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Welcome to Heal Yourself, Change Your Life. My name is Brandy Gillmore and after recovering from my own life changing injury, it's become my mission to share with others the same discoveries I made. that changed my health and my entire life. Our minds are truly incredible. The placebo is proof of this.

Each week I will take this simple awareness to a whole new level. I will even coach live callers to free themselves of physical pain using only their mind. And then I'll provide you with a combination of practical and spiritual insights that you can use to master your mind and your energy to help you heal your health, yourself, and your life.

Let's begin.

Hello and welcome. It is so wonderful to connect with you. I just love that you are here continuing to expand your mind, your energy, your consciousness, your healing. I just love it. And I just love today's episode, you know, our volunteer, you can just feel her heart. She is just so sweet and loving and precious.

And of course, she has some things going on with her health, some neck discomfort and pain, and also some clenching teeth. So some different things are going on. But what I also love about this episode, I mean, there are just so many things. One thing is this, is just that you can see how each ailment, Really does have a quote unquote message for you.

You know, each ailment in the body is really giving us information that can be pivotal for our lives and you'll see what I mean as we go through the episode is just the information the Awareness is it's pivotal. It's very powerful. And so I love that and What I also love is this is that you'll notice as I'm working with some volunteers, helping them to shift their pain or create radical changes in their health, you'll notice sometimes with a person, I'll need to push a bit, you know, I need to push them to change because they might be stuck in the old.

And of course, you know, getting out of pain or creating that change is crucial to getting results. And so you'll notice sometimes I even push Pretty hard. And the way I look at it is like this is, you know, is if your friend was standing in front of the bus and there's a bus coming and it's going to hit them, you know, you ask yourself, how hard would you push somebody if they're not listening to get out of the road?

How hard would you push them to help them see that change? And so similarly, when somebody is in pain or they're stuck in their negative spot where they can't get out of it, a lot of times I'll push a bit to help them to see. With more clarity, how to get the results. Now, what I love also about today's episode is our volunteer is so willing to change that I literally have to push her at like a level zero.

You know, as soon as she sees the awareness of something, instead of staying stuck in the negative, she literally says, Oh, well, I can change this. It's beautiful. So she has this just genuine desire to really want to change herself and not blame her husband in places that a person may feel a need to blame their husband or blame their partner or life circumstances or whatnot.

So it's just really beautiful to observe The awareness of embracing change and how each ailment in the body is really giving us information to live an even better life. When we understand what is going on and then change it, it becomes a powerful awareness. And that's one of the things that I love about mind body healing is when you really understand that At a deeper level, like we have this connection with universe, God, divine energy, mother nature, whatever you want to call it.

And just like, you know, if somebody's driving a car and the check engine light comes on, we know that it means something's wrong with the car and we need to. You know, of course make a change and similarly with healing the body when we have a health issue It's literally telling us there is an emotional pattern in our subconscious mind That is impacting our health our lives and when we change it There's a gift in it.

And so I just love that and I love that insight From today's episode. And so on that note, let's go ahead and dive in with our beautiful volunteer. Her name is Marie, and you're just absolutely going to love her. Here we go.

Hello. Hi, Brandy. Hi, it is so wonderful to connect with you. How can I help you today? Oh, well, thank you so much. I have been, um, dealing with. teeth for a long, long time. I have, um, I have a night guard. I don't really notice it during the day, but, um, I have a night guard and, um, I would love to not have a night guard anymore and just be a lot kinder to my teeth.

I notice, um, kind of some soreness or tension, you know, during the day, mainly in the back of my teeth. And, um, I have, um, some tension on like the right side of my neck, um, as well. And, um, I'd love to change that. Okay. Um, all right. So give me one second. And as far as the level of tension in your neck, zero to 10, what is your level?

I've had it for so long when I, when I bend my ear towards my right side, you know, I could really feel it. I'd say that's probably like a six. That's what I would say. Yeah, I can feel it on the, you know, when I bend my head the way I still feel it on, on my right side. So I'd say a six. Okay. And um, and then as far as the tension in the back of your teeth, um, if I ask you, can you, can you, what's your level there?

Maybe like a four. Okay. And um, I've had it for such a long time. Part of me is hard to imagine what it would be like without it, you know, which would be great. I can't wait to experience that. Beautiful. I love that. And that's what I would say is about a four right there, four, four, five, right in there. All right.

