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Welcome to Heal Yourself, Change Your Life. My name is Brandy Gillmore and after recovering from my own life changing injury, it's become my mission to share with others the same discoveries I made. that changed my health and my entire life. Our minds are truly incredible. The placebo is proof of this.

Each week I will take this simple awareness to a whole new level. I will even coach live callers to free themselves of physical pain using only their mind. And then I'll provide you with a combination of practical and spiritual insights that you can use to master your mind and your energy to help you heal your health, yourself, and your life.

Let's begin.

Hello and welcome. It is so wonderful to connect with you. I just love that you are here continuing to expand your mind, your energy, your consciousness, your healing. I just love it. And you're absolutely going to love our beautiful volunteer today. Her name is Lauren, and she's just, she's such a sweetheart.

And the insights that come from this episode are just really profound, you know, all of the time I'm wanting to emphasize certain points that are key to getting results with mind body healing. And in today's session, as I worked with our beautiful volunteer, Lauren, some of those very things really came up.

So you can see with even more clarity, The reason that certain things are important, such as order, you know, all the time you'll hear me say that it's important to work with the mind in a specific order. And the analogy I always use for that is that, you know, if somebody puts on their shoes first when they're getting dressed and then tries to put on their pants, then getting dressed can feel really hard to do.

But if of course somebody puts on their pants first and then their shoes, then it becomes a lot easier to do. You know, so in the right order, it's much easier in the wrong order, it can feel impossible to do things like as simple as getting dressed. So that's one key insight. Now, there were other really powerful insights from this particular episode that just help put the pieces together so you can see them with even more clarity.

And so I love that about this episode. Because you'll hear me say time and time again. You know that going through my own injury for six, almost seven years, wheelchair walker came a mess. You know, the more I was able to gain clarity about what I needed to do with my own mind, the easier it was to implement.

You know, I remember for years feeling like it was unclear and you know, going through the process of meditation and thinking positively and visualization and. All of the things in frequencies and Binaural Beat, just so many things. And it wasn't clear, but when I got the clarity, that was just powerful.

And so that's one of the things that I love about today's episode is you can gain even more clarity. And on that note, let's go ahead and dive into the session with our beautiful volunteer, Lauren. Here we go.

Hello. Hello. Happy, happy morning to you. Hi. Good morning. It's still early there, huh? It is, it is. And, uh, it is so wonderful to connect with you. And, uh, what can I help you with today? Well, um, I'm actually struggling with, uh, long COVID. Uh, I had COVID and it's actually only three days. I recovered quite quickly, but then, um, like two months later, it all started.

The whole nerve system. Uh, it was just out of balance and, uh, I couldn't sleep anymore. Um, my heartbeat was really like, uh, in a heightened state in the night. Uh, like it, my body went completely in a shutdown state. So, uh, I, I did so many things to, to, to try to recover. Um, but until now it's slowly gets better, but I feel like.

The nerve system is in a heightened state and it's, it's really like, uh, it takes so long to get a calm down, down. Yeah. Okay. Okay. So, um, all right. So give me one second. And, uh, and if I ask you the level of your nervous system feeling in a heightened state right now, what would you say? Zero to 10? Uh, I would say about a seven.

Bingo. Okay. And, um, give me one second. So, uh, so I'm going to ask you just for a moment to breathe. And there's a feeling of feeling kind of like, um, like, uh, fighting, um, in your, around, around you somewhere. Um, are you familiar with that? Yes. Yes. Okay. And the way that as a child, my, my, my parents were always like in a fight, I think.

Bingo. It reminds me of childhood. Yeah. Okay. And, um, okay. So it feels like this feeling was re triggered about. About six months ago. Um, are you familiar with that? It feels like, like maybe a female, um, maybe, maybe it's a sister, uh, energy. Do you know, do you know what that is? Yes, yes, yes. Okay. My, I was thinking about two things, uh, right now, something that happened in my life related to control, but also my both parents died last year and, um, my sister and I had to, yeah, arrange a lot of things and, uh, yeah, it wasn't always easy.

