful. Yeah, it's true. It's beautiful. So, um, it has been such a pleasure. Yes, it has been. I appreciate your acknowledgement. Absolutely. Absolutely.

You're beautiful and um, and I wish you a wonderful rest of your day. You too, hon. Thanks. Bye bye.

All right, so let's bring everything all together because there are some very powerful takeaways from this session. And first and foremost, I just have to acknowledge her. I mean, great job with her energy. Such a sweetheart. Just so kind and lovely and wonderful, and just a beautiful, beautiful being and great job with her energy getting her pain.

If you recall, she started at a level seven in her. And also a level four in her hip. So just great job. And she also said [00:19:00] something that we've talked about on past episodes, but she reiterated again right here, and it was so perfect because she said, Thank you for bringing to my awareness the subtleties and it's spot on.

So even though we've talked about that before, on past episodes, bringing in that awareness, That it is the subtleties. That are almost hidden in a way that you don't really consciously realize that are typically there are the things that are impacting your health, your life, your happiness, what you're manifesting.

And it's tricky in some ways. You know, it's kind of like if you've been wearing a watch for so long that you don't really remember that it's there anymore, or a ring or even a turtleneck, you know? It's almost like as soon as. First put on a turtleneck, it feels so awkward and uncomfortable and like it's choking you.

But [00:20:00] if you wear one and you get used to it, then before you know it, you don't even realize it's there anymore. And you know, like the analogy of the watch, you could get so used to wearing a wrist watch that you don't realize it's there.

And. When you take it off, it feels awkward. It feels like something's missing. That's exactly how these emotional links can feel, is that they're there and you don't even realize that they're there until they've been brought into your consciousness and you go, Oh, well, I guess. Yep, I see that. And so when you stop and think about every volunteer on the podcast, Has had something that once we checked into the emotion and I mentioned it, they go, Oh yeah, this, okay.

And that's what's key for getting results is it's about bringing into your [00:21:00] consciousness something that is there, that is subtle, that is unconscious, that you're not even aware. And radically shifting that. So I just, I love her awareness. I love the way she said thank you for bringing that subtle awareness to me.

So I, it just beautiful. And her compliment was just so sweet. She's just, she's precious. I just love her. And that is, The message that is wanting to come from this episode is not to overlook the subtleties and making sure to identify that which is unconscious to radically change it, and what is also perfect and divine timing.

Is we have an addition to this episode and it's this, it's that. You may recall that I worked with a volunteer, his name was Dave, and he was on episode 1 54, 1 55, and just a beautiful, beautiful [00:22:00] being. And what I love is that even as I'm recording this, He just sent in a message to share with me how he's been doing since the podcast.

And basically what happened is at the end of the session working with him, he said to me, he said, You know, I'm gonna follow through with this and I'll send you an email and let you know how I'm doing in 30 days. And so his email actually just came in. And it says, Hi, If you could pass this along to Brandy, I'd appreciate it.

She worked with me on sleep issues, and we uncovered so much in the podcast. At first, I didn't notice a lot of change in my sleep patterns. But then I really did, and now it's clear to me that I have greatly benefited from the hour we spent on the podcast. And I wanna say thank you. Sleep comes much easier to me now.

I experience significantly [00:23:00] reduced feelings of guilt that have been replaced with a calming sense that everything is. And we'll be okay. I am so thankful for the shift and for the relief I have received from old patterns and thoughts. Brandy does amazing work and I'm blessed to have had the opportunity to create new healing neural pathways with her in gratitude.

And he signed it, Dave. Now, what I love about this, again, it just divine timing that it came in and there are certain things that this highlights now, if you recall from his episode, and you may wanna go back and listen to it, but there were patterns that he had known were there, but he didn't realize that they were connected to his sleep.

So he just, he really had amazing self-awareness. But there were. That he had just set aside as well. You know, they were the subtleties, the things that he was [00:24:00] bearing or hadn't paid attention to, but as he did, pay attention to them and really work on changing them, they were transformative. You know, notice.