So give me one second and that, give me one second and I'm going to ask you to notice the feeling. of sometimes feeling a bit frustrated, like people around you may not be hearing you. Um, I'm going to ask you just for a moment to breathe. And if I ask you zero to 10, how much you can find that feeling, feeling like sometimes even maybe in your close relationships where you feel like you're, you're, you're frustrated because you feel like they're not listening or, or doing what you're wanting.

If I ask you zero to 10, how much you can find that feeling, what would you say? Super high for sure in the past. Um, okay, so let's go there. Okay. So I'm gonna ask you just go ahead. Yeah, I can find it. I can find it a little bit in the, in the future, but a lot in the past. Okay. And, uh, and so I'm gonna ask you just for a moment to breathe and just.

To confirm, you meant, uh, you can find it a little bit in the current? Um, yes. Okay. So, great. So, we don't want to plan it for the future, right? Let's not. Right. Right. No. No. We're getting rid of it. For the future. For sure. There we go. Great plan. I like where we're going. So, I'm going to follow you on that and say we're getting rid of that for the future.

So, let's, let's go there. So, I'm going to ask you just for a moment to breathe. And well said. I like that. So, I'm going to ask you to breathe. And I want you to notice how sometimes you feel like you don't have control over your life because of that. You feel like even in your relationship where you can feel like, Hey, I'm not in control.

Like I'm, I'm hanging on for dear life type of feeling. If I ask you how much you can find that feeling of just trying to hang on and not feel like, and feel like you're not in control. If I ask you zero to 10, how much you can find that feeling? I think I can find it pretty strongly. I, yep. Yeah. I would have said about a level eight is what I see.

I love your self awareness. I love your self awareness. So I'm gonna ask you just for a moment to breathe and I want you to go ahead and pretend that your thoughts don't help create your life if you want. Uh, so just for a moment to breathe. Now notice the deep breath that you got when you felt that, like a sense of relief and I'm gonna ask you to breathe.

And again, I want you to go ahead and just pretend like your thoughts don't help create your life. No, thank you. No, thank you. Well said. I'd like to create something different. There we go. Well said. Well said. Beautiful. And thank you for your playfulness and your sense of humor. I just love it. And, uh, and I'm going to ask you just for a moment to breathe.

And I'm going to ask you to take in the feeling that absolutely, maybe your entire life is not in your control, or maybe it also is. Maybe it also is. Now, I'm going to ask you just for a moment to breathe, and if I ask you, this pattern, What age were you when this pattern first started? Feeling not in control?

Probably pretty young. So I see about age 6 is where I see it. Can you find that? Yeah. Okay. So you met your husband when you were 5, is that correct? No, definitely not. Definitely not. Okay. Great. Great. Great. So, I'm just going to ask you just for a moment to breathe and notice that feeling where you feel frustrated and it feels like him and the experiences or even around, like it feels like a feeling of not, not feeling in control, but I'm going to ask you to breathe.

And it's interesting how this pattern, how this pattern shows up and the feeling of it. And I'm going to ask you just for a moment to breathe. And what if you had more control than you realized? What if you have even more control and influence? Then you realize, and I'm going to ask you to breathe, what if you have even more influence that you realize?

Now, I know your six year old self is pretty smart, so I, maybe, maybe she's right. I mean, maybe, or, or maybe it's a pattern. Yeah. It's a pattern. Wow. It's interesting that you use the word influence because I, I remember strongly feeling with my husband that I couldn't influence him. And wow, I'd like to change that and, and give that up and create something different in the future.

Absolutely. I love your self awareness. I love your self awareness. Now this is what's really interesting is that a lot of times it might sound woo woo, but And completely just like everything's in your head and just manifest everything. And don't get me wrong, I love the woo. But at the same time, it's like if somebody feels like they're going to fail, then their unconscious actions head that direction.

Or I'll see people who maybe they feel misunderstood all the time. And what happens then is they're then going to communicating in a way, it doesn't come out clear, even though it feels like they are, they're not doing that. My point being is that when we feel in a certain way or have a pattern in a certain way, we can have unconscious actions that then help perpetuate the prob perpetuate the problem, if I can speak.