So, uh, I also see the link with my sister. Yeah. Okay. And if I ask you, can you give me her first initial? Um, bingo. Okay. So, yeah, so I see the link. Um, they're pretty strong. You see that? Yes. Yes. So, bingo. There's also a lot of hurt there. Can you see that as well? Yes. Okay. And if I ask you zero to ten. Go ahead.

Yeah, sorry. Um, I felt really responsible for her and I felt also a little bit guilty to feel this regarding her because like we were in the same family. So I tried to protect her as well. But in the same time, I was also like, um, I don't know, walking on eggshells with her a lot. Okay. And, um, and give me one second.

Um, and that is also the feeling that's connected. So even if I ask you right now, uh, zero to 10 in the relationship, how much you feel like you're walking on eggshells? What would you say? Eight, nine. Okay. So I would have said eight, nine, 10 even. Yeah. Yeah, for sure. Okay. So, um, and so I'm going to ask you to breathe.

And, uh, if I ask you why you feel like she's mad at you, why would you say that is, or you're, and even a feeling, um, and if I expand on that even a bit more, um, if I ask you how much you have a feeling of feeling like you're afraid of her being mad at you, what would you say? Yeah. Also like a 10, I think.

Okay. And so I'm going to ask you just for a moment to breathe. And can you give me your mom's first initial? M. And can you give me your dad's first initial? Uh, G. Finger. Okay. And so, uh, so I'm going to ask you to breathe and I want you to notice also the part of you that felt like you were walking on eggshells with him.

Can you see that? Yeah. A lot. Yes. Mm hmm. Okay. So this is something that's kind of, um, interesting is that all of the time I'll see people who, um, it's like when their parents pass a relationship that was connected to Then ends up going to somebody. It's like the pattern shifts to something else. Yes. Yes, and I recently did a family constellation, which also showed this, like I felt she showed, like I felt myself to be responsible for the whole family.

And she, my sister considered me to be her mother. So I was actually also maybe at the wrong place in the system. I don't know if you are familiar with that, but that came also a little bit out that session. Okay, uh, the feeling that I want to get, okay, so if we were going to move this forward, okay.

All right, so let's go ahead and pause it just for a quick moment. You know, first and foremost, I just love our volunteer. She's such a sweetheart. She has such great self awareness. I mean, just off the charts. Great self awareness. And even coming up, you'll notice that as well. Just her self awareness, her self honesty, her heart.

She's just such a beautiful being. So I love that. And, and by the way, we just always get the best, best, best volunteers. And I, I am so grateful and I love that. And of course, Lauren exemplifies that so well. And so loving that. And there are a few really important insights that I want to share with you, and it's this.

One thing I mentioned to her is that, you know, the pattern can jump from one person to another, and I see that all of the time. And a lot of times, kind of the name that I'll call it is Kind of, it can feel like whack a mole and I don't know if ever as a kid there was that arcade game at Chuck E. Cheese or wherever it was that, you know, it basically the little mole's head pops up and you kind of squash it down.

But it's basically like something pops up and you squash it down and something else pops up and you squash it down. It's like, you know, one minute, one thing springs up and you get it down and then it shows up somewhere else. And Subconscious patterns tend to do that exact thing, but we don't consciously realize it's connected because a lot of times what happens is the pattern doesn't look the exact same.

It can feel the same, but we just don't consciously realize that. And what I mean by that is this, is that, you know, you'll hear me all the time use the example of maybe the woman who unfortunately has an abusive father and leaves him and finds the abusive boyfriend, boss, spouse, et cetera, et cetera. And if we think about it for a moment, it's not that the boyfriend, boss, dad, spouse all look the exact same.

You know, if they all looked like twins, then it would be obvious, but they don't all look alike. And so what can happen is the pattern can show up. And by the way, the pattern can also show up then in a boss or in a child or in a friend. So it's not necessarily only a pattern that is in the relationship space.

Now, how that applies to her is, you know, I mentioned that once her parents passed, the pattern shifted to somebody else. And I can't even tell you how many times I've seen this happen where somebody's parents pass and it's not necessarily the death of the parent that is the trauma. And yes, that can be painful and, and hurtful and whatnot.

