Heal Yourself Change Your Life Podcast Episode 003

She had no idea that THIS specific thought pattern could affect her health & pain

This episode is about gaining a new empowering perspective that can benefit your health. Today’s caller, Sharin, has been struggling with extreme neck pain for over 10 years. As I work with Sharin, you will be able to witness the way I guide her to use her mind as she addresses things that she didn’t even realize could be affecting her health.


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Please remember that genuine change and follow through are key for self-healing results. If you struggle with negative thoughts or have a chronic health issue or chronic pain, please do not avoid seeing your doctor. Instead, your goal with self-healing should be to continue to see your doctor as recommended and blow their mind with what you are capable of with your mind and with the power of mind-body healing.  Please enjoy this self-healing podcast!



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