IQ-31: The “Dark Night of the Soul”


What is it? Do I need one?  What are the benefits? How can I get the benefits but avoid the pain?

The Dark Night of the Soul originated from a poem in the 16th century but is now a fast-growing buzz word in our spiritual communities.  Due to the name alone – the fact that is sounds mystical or cool –  or even from marketing tactics, so many people are getting it linked up consciously OR subconsciously that they “need” one of these to become spiritual or to transform their lives.
However, if you have the right awareness, you can create a radical shift and have a deeper spiritual awakening and do so without the “darkness.”

In today’s episode we talk about the dark night of the soul:

* The benefits (and how to obtain them without the pain)
* When something sounds “cool” or spiritual, your subconscious mind can want it
* Signs of the “Dark night of the soul”

In this episode, you will learn:

  • How to make sure you are not giving positive energy to a hardship situation
  • Why giving positive energy to a hardship mentality creates more hardship
  • How to shift the hardship value mentality 
  • How much the mind can change the energy of the body
  • Why you are craving unhealthy foods and how it connects with your energy
  • Understanding your diet and what your body wants
  • Simple steps you can take to improve your diet
  • How important protein is for your body
  • What kind of diet I choose to keep my body and mind healthy

This episode is for you if you have experienced any of the following:

  • Chronic cycles of hardship
  • Feelings of needing to “one-up” anyone in a conversation about their pain
  • Issues with knowing what foods your body needs
  • Struggles to connect, understand, and get information from your body’s energy

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