Absolutely. The pattern that a person may have had with a parent can then also shift to somebody else, like a different place in their life. So suddenly other parts of life can feel off that weren't off before. Now, I know this can sound a bit complex, and it is, But because the topic is coming up, I just wanted to share that with you.

Now, the other thing that I need to mention is this, is that, you know, she mentioned she got a reading that was also that her sister was now kind of like in her daughter energy and that now sees her as being like a mother figure. Now, what you'll want to do is I want to invite you to be very, very careful of information like this.

And this is what I mean. Is that if she suddenly started treating her sister even more and more like a daughter, which can happen. So a lot of times I've seen people where they'll get some type of reading, like, you know, let's say for example in her situation that she took this information in and she believed it and it went into her subconscious mind, which of course.

This information did go into her subconscious mind because she's remembering it, right? So on some levels it is there. Now, let's say for a moment she were to start acting on this information unconsciously and treating her sister more and more and more like a daughter and feeling more and more like a mother.

For the average human being, it could create more problems. Like if you think about it, if suddenly, if you have siblings and suddenly your siblings started treating you like a kid, like their child and they were your mother, in most cases with most adults, that probably won't go so well. And so what would happen is that could create more problems.

More friction, more trouble, more problems instead of less. And so my point being is that you really want to be careful about any information and how that impacts you. And, and by the way, as far as her reading, it's not, this has, it's just a piece of information that I want to give you. So I don't want to say whether her, her reading is good or not.

Reading was valid or invalid or anything like that. I never want to say anything, you know, about anybody else's work. But I do want to say that I see all of the time people will take information like this or get readings or whatnot. And then it becomes part of the pattern and it shows up and.

Unbeknownst to them, it ends up inadvertently increasing the problem or perpetuating the problem instead of decreasing the problem. And so I just wanted to highlight that because I see it so, so, so, so, so very often. And so it's just something you'll want to be aware of. And, of course, instead of increasing it or fueling the problem or perpetuating it, The goal is to, of course, shift it.

And that's where we're going as we step back in with our beautiful volunteer, Lauren, here we go. How

do you get to a place where you're not feeling like you're walking on eggshells? I'm trying to figure this out. Like, is it to get more distance or what can I do myself, uh, to Okay, so this is what I would say is let's say you do get more distance. What I would ultimately expect. Is the pattern to then show up somewhere else.

Okay. So as much as we want to run away from our patterns. Yes. Can't exactly run away from the pattern or the universe. And so it. I understand. I understand. I just thought it's so triggering between us now that it's maybe not good to, to being in contact that, uh, much, but this is just an idea. So, um, But that could be part of the solution.

Yes. Yes. So notice how triggering it is right now. Yes. Okay. And so, um, so I'm going to ask you just for a moment to breathe and, uh, give me one second. Now I would say one of the key pieces is this. If I ask you how high your guilt is zero to 10, what's your level of guilt? I think about a 10. Exactly. So your guilt is saying I deserve punishment.

I was bad. I'm guilty. I did wrong. Okay. So I'm going to ask you just for a moment to breathe and I'm going to ask you, number one, how long do you want to hold on to the feelings of guilt? No more. No more. Okay. So bingo. Now when I look at this, there is an action that you are taking or have taken that makes you feel guilty.

Do you know what that is? Um. So if I ask you the reason that you feel so much guilt, why is that? Was it recently what you see or is it like during, with regard to my sleep? Regards to your sister. And yeah, I would say it's about, about nine months ago. Yes. You see it? Yes. Okay. So if I ask you, how would you genuinely make peace with that situation?

Genuinely? Um, to be compassionate also with my situation. Uh, okay. So wait a sec. So part of what we're talking about is guilt. Okay. Okay. That's mainly what we're, we're looking at guilt. And so if I ask you why you feel guilty, why do you feel guilty about that?

Because I was not able to do the things I was normally able to do. I think. Okay, so give me one second. I'm thinking about two things. She was pregnant at the face while my parents died. Okay. It was about two months ago. Mm hmm. I was not able because of my own health, uh, about my own, yeah, things that, uh, I'm struggling with since two years to, to do the things to be there for her as well.

