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Welcome to Heal Yourself, Change Your Life. My name is Brandy Gillmore. And after recovering from my own life changing injury, it's become my mission to share with others the same discoveries I made that changed my health and my entire life. Minds are truly incredible. The placebo is proof of this. Each week, I will take this simple awareness to a whole new level.

I will even coach live callers to free themselves of physical pain using only their mind. And then I'll provide you with a combination of practical and spiritual insights that you can use to master your mind, your emotions, and your energy. to help you heal your health, yourself, and your life. Let's begin.

Hello, and welcome to this week's quick IQ episode, where we talk about insights and questions. And today we have a really great question from a listener regarding the topic of miswired mind programming. And his email reads, I recently saw you in an interview and the scientific foundations of your healing approach deeply resonated with me.

They're incredibly logical. You also mentioned the issue of miswired mind programming, which piqued my curiosity. Could you provide more insights into this concept and how it might affect my health? All right. So first and foremost, I have to say, I just love this question and this awareness because so often when people are working on mind body healing, they're thinking, you know, it's all about believing we're already healed or affirmations or visualization or just positive thinking.

And while all of these things could be great, the truth of it is, is there's typically things that are going on deeper in the subconscious mind that really need to be addressed for the body to And so I just love this question for that reason, because miswired mind programming is one of those important keys for healing that I've typically found, you know, in, in every single person, when they're really going to heal themselves from some type of chronic illness, addressing miswired mind programming is a huge key.

And so on that note, let's delve in, you know, first and foremost, What is miswired mind programming? And a simple explanation is that it's when we have some type of negative emotion programming or behavior linked up to positive emotions. So it's really miswired. Now, a simple but unfortunate example that we could see in our culture is.

Unfortunately, when somebody has some type of trauma and they start engaging in self harm, you know, where they might be cutting themselves and experiencing feelings of relief or euphoria or control or safety from cutting themselves or self harm, you know, that doesn't make logical sense. And yet, We know that the mind can link that up.

Now there are a lot of other types of miswired mind programming that can occur that maybe aren't as obvious. And some common examples is if we look at feelings of pride and hardship, where a person feels proud of hardship, that can impact a person's health. Or another example is that let's say somebody gets love linked up to sympathy.

And they don't do this on purpose, but maybe this happened in their childhood, in which case what can happen is, you know, we as human beings, we need love. We need human connection. And even if we look at medical research, you know, we can see that loneliness impacts our health or even infants. It's well known in research that.

If an infant doesn't get enough love and connection, they can actually die. You know, research has even shown that in orphanages, that infants that were getting enough nutrition, great nutrition, but weren't getting enough love and human connection, had a much higher rate of death. And so we can see in babies, but not only that, but also in people of every age.

You know, even last year, the Surgeon General released a statement about loneliness, that loneliness can impact our health. And when we saw that during COVID, where people had, you know, we're on lockdown and had increased loneliness, that can affect your happiness, your health, all of the things, if you will.

And so we know we need human connection. We need love. And so, uh, if somebody's mind gets it linked up, that the way to get love is sympathy Then ultimately what happens is of course they need to have some type of negative thing, some type of health issue or problem or hardship. Now in these cases, the reason that this can affect a person's health, multiple layers, you know, first and foremost is this.

is it imagine if part of the brain feels like it needs hardship or sympathy or trauma or something bad to happen. You know, in the case of pride and hardship, the mind on a subconscious level will feel like it needs some type of hardship. Now the other part of the mind, you know, maybe the conscious mind, consciously a person is thinking, I don't want to have any hardship.

And so what happens is that can create a lot of feelings of worry or fear. at an unconscious level, or a person can continue to experience one hardship or problem after another, after another, after another, which creates stress, creates hurt, creates worry, and fear, and discouraging towards life, and you know, sabotage patterns, and all of that stress, those negative emotions, those negative patterns, can impact a person's health.

And so point being, we can look at this, and we can see These miswired patterns can impact the health of the body in a variety of different ways by increasing negative emotions or trauma or hardship or problems. That's one way. Or another way is it can keep a person from really fulfilling their needs in a positive way.