He's really radically feeling different. And I have to say, I have so much respect for him. He's just a beautiful, beautiful being. And I love his follow through and his self awareness and his self honesty and his follow up, and I love that. And notice, by the way, It took follow through for him to really sustain the results.

He said at first he didn't notice that big of a difference, but then he really did in a big way. And if you recall from his episode, He not only needed to make internal changes, so he was working on really creating some emotional shifts, but there were also some physical actions for him to take and change as well.

And so my point being from that is that. [00:25:00] It does really take genuine change and I always wanna emphasize that because I know on these podcast episodes I make this look very easy, where, you know, it's just a simple conversation and then people are out of paint. And emphasizing that it does take real change.

It takes real follow through to get lasting results. And so I love the timing of this where it's just, it's so perfect in that you can see this radical change that Monica's been able to make and also Dave's email. Comes in at a perfect timing to compliment and to add to the insights from this episode that yes, it's important to pay attention to the subtleties and notice what is going on subconsciously and genuinely address that specific thing and change it and follow through to get radical results.

As you do, it [00:26:00] becomes life changing and happiness, and when you can let go of fear and guilt and feeling bad and genuinely. Feel differently and feel happy, and feel better and more calming and everything is okay. It's obviously an incredible feeling. And from that place, your health, your sleep, what you can manifest, what you can bring about, what you can do in life is just.

Incredible. And so I just, I love that. And so much love and respect to Monica. What an incredible volunteer and to Dave, what an incredible being and I love that he followed through and just beautiful beings. And that's the message that I wanna leave you with today is that noticing. The subtleties and making the changes and making genuine real change in that.

It's not about checking out in life, it's about checking in, and it's about really embodying the change. And [00:27:00] as we do, it becomes, Health changing and life changing, so I love that. And lastly, I always like to make sure that every episode feels actionable. Like there's something that you could do from it.

And from this one, I would invite you to start noticing the subtleties so you can really connect. With what is linked to your health issue or your sleep issue, or your pain, or whatever's going on, and genuinely, radically shift it in your life. To create a real change in your health, your happiness, your life, your peace of mind, all of it.

So that said, by the way, I'm gonna ask you as always, please do hit the share button on this episode. Share it with somebody you love, somebody you care about, or somebody you don't even know. The more empowered and awake and happy and healthy that every person [00:28:00] is in our world. Peace of mind. Every person has an empowerment, the better this world is for all of us.

So please do hit the share button and it has been so wonderful connecting with you. I just love that we are on this journey together and I look forward to connecting with you on the next episode. Have an incredible rest of.

Thank you for listening to Heal Yourself, Change Your Life. All of the time people reach out and say how much these episodes have given them, hope or touch their heart, or helped them stay positive in hard times, or even woken them up to a completely new level of a. Of how amazing we all really are. If today's episode touched your heart or expanded your mind [00:29:00] in any way, please do me a favor and be sure to share it with those you care about or those you know who really need it.

As more and more people become empowered, it really will change our world for the better. That is the point and the power of these demonstrations is to create a radical shift in our world consciousness by showing every. What we are all capable of. And of course each volunteer will really need to follow through to reinforce their programming, to maintain their results.

But the point is for you to see that you really can create rapid results in your health and your life if you really understand how to use your mind. You're incredible. And I do wanna be clear though, that most people will not get results this fast on. I make it look very easy because of the discoveries that I made.

You'll wanna remember that there's so much more going on in our [00:30:00] minds at a deeper level than people realize. That said, if you wanna send me any questions or comments, come visit me on my website at brandygillmore.com/podcast. And if you're currently experiencing physical pain and would like to be a volunteer on the show, you can sign up there as well.

Last. Please remember, if you do have any health issues, you won't want to avoid your doctors. Instead, you'll wanna continue seeing them and make it your goal to blow their minds with what you are capable of with your mind. Thank you.

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