And, and, uh, I don't know, maybe it's that. I would say it's, uh, I would say that's about a level two, but there's something else as well. Do you know what the other thing is? Uh, was it regarding, um, finishing the things in the house of my father? Bingo. Yes. Yes. So bingo. So there's that as well. Now, uh, so give me one second.

So this is what your body says, um, what it says that needs to change is it basically it's saying like, don't be mad at me, um, with like walking on eggshells, don't be mad at me. Okay. And then along with feelings of guilt and feeling like, uh, and by the way, if you asked me when these, um, originally started, I would say, uh, walking on eggshells feels like it started at age six.

Uh, don't be mad at me. Uh, but the mix is feeling guilty also. So it all started at a young age. The trigger also feels about three years ago. So give me one second. Just, um, moving it forward. Yes. Now, what's interesting is this, is that, um, if I ask your body if it feels like it feels safe to heal itself, zero to 10, it's like negative 10, negative 20.

And it's kind of like this, is if I told you, I feel like if I'm happy and healthy and full of life, That somebody is going to be more mad at me and it's no longer safe, but I feel like illness is quote unquote, keeping me safe, like, Oh, well, I'm sick. So you can't be mad at me because I'm sick, right? Have sympathy because I'm sick.

So you can see it, right? Yes. Yes. Also a protection mechanism, you think? Protection. Well, I would say a perceived protection mechanism, but yes. So don't be mad at me. Don't, don't hit me. I'm hurt. I'm wounded. I'm sick, blah, blah, blah. And, and so, uh, so the interesting thing is, is that your body will only like, if I, if I said right now, I want you to heal completely from this all of the way.

Your body would not be on board with that at all because it feels like illness is keeping you sick or safe. You see it, right? I love your awareness. I love your awareness. So if I ask you, first and foremost, are you sure illness is keeping you safe? No. No. And by the way, uh, how many kids do you have? Zero.

None. It's just her kids. Okay. So, and how, she has one kid or how many kids? She has one kid. One. Just turned one yesterday. If that baby grew up to think illness was keeping them safe, what would it look like for that kid's future? Very sad. I think. Very sad. Yeah. Exactly. Right? Yes. Yes. So are you sure illness is keeping you safe?

Like, out of curiosity? And I'm going to push a little bit, just so you know, I'm going to push a little bit. Could you find a better plan? So I'm going to ask you to breathe. Like imagine for a moment, if I said, setting myself on fire is definitely going to keep me safe from the cold. You might say. Brandy, I get it, but could you find a better plan?

I was like, it's really cold outside. There's a lot of ice. There's a lot of snow. I think the best plan is I'll set myself on fire. Then I can stay warm.

It's a bit silly. It's a little bit chilly. Yeah, okay. I hear you, but maybe there's a better plan that doesn't involve like self destruction. Yes, exactly. It's kind of confronting to hear this. It's what? It's confronting to hear this, that my body, that I subconsciously decided this. Exactly. Oh yeah. It's, it's absolutely subconscious and that's a hundred percent.

So much so, yeah, it's actually in my book that just released. I literally talk about the subconscious mind illness feels like it can keep you safe. So a hundred percent. So I'm going to ask you just for a moment to breathe. And so, so much. So now the reason I said that also is don't judge yourself. Don't criticize yourself.

Like things get linked up. Like, even if you think about it, another example that you'll hear me use all of the time is that somebody, a cutter can cut themselves and feel relief or euphoria, or like it's keeping them safe, doesn't even make logical sense. So I'm going to ask you to breathe and I'm going to ask you to take in the awareness of first and foremost, non judgment, secondly, no guilt.

None at all. And third, I'm going to nudge again because we want to create that change and I'm going to say if of course I was in cold, cold, cold weather, and I wanted to stay warm, setting myself on fire would not be the best plan.

Like, I get the effort, but bad plan, right?