Um, so an example I use all the time is unfortunately, let's say that there's somebody who's had a pattern of hurt or rejection or abandonment, And then what happens is, you know, they have that rejection, abandonment, and then, you know, as it continues, they may find themselves being really, really needy in a relationship, which could push people away, or very distant, or hot and cold in a relationship, which can also and abandonment and rejection.

So our unconscious patterns tend to perpetuate themselves. And so I'm going to ask you just for a moment to breathe. And so I'm not going to ask you just to think, Oh, well, it's only in your head, but all change starts from within. And you can see this pattern, correct? I can. I can. So I'm going to ask you to breathe, love your self awareness, love your self awareness.

And so I'm going to ask you to breathe. And I want you to picture yourself. Feeling even more of a power couple. Feeling like you are influencing him, he and you, you're a team. Feeling that feeling of connection, of feeling that connection, feeling heard, feeling heard, and feeling respected. Feeling heard, feeling listened to.

And even as we're in this, I just, I feel so much, just the amount of love you have for your husband is so, so sweet. It is so sweet. I feel that. I feel your heart. Just, just beautiful. It's sweet. So sweet. He's amazing. He's amazing. I love that. I love that. Oh, I have chills. Just beautiful. Beautiful. So I love that.

And I want you to notice the feeling of feeling not in control. And I'm going to ask you to breathe. And I'm going to ask you just for a moment to remember, to remember, to remember that all change starts from within. All change starts from within. And I'm going to ask you to breathe, and I want you to picture what it looks like to actually feel and see the dynamic where you see your power couple.

Yep, he's influencing, you're influencing, like you guys are a power couple. I'm going to ask you to breathe. Now I also want you to notice the part of you that may have in the past also had a feeling of fear of making decisions. Can you see that? Yes. Uh huh. So I'm going to ask you to breathe. I love your awareness.

And if I ask you how much it has felt safer to let other people make decisions, what would you say? To let him go ahead in the past, it has felt safer, you know, to present options for people, let him decide and then kind of go along with it. That has felt safer in the past. I think I've started doing that less and less.

And I think I've been better with making some decisions, but, uh, great. Yeah. Great. So I'm gonna ask you to breathe.

And taking in that feeling where you feel safe to make decisions. You feel great. You feel empowered and you feel great in your relationship. Bingo. You feel great. You feel empowered. You feel great to make decisions. You guys make decisions together. You're feeling like you said, that you've been evolving and growing and you felt better about making decisions.

And notice as you're Feeling more confident and feeling more in your power. That is definitely a part of it. And of course, when I say power, it's not power over him. It's just feeling safe to make decisions. Feeling in your power, he's feeling in his. You guys can be a power couple honoring each other's power.

And I'm going to ask you to breathe. And if I ask you how much safer that feels to you, what would you say? Yeah, that feels a lot safer. Feels very good. Bingo. I love that. So, I'm going to ask you to breathe, and I want you to notice the level of tension in the back of your teeth. Zero to ten. What's your level?

It's going down. I'd say it's maybe more like a two or That's exactly what I have. It's about a two. So, I'm going to ask you just for a moment to breathe. And if you knew that you were safe If you knew that you were safe.

Could you stop clenching women?

Yes. Yes. I'm ready to, my teeth are ready for me to, to stop clenching them, for sure. Great. So I'm gonna ask you to breathe. I love your sense of humor, and I'm gonna ask you to breathe. And I'm just going to say that again. So, if you knew you were safe, could you stop clenching and just be okay and enjoy the ride?

And I'm going to ask you to breathe. I'm going to ask you to breathe. Good, good, good, good, good. And I'm going to ask you to breathe. And if you knew you were safe, and you knew you were safe, if you knew and you felt it a hundred percent, and I'm going to ask you to breathe.

Bingo. And I want you to notice the part of you who may not always agree with his decisions. Can you see that part? Yes. Okay. So I'm going to ask you to breathe and could you get better? And I know I feel, you know, there's a, there's a feeling that you guys are just growing in a beautiful, beautiful way, but could you get better at, even if there is a decision that you don't necessarily agree with, that maybe you guys talk it through a bit more.

Is that possible? Yes. Okay, yes, I think I think I've tended to either say things. In, like, a really long amount of words or or not say anything at all. And I think we're both getting better at, you know, just saying a little bit and listening to each other. Okay, great. Great. And what also. even happens. Let's say if there, there's a decision, um, let's say you guys even made a pros and cons list together, where you were making a list together or even separately and then looking at each other, so you both feel seen and heard.