So, you know, a simple example of that is a person may get it linked up in their mind and then they're That if they have a miswired mindset that they don't want a lot. They don't want love, you know They feel like love is painful And they've been miswired to hold on to hurt. So meaning, let's say they got their feelings hurt in a relationship.

And so now they've linked up that they don't want to connect with people. They don't want love because that's painful. So instead they're holding onto the hurt. Now, when we stop and think about it for a moment, that can create all kinds of problems. That can definitely impact a person's health because.

They're lacking love and this can be common, you know, you may have heard of somebody who feels so hurt that they're disconnected, you know, and you might be doing that yourself even in your life where maybe you've had your feelings hurt and inside you've been Harden yourself towards those you love, or you don't get too close to them, or, you know, you might have plenty of people in your life, but yet you don't really experience and feel the depth of love anymore.

And that can impact us. You know, a lot of times when people initially think about loneliness, they think, Oh, well, nobody's around, but it doesn't necessarily mean that nobody's around. We've heard the phrase before that a person can feel alone in a crowded room, or, you know, even going back to the example of the orphanages, you know, an infant that's in an orphanage, of course, they're getting food, they're just not getting love and connection.

So in that case, there's still people around, but the feeling of love and connection is so important. Now, my point is going back to that awareness that a person may link up, that it's not safe to love. And they're holding onto the problem. This can create an internal feeling of loneliness and disconnect.

And so from this, you can see that there's all kinds of ways that at a deeper level, we can experience feelings of loneliness or need hardship, which can create feelings of stress. So there's a lot of ways where we can see that miswired mind programming can create all kinds of problems. And to simplify, if we look at it, one problem.

is that it can make the brain, again, it can make the brain hold on to stress and negativity. Which can impact the body. It can keep a person from meeting their needs, like love and human connection. And so that is another way that it can show up. Or a person may feel that the only way to get love and connection is to have an illness.

In which case, the body won't want to heal itself. And in some cases, it's not necessarily because a person feels like they want to have illness, but it's at a subconscious level. For example, a person may feel as though. People around them are angry at them or their children are angry at them or their spouse is angry at them, but then they may feel at an unconscious level, you know, deep in their subconscious mind, they may feel that if they're ill, then people can't be mad at them.

They have to be loving to them. And so on a subconscious level, the miswired. To believe that illness is keeping them safe or illness is keeping them from having people mad at them or abandon them. And so all of these different beliefs can get linked up at a deeper level in the mind. and can inadvertently get linked up that the body somehow needs illness to get love or to get safety.

I know, by the way, this can sound very complex and even very counterintuitive, and it is. I mean, if we go back to the initial example of somebody who's a cutter who cuts themselves and experiences feelings of relief or euphoria from cutting themselves, I mean, that doesn't make logical sense. And yet, We can see it's a well known awareness.

In fact, that that can get linked up. And so similarly, what happens with health and healing is that all of the time in one way or another, the mind is holding on to some type of negative trauma or hardship and is blocking itself from happiness, healing, love, positivity, whatever that is. And in some cases it can be very logical, if you will.

For example, let's say that somebody. had a bad accident and they feel as though they have to hold on to that trauma just to make sure it never happens again. So their mind may stay on high alert, like just looking out for that accident to make sure nothing bad happens. And so they're staying in that feeling of high alert to make sure nothing bad happens.

But of course, If they're always on high alert, what are they doing? They're holding on to that negative emotion and that negativity can impact the body and impact the person's health and that stress and that fear and that lack of feeling safe in life can all impact a person's health. And so we can see this in a myriad of ways.

And so again, I love this question for this reason, because you know, if you think about past episodes and you hear me working with them, people to create a radical shift. A lot of times when I'm working with somebody, I can make it look so easy that we don't necessarily see all of the things that are changing because I can say one thing to them.

And it might change five different things in their mind. And so a lot of times that is what's happening is that there are a lot of changes that are taking place. So point being, I just, I really love this question because we can see from this that there are deeper details when it comes to healing. And by the way, I know this, again, this topic is very complex.

And so this is something that I teach in my classes at a deeper level. It is also something that is in my book at a deeper level. So you really can understand that, you know, rewiring the mind and correcting errored mind programming is so important for healing. So we are, Meeting our needs. And so the body does want to heal itself.