Wow. And I love your sense of humor and self awareness. Just beautiful. Just, you're just, you're so beautiful. So I'm going to ask you just for a moment to breathe. This is the thing. So this is actually what I'm going to invite you to do is this fear of eggshells of walking on eggshells has been so embedded in you for so long that I am pushing in a playful way, but I don't want to push beyond that because I'd be concerned that I would push you into more fear.

And that would not be helpful. And so, bingo. So, I'm going to ask you just for a moment to breathe. And I'm going to ask you just for a moment to see yourself walking around and feeling safe. That you're feeling safe to be you. That if there is an issue or a confrontation, that you don't need to be all fearful.

You could actually just have a conversation. That you don't need to get upset, that you don't need to get all triggered, all responsive. That you could actually, if there is something, you can actually just have a conversation. That you don't need to have all this fear and upset and blah, blah, blah. I mean, if you think about it for a moment, how many times would you say your sister's punched you in the face?

Zero. Zero, okay. So, but how many times has she like, beat you? Never. Okay. So, how many times was your dad beating you and punching you in the face? Zero. Zero. So, if I was standing next to your sister, how much danger would I be in? Zero. Well, what about if I was next to your dad? If I had been next to your dad, how much danger would I be in for my life?

Also zero, I think. Oh. Oh. Okay. So, I'm going to ask you to breathe. So, you're in zero danger? Zero. Zero. Yes. So I'm going to ask you to breathe. So you're in zero danger. Yes. I'm going to ask you to breathe. And I want you to notice what that feels like to your nervous system to be aware that you are in zero danger.

You are in zero danger. There's no danger. And that instead talking things through and having a conversation would be a lot better and that you don't need to feel triggered. You don't need to be in danger that you're safe. You're safe. You're absolutely safe. Whether you are standing next to your dad or standing next to your sister, I would be safe.

You would be safe. And so I'm going to ask you to breathe. And if I ask you, even when you take in that awareness, that there's zero danger next to them. If I ask you what happens with your nervous system? It really calms down. It does, right? Interesting. So I'm going to ask you to breathe. So taking in the awareness that if I was standing next to your sister, of course I would be safe.

And that if you're standing next to your sister, of course you would be safe. And you don't need to fight or get all upset or triggered. You could just have a conversation. And so I'm going to ask you to breathe, but you don't need to get all upset. You could just remain calm, beautiful, wonderful you. Yes.

Not fearful. So I'm going to ask you to breathe. And I want you to notice the level in your nervous system, 0 to 10. What's the level in your nervous system? Maybe a 4, 3? Bingo. That's what I would say is about a 3, about a 3. 2. That's where I'm at right there. So I'm going to ask you to breathe. Love it. Love it.

Love it. And, uh, bingo. So I'm going to ask you to breathe. And I'm going to ask you just for a moment to trust yourself, to start seeing yourself showing up in a better way, meaning that even if she gets upset, you don't need to, because I want you to notice part of the guilt can also be your reaction to what's happening.

Can you see that? That's absolutely, I'm aware of that. Yes. Okay. So I'm going to ask you to breathe. Now, imagine for a moment, if you were no longer reactive, how much guilt you would have? Zero. Yeah. A lot, a lot less, right? It's hugely different. So I'm going to ask you to breathe. And I'm going to push a little bit.

Okay, so I'm going to push and I'm going to say, well, geez, can you stop feeling guilty and just change it? So I'm going to ask you to breathe. So could you stop feeling guilty? That's not helpful. Could you just change it? Yes. Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful. And I'm going to ask you to breathe and thank you for letting me push a little bit and be silly.

And I'm going to ask you to breathe. Great. And I want you to notice your level in your nervous system. It goes down. Uh huh. Zero to 10. What's your level? Almost zero, I think. That's what I would say. I got like a 0. 2. So beautiful, beautiful. So I'm going to ask you to breathe. It's so wonderful that you don't need to feel guilty.

You could just change it. Guilt is a waste of time. You just go, okay, well, let me just change this. So I'm going to ask you to breathe.

Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful. So I'm going to ask you to breathe and take that in and being willing to change. Just fantastic, fantastic job with your energy. And so ultimately what I want you to do is this. So I don't want to push any more. Instead, what I would really want you to do is get your nervous system calm.