How does that feel to you? I think that would, that would be good because I think that would be good. I think he would like to see a list. Yeah. And I think you guys are both very also analytically minded people that like seeing data is also a bit helpful. Would you agree? Yes, absolutely. Okay, so if you guys put the decision down and put some pros and cons in writing where you said, here's the pros list and cons and, and the things to pay attention to, and thinking about that, how does that feel to you moving forward?

Go ahead. Yeah, I think I would feel more heard. I think I would feel more heard if I did that. Okay. And if I ask you, how much do you feel like he would be open to doing that? I think he'd be very open to that. That's so sweet. That is so wonderful. So I'm going to ask you to breathe and notice what it would look like to feel heard.

And even if you guys made it together or made it separately and then reviewed each other's and said, okay, well, let's both brainstorm and we'll come together and compare notes, or let, and then, so you're both using your brains, or if you said, look, let's sit down and make a prose list, let's, and then he feels heard also.

And then he's looking at all sides, you're looking at all sides, and you feel like two heads are better than one, right? Yeah. Yeah. Great. And, uh, so I'm gonna ask you to breathe. And I want you to notice what that would feel like. I would feel like that's a relief because we're, we're making a lot of decisions and um, moving, you know, forward on a lot of things pretty, pretty quickly together.

I think that would really feel good. It would feel more like nothing's going to slip through the cracks. Yes. Right. So, I'm going to ask you just for a moment to breathe, and that feeling of feeling like nothing's going to slip through the cracks, and, and getting that level of organization. Notice how you breathe.

That feels really good. Yeah. That organization. Oh my gosh. That feels like such a relief. Oh my gosh. It feels all tingly in the back of my body. I think my body would really like that. I love, I love your awareness. And if I ask you, by the way, the level, uh, the level in your teeth, 0 to 10, what's your level?

Oh my gosh. I don't, I don't think I feel anything all at all. Maybe, I don't know, maybe a 0. 5, but maybe nothing. That's exactly. I love that. Awesome. Awesome. Wonderful job with your energy. And that's what I would say. I was, I would say it's about a 0. 3 and there's just, I would say just implementing and following through.

I think it's beautiful. And then also remembering that this is a patterned way of feeling. And so also. Taking in that feeling and embodying it. So the part of it's an actionable thing, and then part of it is also making sure to embrace the emotions, feeling safe that you're making decisions, feeling safe.

And taking those feelings in. So, allowing yourself to have the emotional shift and process as well. Does that make sense? Yeah. Yeah. Beautiful. That's amazing. Thank you so much. You are absolutely so, so welcome. So beautiful. And, uh, as far as your neck, if I ask you, your level in your neck. Uh, um, maybe it's a four.

That's what I was going to say. About a 3. 8 is what I have. So right, exactly there, right at about a level four. And, um, that, that, bingo. Yeah. Alright, so if I go to another topic, that's not going to overwhelm you, correct? No, I'm, that's awesome. Thank you so much. I appreciate it. You're absolutely so, so welcome.

So here we go. So, um, give me one second.

All right. So let's go ahead and pause the session right here. You know, first and foremost, I have to say, I just love her self awareness, her self honesty, her willingness to change is beautiful. Where she sees how she could make changes. And her willingness to do better. And even when I mentioned making some changes as far as communication and writing things down, her response was really embracing the change saying, you know, if I did this, I would feel even more understood.

And another thing that I love is that as we were talking about communication, instead of blaming her husband, Or herself, she observed ways that she could do better in communication. She said, you know, sometimes when I explain things to him, I'm a bit too long winded, or I just don't say anything at all.

And so she was aware that maybe neither one of those ways was optimal and that she could find a better way to do it. So I also love that. Now, what I also love about this episode is you can see how. When we're in stuck in unconscious patterns, you know, I was jokingly saying that she met her husband when she was five.

And so, and, and I love her playfulness, just a beautiful sense of humor. But as I was joking and saying that, you know, just the awareness that this pattern did start at a young age and then what happens, and this is so common, is that we might have a pattern of feeling not understood or feeling like, you know, nobody gets us or whatever that feeling is.

