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Heal Yourself Change Your Life Podcast Episode 008

Healing Your Pain Can Attract More Love in Your Life!

When we have pain in our body, whether it is from an accident, fall, or injury there is always an underlying “message” that our body is trying to give us. On this episode I work with Alamar who you are just going to love! She is very spiritual and has great self-awareness but unfortunately has been suffering from intense pain for many years. Listen in on my session with Alamar as I coach her on how to heal herself and notice the important message that her body is telling her.


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  1. just listened to your wonderful blogs. Question, If a person has a problem other than just an emotional problem, such as in my case some skin parasites which are physical and causing pain, soreness and itching, but were caused by a reduced immune system due to grief from the loss of a loved one, can the body heal without antibotics? Thanks

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