Uh, there are going to be some more layers that you're going to want to process with your dad and growing up and whatnot, et cetera. Uh, but right now The biggest thing is, is safe to be healthy and practicing it and embodying it, because if not, if you don't feel safe and we just push you into not feeling safe.

It could backfire. You go the wrong way. Is that? I love you. I'm so impressed by your self awareness and self honesty. You're just beautiful. You're just, just beautiful. Absolutely. Fantastic self awareness. Fantastic job. And, uh, and beautiful, beautiful shift. So thank you so much. I'm, um, actually also, um, how do you say this?

A little bit, also surprised that it's that my sister comes, uh, as the, as the prominent, uh, so I, I wouldn't, um, I, I would not have expected that, uh, in a way. So I'm very, very grateful and happy that. You touched kind of the core thing, uh, to, to, to make the shift. Yeah. Thank you. Thank you so much. And I'm impressed with you and your self awareness and it's just, just beautiful.

So it is, it has been such a pleasure connecting with you. Thank you so much. Thank you so much. I'm super grateful. Uh, yes. Thank you so much.

All right. So let's go ahead and unpack this even more. And I have to say, first and foremost, I love her self awareness. I just love it. What a beautiful, beautiful being, beautiful heart. And you know, all of the time, this information can be buried in the subconscious mind very deeply. And people may not see this one that like what she is seeing in her subconscious mind and her awareness is something that is typically much, much, much harder to see.

And she's seeing it. And so I just love her self awareness so much, just really, really impressive. And there are also some really powerful insights to take from this. You know, first and foremost, that the subconscious mind Can be very counterintuitive. So one of the tricky parts about healing is the fact that it can be so counterintuitive.

You know, if you think about it for a moment, she wouldn't be here right now in this moment on this podcast if she didn't want to heal. So she is wanting to heal more than anything, wanting, trying, doing everything she can to try to heal and hidden in her subconscious mind. She has a fear of healing. So you can see that push pull.

And of course, there are so many different keys that some people may not have this safety one, but they'll have other counterintuitive links in the subconscious mind, you know, every single person who I've ever worked with. Pretty much has some type of counterintuitive, miswired programming that doesn't make logical sense, at least not to the conscious mind.

So again, just honoring her self awareness and also pointing out how counterintuitive the mind can be. So that's one insight. Another insight is this, is that all of the time you'll hear me say that it's so important to work with the mind in a particular order. Order, and you can see from this episode why that is that, as I mentioned, I didn't want to push her anymore on creating a shift until she felt safe to change and safe to heal.

Because if not, then it wouldn't go well. And so that was key. And so there's a certain order all of the time with healing. And many people don't realize that a lot of times, you know, we know that there's an order when you write. Your name, we know that there's an order when you work on the computer or you work on your phone, but when it comes to working with the mind, a lot of times people just kind of kitchen sink it.

They throw everything they can into it. I know I did that at first until I began to realize, Oh, there is an order. Of course there's an order. So that is key. And you can see that from this episode. Now, another key thing is this, is that you'll hear me say all of the time that there are emotional ingredients, if you will, And we can also see that from this episode.

And what I mean is this, is the analogy you hear me use all the time is that, you know, if somebody wants to make cake and they just have flour, they can't make cake, but if they have flour and they mix it with other ingredients, now they can make cake. And of course, if they have different ingredients, they would make a different recipe.

And of course, illness is not cake, but just exactly that, that different combinations are key. Now, the reason we can see this is if you think about it, this pattern of walking on eggshells had been in her life even growing up as a child. And so she had a lot of these patterns, but the trigger changed when it went towards her sister in a different way.

And so, and it. It then connected to her feelings of safety. And so there was a shift in what happened because then she lost her parents, so she no longer had her parents, but then her sister. So it's, it's this whole feeling shift that took place that then linked the feeling of unsafe and safety to illness.