And, you know, all of these things that don't make sense can get very linked up in the mind and can impact our health, our happiness in a variety of different ways. And another one, by the way, another common example I've seen is where people may feel that, you know, if they feel guilty, it feels that they feel like they're a great person.

Or if they're punishing themselves, they feel, you know, self punishment, you know, means they're a good person or they deserve to punish themselves or whatnot. I mean, just there are so many different types of links of this miswired mind programming that can get linked up that can and do cause illness at a deeper level and keep the body from healing itself.

And so again, just, I really, really love this question. And one simple thing that you could do is this, is that if you've noticed that you have any of these patterns, you'll of course want to transform them for healing, but just one simple thing that you could do to just start implementing this in your life is just, you know, if we look at the example of love.

We talked about a person may link up in their mind that is not safe to love, and so they're pushing away love and they're holding on to the hurt. And so if that is an issue in your life, what you could start doing is this, is you could remind your mind that patterns breed more of the same. So if we think about repetition compulsion, or reenactments, or attachment theory, or re victimization, or law of attraction, or whatever we want to call it, We can see in our lives that patterns breed more of the same, or the example that you'll hear me use all of the time, that unfortunately a woman may have an abusive father who leaves him and finds the abusive boyfriend, boss, spouse, etc, etc.

So that pattern can unfortunately continue, so that's another way we can observe that. And of course, this is happening all of the time at an unconscious level. So most people never realize that their patterns are continuing to repeat. at a deeper level. And so point being is that from this, if we remind the mind that our patterns are repeating and that if we hold on to hurt, unfortunately that's going to attract more and more and more hurt.

It's like holding onto a kick me sign. If you will, we're attracting more and more and more of the problem. So instead we're going to let the hurt go. And on a positive note, if we bring in even more feelings of love, and we're willing to love even more and love even more, then We can start creating even more love in our lives and attracting even more love in our lives.

And so that is a simple thing that you could start doing to just bring in even more love. Because when this gets linked up, of course, it's like the person is holding on to the problem, the negativity, and pushing away the solution. We need love. We need human connection in positive ways. You know, as we talked about, loneliness can impact us.

And, you know, I shared on some episodes back that, that the Surgeon General released that statement. So it's kind of nice being able to see more and more that mainstream, it really is starting to look at the awareness of, Emotions and how much they can impact us. And even the surgeon general's statement was talking about, you know, loneliness can increase diabetes or heart disease, or, you know, all kinds of health issues have been linked to lack of love and feelings of loneliness.

And so just from this alone, if we go back to the original question about miswired mind programming and how it can impact our health, we can see that link that Just using this, even this one example, we can see the link that if a person is feeling disconnected inside and unloved, lonely on the inside, and we can see that loneliness has been connected to all kinds of health issues.

We can see how it is possible and the direct connection on how it is possible for miswired mind programming to then lead to situations of illness and health issues. And again, I could expand on this even more, but the point is, is ultimately, We'd want to correct and reprogram our minds at a subconscious level to create that radical shift in healing, in health, in happiness, in love, in patterns, in all of the things, if you will.

So, again, the simple takeaway? is you could just start reminding your mind that patterns breed more of the same and that bringing in even more love and connection is good for your happiness, your health, your life, and just then making a point to do that every day to embody that and to feel that. And so that's today's quick IQ episode.

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And so please do make a point to hit the share button and please do make a point to have a most wonderful, loving, happy, healthy rest of your day. And I look forward to connecting with you on the next episode. We'll see you there.

Thank you for listening to Heal Yourself, Change Your Life. All of the time people reach out and say how much these episodes have given them hope or touch their heart or help them stay positive in hard times or even woken them up to a completely new level of awareness. Of how amazing we all really are.

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And I do want to be clear though, that most people will not get results this fast on their own. I make it look very easy because of the discoveries that I made. You'll want to remember that there's so much more going on in our minds at a deeper level than people realize. That said, if you want to send me any questions or comments, come visit me on my website at And if you're currently experiencing physical pain and would like to be a volunteer on the show, you can sign up there as well. Lastly, Please remember, if you do have any health issues, you won't want to avoid your doctors. Instead, you'll want to continue seeing them and make it your goal to blow their minds with what you're capable of with your mind.

Thank you.

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