And What can happen is we can tend to communicate in a way that perpetuates that problem and manifest that. You know, nobody understands or whatnot. And that issue, it can be a recurring problem that then perpetuates, it's like the frustration. And that's another thing that can happen is when you stop and think about it, you know, imagine if somebody is feeling really frustrated and they're trying to communicate to you and they're feeling really frustrated or upset.

It can be harder to hear them, you know, it's harder to just listen because it feels like they're speaking at you in a negative way, in which a lot of times a person may want to get defensive and defend. And so it becomes hard to communicate. Now, of course, I'm not saying that that is the case in her situation, but what I am saying is that.

That exact thing happens all of the time where a person may have a pattern of feeling misunderstood and so then immediately in communication they might start to feel frustrated right away very easily. In which case, if they're trying to communicate while then feeling frustrated, their partner then may feel defensive and or criticized very easy, especially if it's something that's happened many times.

That person may also have a pattern of feeling easily criticized and then defensive. So then one person is feeling defensive and criticized. Another person is feeling not understood and trying really hard to feel understood and then frustrated. And that pattern can then sit there and trigger each other.

And so my point being from this is that it is key to of course make that shift emotionally on the inside, because then you can communicate with even more clarity. So that is one insight to take away from this episode. Now another one is this, is let's say that she clears up this pattern with her husband, But doesn't actually clear the pattern itself.

What can typically happen is that it can start to show up in different relationships. Even though she's cleared it with her husband, she's figured out a logical way around it. We need to make sure that we're genuinely cleaning up patterns because this could easily then shift to, let's say her mom or her dad or whomever, because it has been a pattern.

And so ultimately what she'd want to do is start shifting the situation that she's in right now. And as she does, she'll also really want to embrace That emotional shift. And that was what I mentioned to her is exactly that, to make sure to embody that emotional change, to start releasing the pattern completely.

And because this happened in childhood, once she does release it, Ultimately, she'd also want to do some childhood work as well, but it's key to start creating that shift in the now first to start transforming the pattern. So that is key. Now, I mentioned to her that her neck issue, we were going to switch topics.

You know, she's already released some of her pain in her neck. It went from a level six to a level four, which is beautiful. And the clenching is pretty much gone, which is excellent. Incredible, you know, and of course, she did that. Just beautiful. And now the other topic with her neck, because that is a different topic, I'm going to go ahead and cover that on the next episode, just so you can explore and take in the insights so far from this part of the session and the Then we'll delve into the rest.

And so that's where we're going to go on next week's episode. But for now, I want to invite you to look at how you could apply this to your own life and your own communication. Even if you don't have physical pain, could you use this information to up level your relationships, your communication, and your connection with others?

All right. So that's today's episode. And I want to ask you to please do subscribe. Take a quick moment to hit the share button on this episode. You know, share it with somebody you love, somebody you care about, or somebody you don't even know, because the more happy and healthy and loving that every single person is, the better this world is for all of us.

And so, Please do make a point to hit the share button and please do make a point to have a most wonderful, incredible, loving rest of your day. And I look forward to connecting with you on the next episode. We'll see you there. Thank you for listening to Heal Yourself, Change Your Life. All of the time people reach out and say how much these episodes have given them hope or touch their heart or help them stay positive in hard times or even woken them up to a completely new level of awareness of how amazing we all really are.

If today's episode touched your heart or expanded your mind in any way, please do me a favor and be sure to share it with those you care about or those you know who really need it. As more and more people become empowered, it really will change our world for the better. That is the point, and the power of these demonstrations is to create a radical shift in our world consciousness by showing everyone what we are all capable of.

And of course, each volunteer will really need to follow through to reinforce their programming to maintain their results. But the point is for you to see that you really can create rapid results in your health and your life. If you really understand how to use your mind, you're incredible. And I do want to be clear though, that most people will not get results this fast on their own.

I make it look very easy because of the discoveries that I made. You'll want to remember that there's so much more going on in our minds at a deeper level than people realize. That said, if you want to send me any questions or comments, come visit me on my website at BrandyGillmore. com slash podcast.

And if you're currently experiencing physical pain and would like to be a volunteer on the show, you can sign up there as well. Lastly, Please remember, if you do have any health issues, you won't want to avoid your doctors. Instead, you'll want to continue seeing them and make it your goal to blow their minds with what you're capable of with your mind.

Thank you.

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