So that was the other quote unquote ingredient that was missing. And so all of the time you'll hear people that maybe go through a particular trauma And it can affect them in a much different way than people realize consciously what's actually happening. And there can be patterns that have been going on for a long period of time that are part of the equation that don't make sense as to why it's suddenly now part of the equation.

So it's kind of hard to explain except for the fact that you can see it here and just saying this is what happens all of the time, is that people will have ongoing quote unquote emotional ingredients, so to speak, negative emotional ingredients going on for a long period of time that are part of the equation, but then something else is introduced, another Negative emotional ingredient, if you will, that then becomes the straw that breaks the camel's back, so to speak, or the missing ingredient that was then needed to create the problem, et cetera, et cetera.

And so there's other pieces here as well. The guilt is here. So there's just the, the, the recipe, so to speak, the negative recipe came together and you can see how impactful that is. That is, and so from this episode, this simple takeaway that you could start to even implement in your own life is just bringing in the awareness and the feeling that it is safe to heal.

It is safe to move forward in life, and bringing that in and feeling that and focusing on that and making sure that that is something that is strongly programmed into your subconscious mind, because it can, of course. And, as I mentioned, it's in my book, it's in my video courses. There are certain ingredients in the subconscious mind that need to be shifted to create that change.

And by the way, if you are somebody who is in fear, a lot of times we can believe things. We can believe it's true. And yet, as we start to shift our mind, we start to open up to new awarenesses. And a simple way to think about it is like this, is the, another analogy you'll hear me use all the time is a writer with writer's block.

And so if a writer has writer's block and they can't write, they can't write, they can't write, it's, they feel stuck. And all of the time, if people have fear, they believe it's true. They believe they're stuck, believe they're stuck, believe they're stuck. And yet, as you really rewire the mind, You start to see there are ways to shift it.

There are ways out of it. It's like your brain, then it becomes unblocked from writer's block, if you will, where you start to see opportunity, you see possibility, you attract situations, circumstances, awarenesses that help you radically change your life. And so, as I say this, you know, the fear. Make sure not to get stuck there because some people will say, Well, yeah, I have fear and there's nothing I can do about it.

So I'm just stuck sick forever. But that's not the case. Because as we genuinely transform our subconscious programming, it becomes pivotal for our lives and for healing. And for opening more and more opportunity that we didn't necessarily realize or see was even possible. And that was very true in my own life as well.

And so, as you hear me say over and over, as we create that change, it really does become a life changing gift. And so, on that note, the life changing gift, I want to ask you to please do make a point to hit the share button on this episode. You know, share it with somebody you love, somebody you care about, or somebody you don't even know.

so much. Because the more empowered and happy and healthy and loving that every single person is in our world, the better this world is for all of us. And so please do make a point to hit the share button, and please do make a point to have a most wonderful, fantastic, loving rest of your day. And I look forward to connecting with you on the next episode.

We'll see you there.

Thank you for listening to Heal Yourself, Change Your Life. All of the time, people reach out and say how much these episodes have given them hope or touched their heart or helped them stay positive in hard times or even woken them up to a completely new level of awareness. Of how amazing we all really are.

If today's episode touched your heart or expanded your mind in any way, please do me a favor and be sure to share it with those you care about or those, you know, who really need it. As more and more people become empowered, it really will change our world for the better. That is the point and the power of these demonstrations is to create a radical shift in our world consciousness by showing everyone what we are all capable of.

And of course, each volunteer will really need to follow through to reinforce their programming to maintain their results. But the point is For you to see that you really can create rapid results in your health and your life. If you really understand how to use your mind, you're incredible. And I do want to be clear though, that most people will not get results this fast on their own.

I make it look very easy because of the discoveries that I made. You'll want to remember that there's so much more going on in our minds at a deeper level than people realize. That said, if you want to send me any questions or comments, come visit me on my website at BrandyGillmore. com slash podcast.

And if you're currently experiencing physical pain and would like to be a volunteer on the show, you can sign up there as well. Lastly, please remember if you do have any health issues, you won't want to avoid your doctors. Instead, you'll want to continue seeing them and make it your goal to blow their minds With what you're capable of with your mind.

Thank you.

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